Working on shifts & finished work late (stuck in traffic)

After you finished your shifts at work, do you have enough time to do the things that is important to you?

Let’s be honest do you really have enough time to do the things that is important to you, your families, your social life like hanging out with friends and going to the gym more often.

Do you have the time and energy left to go to the gym and workout after work? 

After you finished work and you go home, your too tired, got no energy left and no time to do things that is important to you and the things that you like. Do you still have the energy and time to go to the gym and workout after work? A lot of employees goes to the gym after work and then their broke because they’ve paid for the gym membership for a one year contract, the gym takes their money from their bank a month. Is that worth it to pay for a one year contract for the gym? If you don’t go to the gym, it’s not worth it because the gym will be taking your money out off you even though if your not using the gym. The gym owner will be making a lot of money and you be broke and can’t afford the gym even though if your an employee. The job you work it doesn’t pay you enough.

This is a problem for being an employee that goes to the gym even though their too tired to train. I won’t be bothered going to the gym if I’m an employee.

The reason why I won’t go to the gym as an employee:

  1. Worry about costing money
  2. My job doesn’t pay me enough
  3. Selling my time for money and then go to the gym
  4. No motivation to workout in the gym after the hectic day from work
  5. Absolutely exhausted from work
  6. No energy left to train
  7. No time to train
  8. Too tired to train
  9. Not in the mood to go to the gym after work
  10. Too much hassle after work and then gym

This is the reason why I don’t go to the gym as an employee.

A lot of people sell their time for money and then go to the gym and train even though their tired from a long hectic day at work.

They probably thinking “oh I really need to go to the gym and keep fit after work”, they’ve been working so hard at their job and they really need to workout but what they don’t realise is that they’ve being charged from the gym if they signed the one year contract.

If they’ve stopped going to the gym, the gym will still charge them if you pay for the gym for pay as you go, that’s fine but at the same time I won’t bother going to the gym as an employee.

I’ve been to the gym as an employee before and it wasn’t good because I was too tired to train but I have to force myself to reach my fitness goal in the gym after work.

This is a problem for being an employee going to the gym after work.

The employees goes to the gym is because their dedicated to keep fit and strong to achieve their fitness goals. What they don’t realise is that their selling their time for money and then spend the money to the gym to achieve their goals but not money goals.

The employees are making the gym owners rich. The gym owner is probably an entrepreneur because you can start your business for fitness like open a gym, start your gym business, fitness business and coaching business which is the good way of making money.

You can train loads of people to achieve their fitness goals like a person trainer for your business.

You can start your online fitness business now if that’s interested to you rather than selling your time for money.

Be an entrepreneur as a gym owner so you can charge peoples money and get paid by results.

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Being stuck in traffic from going to work and going home

When you finished work during rush hour time, you be stuck in traffic when your going home. Driving from work absolute exhausted from work, feeling stressed out, unhappy, miserable and unfulfilled. Can you still go to the gym after work from stressed? It may help to release your stress when you exercise but your too tired to train in the gym, got no time to train because after that you be going to bed ready for the next slavery day. At work everyday is the same, you do the same thing and it’s repetitive. When you get home you got no energy left and no time for yourself. 

Let me tell you about my work life, when I finished work I go home, have my tea, shower and bed.

That is what I do when I get home from work.

I can’t believe some employees still goes to the gym after work and they don’t have much money left and energy left.

Employees makes the rich richer 

Employees sell their time for money to build their employers dreams to make them rich, employees goes to the gym after work to make the gym owner rich.

You see employees makes a lot of rich gets richer.

If you don’t want to build somebodys dreams:

  1. Stop trading your time for money
  2. Start your business now
  3. Take actions
  4. Be willing to take risks
  5. Don’t wait, just do it
  6. Stop wasting your time
  7. Don’t just sit there without actions
  8. Think before you do it
  9. Don’t wait too long
  10. Quit your job

You see employees gets controlled of their lives and entrepreneurs can take control of their lives.

Entrepreneurs working out in the gym is so much better than employees working out in the gym.

Entrepreneurs can train while their making money at the same time, achieving their fitness goals and money goals.

Employees can only achieve their fitness goals and not money goals because the only way they make money is selling their time for money.

They don’t get paid for going to the gym if they become an entrepreneur then yes they can make money while they train.

You can start your online fitness business and open a gym. Make money while you train.

I hope you enjoy my article.

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  1. Hi, I have a very difficult time putting in extra hours after a full work day. Especially later at night, the later it gets, the less energy I have obviously, but for example putting in guitar practice at 10 tonight is Very difficult for me, and normally I will just go to bed instead. Even though I’m missing out on 2 hours. That’s why I find it’s best to do my important work at the beginning of the day, and make sure that I get as much of it done as possible before the end of the day.

  2. Hello Gordon, I must say that this article is very helpful and inspirational. I completely agree with you. employees make rich people even richer but not so many people actually get it. People are afraid of taking action and creating their own business as they immediately think about failure. I started my own online business 3 years ago and I can\t say how satisfied am I.

  3. I am interested in listening to your audio book. I think it would be cool to own my own gym but I don’t know if I want to be a gym owner. I totally agree that it must be easier to stay in shape when you are not obligated to an employer due to the limited resource of time. IF you own your own business and set your own hours then that would help give you the time you need to workout and be fit.

  4. I can certainly see where you are coming from.  I am a shift worker and I do try to go to the gym regularly.  Shift work is very tiring, especially coming off midnights.  I think your approach to owning a gym is a good one and I think with the right plan in place, anyone can do that.

    Thank you for this article on working shifts and why we need to look into owning a gym.

    • You welcome and I’m glad they you enjoyed my article. Owning a gym is good because you can workout when ever you want rather than being an employee going to the gym.

  5. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i have actually not gained much wisdom from any article like i have gained from this one. the tips you have given in other to stop making the rich richer is so awesome. thank you

  6. I remember then when I was working on shifts and where I live was so far away from my work, it was always devastating because for someone to finish a particular shift and having to go home and still getting home late is not funny.

    The worst part of this is being stuck in traffic, you will fill like hell is all let loose on you

  7. A lot of what you have said here makes perfect sense, Gordon and many will never realize this.  I never really thought about it the way you have described here.  We do work very hard for our money at our JOB and then we go and spend it without really realizing that we could do it better by being our own boss.

    Yes, we have to eat, we need clothes, we need a roof over our heads, we need to take care of our families but there other ways to get fit without going to the gym.  We can save ourselves a lot of money by investing it into something that will pay us and one of the best ways to do that is to become an entrepreneur, becoming our own boss, setting our own hours.

    The best way that I know to do that is to be an online affiliate marketer.  Yes, it takes some time to build an online presence but in 6 months to a year or so, if one works at it with diligence and never gives up they will see things start to happen and they will start to make money and eventually they will be able to quit that JOB and spend time doing what they really wanted to do in the first place.

    Time at the gym, with family, travel, helping others all while still making money but spending fewer hours working for the man.  Yes, one will have to spend more hours building their online presence in the beginning but the freedom will come.  More freedom than they could imagine in time.

    Working for freedom,


  8. This is really a great post. Let me tell you this….you´ve read my mind. You describe my work day. In fact I tried several times going to the gym after work, and I was really tired. And also my mind went like “do I have to do this hard work too after doing the hard work at the office?”..

    I always felt after 14 hours of work that I just deseved a treat: Pizza, couch, games, familiy…come on, going to the gym is the last thing I thought i “deserved”. Of course on the other hand…I knew I need to go to the gym!

    I really can see what you mean about bing the gym owner insted of the poor eployee trying to get to the gym…

    I will really think about what you wrote, thank you for this really interesting article (and really straight!)



  9. hello!

    I liked your perspective on valuing your time so one doe not lose any money. I liked how you give example of how not to waste time and encourage others to start, definitely very inspirational! Please be clearer though on what product you are selling and connect it to what you are trying to say about spending less time wasting your money 

  10. Hello Gordon. It would be very difficult for employees to meet up with their duties especially as husbands and fathers or single parents. We end up making the rich richer while we remain broke all the rest of our lives. Not having time for ourselves (being fit especially) and our families because we’re sacrificing our precious time for money. The painful thing is we won’t be valued either; we are not being paid well. I like the idea of being an entrepreneur online as it give us flexibility, more income (passive income for that matter) and time for our family and friends. We can start it part-time and probably go full time as our income from the business increases. This is what I want to do. I want to be an online entrepreneur.


  11. Well said. Working out in gym can be too stressful for an employee. Before I started my own business, I’ve experienced this a lot. After the days job, I will try fighting myself to the gym. But at a point, I stopped. There was no point, and I had to forfeit the rest of my membership.

    We will be thinking we’re training to be fit, but honestly, the reverse is the case. We’re being affected psychologically. Many factors affect us. Our body is stressed from the hectic day, we’re so tired, we don’t enjoy working out, etc. Then how can we get our body to function properly into fitness?

    We only end up making the rich richer just like you said. Being an entrepreneur is the sure way to achieve your fitness goal. You work out while at the same time you’re making money, and again, the gym’s owner is also making money. This is a win-win for everyone. I think that the audio book you recommended will really help us a lot to deal with this kind of situation.

  12. Hey, I am agree on this. Employees sell their time for money to build their employers dreams to make them rich, employees goes to the gym after work to make the gym owner rich. Yes, It is happening every where. Entrepreneurs working out in the gym is so much better than employees working out in the gym. Your guide is very useful to open a fitness business or a gym and make money while you train.

  13. It’s typical of employees to think they can meet up with a gym membership despite getting exhausted after a long days work. Employees are usually tied down to a particular schedule and that is where the problem gets worse. Not being able to afford the time to engage in other activities that are of importance to them.

    It is by far, better to start a business than to work for someone else. 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

  14. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article. I work in a private company and at one time the office was far away from my home and then I had a lot of problems going to my office because my office was far away from home. Next I changed my house and rented a house near the office. So at the moment when I get to the office, I don’t have to bother with the traffic signal. In the past, when I used to come to the office and from home, the traffic signals hurt me a lot

  15. Many thanks for sharing with us such a beautiful inspiration .In fact, it is very difficult for your organization to work by adjusting the time .But I am very inspired by reading this article and agree with you .I opened a company for a year and started a business here .I can not say how much contentment was achieved .It is very difficult for me to set aside time after working all day in this establishment, especially at night .Yet the knowledge I gained from this article was not found in a sholok anywhere else .Because you have article suggestions that are really great .So this article will help me a lot to work hard and give me time to get fit .And I think I will be successful if anything really needs inspiration and your article provided me with that inspiration.If someone has to make a real work shift and time to come home and face a traffic jam then that is really painful.

  16. I definitely think that this article is helpful and inspiring and I agree with this article.I think it would be nice to own my own Gmail but I don’t know how many reasonable questions I have.f you are a business owner, you need to do a lot of hard work that requires a lot of time.Owning a gym is good because you can workout when ever you want rather than being an employee going to the gym.

  17. I am an employee and a student at the same time so I really do not have time to go to gym even on weekends. I wanted to enroll in a gym before but because I may not have the time to go there, I refrained. Just like you I am aware that I may just paying for the membership that I cannot use. It would be a waste of money. On the other hand, I am now starting my online business and see what happens. 

  18. Hi Gordon,

    I absolutely support your reasons to become an entrepreneur. A day job is always hectic, especially if it is a fully private sector. Because they will suck you all the way that you really can’t spend a good time with your friends and family on weekdays, just forget about the gym!

    I personally was a chemical scientist in private industry in the recent past, where I had to work non-stop for 10-12 hours every day, and that is even with some dangerous chemicals (which should be banned/ are banned), in addition, 2+2 hours of everyday journey. You can understand my situation how I felt after returning home. It was an extremely exhausting routine.

    I started searching for better alternatives which can provide me a sustainable lifestyle. I find entrepreneurship is one of the top selection, that world is full of scams and I personally been scammed several times. But finally, I discovered my platform which led me to success and helped me to leave my hectic day job.

    This is the reason I absolutely support you, entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

  19. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say that your article is very interesting and also informative and I must say that you didn’t lie when you said that people are making rich people richer, because the fear of taking the risk to start their own business but I believe that things would change this year.


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