What is a scam and how

Does it make you a scam for making money?

No, it does not make you a scam for making money.

What makes you a scam is when you trick people by telling them to give you their bank details so you can help them to invest money, but you’re actually scamming them for money.

The scammer ways of making money are by conning people, stealing their money from them and not pay them back, that is a scam.

It’s not going to make you a scam for making money online from selling products that you don’t own, promoting other websites for people to sign up a course to learn how to start an online business.

When your promoting products to sell which is an affiliate marketing, it does not make you a scam just because you make money from customers going to your website to buy the products that you promoted to sell online.

It’s not going to make you a con artist from making money on affiliate marketing and being an entrepreneur to make more money.

People are scared of taking the risk of losing money when they do start an online business to learn how to be an entrepreneur, learn how to sell, learn how to promote products and how to make money.

There are a lot of scammers out there that tries to persuade you to give them your bank details so they can help you to invest money, but they are conning you because they can use your bank details to take your money away, they’re using you and taking advantage of you.

If you’re making money in a genuine way like helping people, selling products, promoting courses and get people to sign up the course that you promoted, you’re not a scam for making money online.

The difference between a scammer and a guru

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