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Are you still working in a 9-5 job? Do you want to change or stay the same? If you want to change for not working too much, you’re on the right website and the right content.

Let me introduce you to this product that I’m promoting to sell online.

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  • This is an audiobook that I’m promoting.
  • The book author is Camilla Kristiansen.
  • She’s from Norway.
  • I love listening to her book about her story.
  • You won’t regret buying this book.
  • It’s a very interesting book to listen to if you want to learn to be an entrepreneur to start your online business from scratch.
  • Camilla explains everything about her business.
  • It’s a very inspiring book to listen to.
  • Camilla is an inspiring woman and I recommend you to buy her book and listen to her story.
  • This book is motivating and it makes you want to take action and achieve your goals.
  • Camilla even explains about her 9-5 life is boring.
  • She started her own business.

1. Get out of your 9-5 job 

Working in the corporate 9-5 job is not a solution to achieve your goals. A lot of people think getting a job is part of life, you trade your time for money, get your paycheck and keep working for money. There’s more in life than working for money because 9-5 job is not a life, it’s a prison or slavery. Don’t get a job, get a life.
  1. Jobs gives you security.
  2. Jobs don’t give you freedom.
  3. Jobs makes you sacrifice.
  4. Jobs makes you depressed and stressed.
  5. Jobs are designed to keep you a slave.
  6. You never going to get rich if you work for money.
  7. A lot of people that work for money are poor.
  8. The jobs won’t pay you enough.
  9. The income is very low in a job.

In this audiobook, they say set your business up for success 24/7.

Get out of your boring 9-5 job and start your online business from scratch to work for yourself instead of someone else’s.

It’s about being creative, work fast and make money every day.

When Camilla was an employee working for someone, she hates it, she didn’t enjoy working in the 9-5 job that she was not passionate about, it wasn’t her dream to be a slave and she doesn’t want to be working there for a long time.

She didn’t have any time and freedom to do anything that she wanted to do, so she quit her 9-5 and started her own online business.

2. You will never make it

Camilla was scared that she wouldn’t make it for her online business, she was scared that she might fail, she won’t succeed and won’t achieve her goals. She made it eventually with the right mindset, she probably has failed many times before she becomes successful. Anyone can be successful, it’s just working smart.
  1. It is possible to become successful.
  2. All you have to do is believe in yourself.
  3. No matter how difficult it is that you can do it.
  4. It’s going to be stressful at first, but it will pay off if you put your mind into it and keep making progress.
  5. If you don’t change, you will never make it and you’re going to be the same.

Camilla pushed herself and committed to the work to make it happen. She’s now a successful entrepreneur and she wrote a book for anyone who wants to work fast and make more money.

If you want to be successful like Camilla, not want to be working in the 9-5 job, you have to commit yourself to take action to make it happen.

Having motivation and dedication is good for your online business to be successful, so you have to be dedicated to making your dreams comes true.

I suggest listening to Camilla’s audiobook to get inspired if you want more freedom to be able to look after your families.

3. Follow your dreams 

If you want to be successful, you should follow your dreams, not wasting your time and follow the bosses dreams. The majority of people are wasting their time to work and not succeed.
  1. Take Camilla’s advice in this book if you read or listened to her book.
  2. Stop wasting your time to work in a job that you are not fulfilled.
  3. You should be ambitious if you want to achieve your goals like Camilla.
  4. Camilla took action to follow her dreams.
  5. She was once an employee, but she gave up her day job because the job wasn’t for her.

Camilla is a successful woman because she followed her dreams, she made it happen and she took actions.

I believe anyone can do it just like Camilla, be dedicated, ambitious, motivated and be consistent to get better all the time.

4. Work from home 

You should work less and enjoy life more. Working from home gives you more freedom to do other things. You should earn more and work less because the more you work, the more stress you get. The more you earn, the more money you get.
It’s nice to make money while you’re working from home to get results. It’s a lot better than being stuck in the job and sell your time for money.
  1. Camilla was happy that she quit her day job.
  2. She’s happy that she’s working from home to get customers on her websites.
  3. She’s happy that she can build her own dreams.
  4. She’s happy that she doesn’t have to work for money anymore now.
  5. She’s happy that she’s making money every day 24/7.
  6. She’s happy that her business set her free to be able to travel around the world.
  7. I admired her for being such an inspirational woman.
  8. I’m sure she will inspire a lot of people out there who wants to be successful like her.
  9. Well done Camilla, you’ve done a good job for writing this book and I’m promoting this audiobook.

The end of my review about this audiobook 

This is the end of my review about this audiobook from Camilla, she’s a successful entrepreneur and she’s a motivational woman.

If you’re interested in buying this audiobook, feel free to click on that image on top to listen to the audiobook and purchase the product.

I recommend you buying this audiobook that I’m promoting to sell, so you can listen to it in your car while your driving or listen to it at home and you can download it on your phone.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post about Camilla, feel free to share it on social media and get everyone inspired.

You can recommend this audiobook to your friends if they want to be an entrepreneur.

10 thoughts on “Work fast and make more money”

  1. Gordon, 

    Thank you for this awesome review of the work fast and make more money audiobook. I can’t wait to listen to this story now after reading your review. I have dreams of working from home and actually crushing it so this is a must listen for me. I believe this book will certainly help me with that dream. Great review! I can’t thank you enough. I will be back to let you know what I thought about it. 

    • Hi Russ, thank you for your comments on my articles. I really appreciate your comments on my posts, feel free to listen to the book if you can, you can even purchase the book.

  2. This is the type of reading (hearing in this case) that results very inspirational to those looking for their way out of the darkness in the tunnel. It’ll be different for everyone nevertheless, it’s very important to get an idea of what other people have done and how that achievement resulted from several pitfalls rather than overnight (this will help us to get into the right mindset before taking even the first step).

    A company we may or may not work for is nothing much different than getting on our own with the key differentiation of, the first place, being obligated to add value to someone else’s dream rather than yours. In my opinion, it’s not always about working more or less, neither about earning more or less rather about building something up. 

    Your 9 to 5 job could pay you more than any personal business initiative, but you know that your wages won’t change a lot during the next 40 years of useful life you’ll probably get and when going on your own, if done with dedication, you must increase your income on a trimester basis at least. 

    Thanks for sharing your impressions of this great book!

  3. Thanks for sharing this advice, being stuck in a dead end job for an hourly wage is a course that I have followed now for over thirty years because that’s how I was brought up and that’s how anyone I knew lived, I figured that was the only way.

    Starting an on-line business is something that I was never aware of until just recently, I have been working on an on-line business now for just a short while, 11/2 years to be exact and I’m glad I did. Goals are such an important part of anything we do and I owe it all to being determined and setting my first goal.

    I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks.

  4. Great review. Thanks for taking the time to write this. A lot of people want to build a business online but are not really sure how to go about it. 

    I don’t really know Camilla that much but it does seem like she is passing the right message. I would really love to learn from her and tap from her vast knowledge on starting an online business and hope that one day we would able to be just as successful as her.

  5. Great review you have there!

    Many people are stuck in the “9-5 job” , some forgot their dreams and are depressed. I believe this audiobook will be of help to many , to encourage them that they can still work from home, be comfortable,make good money and be happy too!

    Going through the review of Camilla audiobook I think it is a book for everyone!

    Thanks for sharing.


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