Which way to lead to success?


Career changes

A lot of people don’t know what they wanted to do in their life. The only way they do is getting a job and working and selling their time to the job for money, pay the bills, buy groceries, buy clothes they wear and that’s it.

People work for money while they got potentials that they can do better. People don’t really think about their careers and potentials because we’ve been programmed to do things that we don’t like, we’ve been forced to go to school to learn, go to college and get a job. That’s how the society is.

We all got potentials so you should know your potentials and have a goal to achieve. You don’t want to be somebodys slave to work in a job that your not passion about.

These are the 4 things you should do if you want to change:

1. Find a passion

2. Set a goal

3. Develop a skill

4. Learn more

Understanding how money works – money comes to you

Do you want to get paid while your asleep? We all do and that be nice if we do make money while we’re asleep, it makes life a lot easier without working in a hard physical job, just let your money comes to you and you enjoy life. Majority of people work for money and not have money comes to you. First you need to set up your own business and invest money on something.

You need to get a high income skills to learn, look online for successful businesses, find an expert mentor who can help you out and sign up marketing businesses if that what you want to do for your career. There’s so many ways to learn to build wealth if you got debts to pay, you don’t have to worry about if your learning to increase your income. Make sure you pay attentions to the mentors if you want to achieve your goals. You got to commit to it if you want to achieve your goals, learn as much as you can and take actions.

These are the 5 ways that entrepreneurs gets paid:

1. Paid by project

2. Paid by recurring

3. Paid by royalty

4. Paid by transaction

5. Paid by results

So these are the 5 ways that the successful entrepreneurs gets paid on their daily basis. You want money comes to you not chasing money like the majority of what people do is WORK WORK WORK and get paycheck to paycheck, no because that’s not how you want money to come to you.

There’s no right or wrong – your choice, you choose ( success is waiting )

There’s nothing wrong for getting a job, yes we all got to work in life to earn money, we work hard to achieve but we need to learn to work hard in the right way. If you continue working in a regular job very hard, your not going to get rich but your going to save a lot of money to start your own business if you find the right way to success.

Working in a regular is going to give you security for money saving because when you start your entrepreneurship, you will take risk and you might fail but you will learn to be better.

No matter where you work, you can start your entrepreneurship if you want to achieve your goals. If you work in a fast food place, supermarket or offices, you can start your entrepreneurship. Some people got a good job but their not happy and fulfilled about their wages so you can start your journey to success.

Everyone got potentials to become successful, it’s just having the right mindset rather you work for the company or work for yourself, your choice, you choose.

Important before you start your entrepreneurship

The importance before you start your journey to success is make sure it’s right for you, make sure your ready, make sure you commit to it and willing to learn more.

You got to save money first before you start your business. We all got decision whether we stick to our job or business, it’s just picking which one is right for you.

Look online about success and how people become successful before you start your entrepreneurship. The successful people can inspire you to change and to start your journey, it’s tough but worth it and pays off.

Important before you quit your job

Quitting your job is a very big step ahead before you even think about quiting. You might missed your work colleagues if you leave your job for starting your journey to success, your colleagues probably want you to be normal just like the rest of everyone else but you want to change your career, you wanted a successful life with freedom.

Your colleagues probably don’t want you to be successful, they want you to be average, having a regular job. You can influence them to start their journey to success, it will take a lot of time to get there but worth for a try. You got to discipline yourself and stay motivated all the time in order to success.

Dedication is the main thing for achieving your goals, you do something productive and hope for the best. Very important to know what’s right for you, make your decision whether you stay at your job or leave and find another job. Don’t quit your job yet if your still figuring out what to do in your life. You got to be 100% ready for entrepreneurship, ready to take risk and actions.

Know your potentials, find your passion/ambitions

Everyone got potentials it’s just about using your potentials to find the right way to success. A lot of people got potentials but they never use it, always look down for themselves, regrets and doing something they hate.

Find a passion like a hobby of what you like doing and then use it for business. Believe in yourself and think positively.

These are the 4 ways you should know about your potentials:

1. The skills you got now

2. Your good at it

3. Use them in your spare time

4. You can do it

We all got ambitions and want to succeed in the future, it’s just finding the right way to go to. You have a choice to be an employee or entrepreneur, your choice, you choose what’s right for you and good luck for your success.

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