Working from home and stay focus

This blog post is about how to stay focus on your work at home.

It’s very easy to get distracted from the work you’re supposed to be doing, you can get distracted by your dogs, get distracted by other people talking to you and then you lose focus.

Sometimes having a little distraction like having music on can make you lose focus on your work because the music is so good, it’s one of your favourites songs to listen to, you end up listening to it and forget about the work.

When you listen to a tune that is so good, you stop what you’re doing and you end up dancing with it to entertain yourself. Life without music will be boring, you got to have some music to entertain yourself, past the time and it won’t be boring.

You have to remind yourself that you have to stay focus on the work that you’re supposed to be doing. Allowing distraction like having music on while your working can help you with your concentration to keep you going, but don’t let the music distract you from your work when the good song is on, you can listen to it but don’t allow them to distract you. Having entertainment is good to keep you going, and it helps with motivation.

Any little distraction can make you lose focus on your work because we need some distraction to keep us going, but allowing distraction will make you lose focus on your work, you can forget what you’re supposed to do and you can make mistakes.

  1. Don’t let entertainment to distract you, you should stay focus on your work.
  2. Sometimes your mind wanders off while your working, but don’t let your mind wanders off, you should concentrate and stay focus.
  3. If anyone talks to you that is funny like telling you a joke, try and not let them distract you because funny things can distract you easily. Your mind needs the entertainment to keep yourself active because we don’t like doing boring work.

All these things like entertainments, people telling a joke, your dogs want attention and having the TV on can easily make you lose focus because you’re distracted.

You should do something that can help you stay focus and concentration on your work.

Priority is important

Your work is your priority for your success, always put your work first before you can do the things you like that can entertain you.

We need entertainments to keep you going so you won’t get bored of working when it’s quiet, having music on is fine, TV on is fine, but when your favourite shows are on, you can get distracted from the work you’re supposed to do.

There’s nothing wrong to have little distractions like entertainments to have a balance, work and entertainment at the same time, but try and not let them distract you to stop what your doing.

When your working at home sometimes distractions like your phone will distract you from your work, your friends ringing you, text you or face time you. The best thing to do is to stop yourself from distraction is to turn your phone off, leave your phone in your room and don’t let your phone to distract you. Sometimes is hard because you might want to check your messages or go on social media for a bit.
I use my phone all the time to work on my website because I don’t use the computer or laptop. My phone is my work because all the blogs I wrote is on my phone. If your working on your phone, you can stop yourself from distraction is don’t browse on social media or checking your messages and tell your friends that you’re busy when they rang you. In that way, you’re not distracted on your phone because you are working on your blog.

Concentrate on your work 

Everything you do takes concentration, it’s very easy to get distracted even if there’s no one is talking to you, but your mind is thinking of something else like what do you want to eat because you get hungry from working so hard, you might think about food for no reason.

How I keep myself working and entertained at the same time is, I put some music on while I write my blogs to keep myself going.

Sometimes when my favourite song is on, I get a little bit distracted, and I end up stopping what I’m doing and dance to it and then I forgot what I’m writing.

We all need to have some fun instead of putting your mind into the work your doing.

Phones can be distracting it all depends on how you use your phone if you use your phone for online business, that’s fine if you use it for texting your friends, browsing on social media and that will be your distraction.

  1. If you got dogs and you’re trying to work, your dogs can distract you from your work because your dog wants attention while you’re trying to concentrate.
  2. Having people around you can be distracting while you’re trying to work unless you can multitask, you can talk and work at the same time. In that way when you’re talking to someone and you’re writing something at the same time, you can make a lot of spelling mistakes and miss a lot of words if your talking and writing at the same time because you lost focus.
  3. Having music or TV can distract you from your work especially when your favourite song or show is on. For example, your favourite TV show is on, you will pay more attention to the TV show than the work you’re doing unless you multitask, try and work and watch the show at the same time.

Sometimes is good to isolate yourself, go somewhere quiet like your office or room to help you stay concentrate.

Even if you got music on, you still got to concentrate because that doesn’t mean you can allow distraction to stop what your doing, you still have to stay focus all the time to finish what you’re doing.

Work and relax 

It’s nice to work from home because your working in the comfort of your bedroom, go on the break whenever you want and your more flexible because you can work anytime. Your bedroom is the best place to work from home because you can isolate yourself without distraction like your dogs, people talking, loud music, if someone is playing loud music and other things, can distract you.

When you finished your work, you can celebrate by doing the things you like, like play some loud music and enjoy yourself. You can do something that can entertain yourself, watch some films and you can watch your favourite TV show.

I hope this blog post is helpful and please share it on social media.

8 thoughts on “Working from home and stay focus”

  1. Gordon, 

    Thank you for this helpful article on working from home as stay focus. These tips are going to help me out a lot since I am not used to working from home. You helped remind me that work is a priority of my success. I have had to turn the TV off to stay focused and I found that if I have music on it improves my mood. My question is, how do I deal with this crazy dog? I can’t seem to get anything done with him wanting to play all the time. I take him out for a run and he just seems crazier. 

    Thank you 

  2. This is very much my life.  I am always writing in my living room and it is not easy.  The distractions are unbelievable. Sometimes it is absolute chaos. My dog running in and out, while wanting me to play with him.

    I have yet to find the perfect solution for my mess, but I recently ordered a lap desk for my computer, so I may try your bedroom idea.
    Great job talking about a topic that is a real thing. Thanks

  3. This is exactly what i needed . I was going through your post , somewhere in the middle i looked left and right , turned off the music and felt guilty because i`m not taking work as serious as i should .

    This is a great help to remind us what our goals are . Thank you for that . 

    Keep up the good work 

  4. Hi!

    Great tips, thank you! I find that I learned to stay focused now that we spend so much time at home. I make a list of goals and assignments for every day and I stick to them, so basically  I organize my work days at home. Music is relaxing and can help stay focused, depending on the type of music.

    I also do a lot of work on my phone, including content writing, but I prefer to write content on a laptop. How do you manage to type so much on a phone keyboard 😉 ?  


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