What employees do Vs what entrepreneurs do

Employees plays it safe and looking for security, entrepreneurs takes risk and looking for freedom.

The difference is that employees thinks that their job is safe and gives them security to save up all the money for the house.

Employees will have to work loads of hours to sacrifice themselves to get paid by the times they’ve worked. Selling their time for money just to pay the bills. When they bought a house, they won’t have enough money for their house like bills, gas, electric, water, heater, rent and council tax.

When they pay all that money and then their broke again.

They have to work loads of hours to sacrifice themselves for their bills to pay.

This is a problem about employees, they have to sell their time for money just to pay the bills, when they pay all the bills and then their broke again.

This is why most employees are poor.

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Entrepreneurs doesn’t worry about paying the bills

Entrepreneurs are not afraid of failing, they take risks and looking for freedom so that they don’t have to work in a regular 9 to 5 job anymore, they can work from home with a laptop, computer, tablet, iPad and phone. They don’t have to sell their time for money just to pay the bills, they’ve got enough to pay the bills and they make more money than their day job. They don’t have to worry about bills to pay and all that.

Which is a good way of thinking about if your an entrepreneur.

You have more time for yourself to do things that you really want to achieve such as:

  1. Spend time with families
  2. Spend time with your love ones
  3. Go to the gym
  4. Improve your fitness
  5. Travel around the world
  6. Don’t have to worry about your bills
  7. Don’t have to worry about money
  8. Your more happier
  9. You become a better person
  10. You get to your goals

This is what you can get to do if your an entrepreneur.

Employees and entrepreneurs are completely different

Their both separated from eachother because their both looking for different ways to success, employees focuses on saving money for a house and families, entrepreneurs takes actions to get to what they really want.

They want a house but they probably want a expensive house if they become a successful entrepreneur like a mentor.

Entrepreneurs takes actions and they get out off their comfort zone, employees takes hard work and get out off their laziness.

You see there is a difference between employees and entrepreneurs.

You have more motivation to do something that you want to achieve your goals and do things that are important to you in life.











You have more time to learn new skills if your an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be stuck in a job, doing the same thing again and being stuck. It is not the way to how you live your life, you just being trapped and work like a slave to do this and do that. You want a enjoyable life that can help you grow your wealth and build your dreams comes true.















The problem is why are employees that works in the 9 to 5 job are still poor is because of the society:

  1. It’s not been taught in schools because in school they’ve never teach you about money
  2. The job you work doesn’t pay you enough to help you save money
  3. You got tax to pay
  4. The government wants more money

Should you listen to what other people say if you want to start your online business

You know don’t listen to what others say about online businesses. They say “it’s a scam and don’t do it” “your taking risks” “you should get a job and work hard”.

This is something they would say to you if your starting a online business.

If you listen to those people, your going to be poor like them for ever. Those people who told you not to start your own business, they are not successful because they don’t want you to be successful. They want you to have a normal life, get a real job and sell your time for money and work like a slave.

What’s the school system wants us to be

In the school system, your teacher wants you to be employees, go to college, get some qualifications and get a secure job and be a employee just like everyone else and have a normal life. In school they teach you how to write CV and how to apply jobs, they don’t teach you how to sign up for wealthy affiliate and how to make money online. At least they teach you how to apply jobs online, how to write a good CV and send it to the job application to the employer. 
Once you sent your CV to the job and heard back from the employer, had a job interview and got the job. You be working like a slave, you go to work on time, the time you go on break, the time you go to lunch, the time you go back to work and the time you finish work and your restricted by the job. You got to do this and do that, you can’t go on your phone at work, you got to work until your finishing time and you got to make yourself look busy and work hard. This is what the school system and the society wants you to be is to be employees, get a job and once your employed, you got to obey all the job policies. The school system and the society makes us like a slave, get a job and work like a slave and getting little amount of money. 

This is a problem about being a employee, people are not happy because they feel like a slave working in a dead end job that their not passion about with no motivation to work.

Why are most employees are broke because they’ve been controlled by society, go to school, go to college and get a job and sell your time for money and be poor the rest of your life and miserable.

We been controlled to work like a slave.

If you don’t want to be a slave then you got to listen to this audiobook.

I hope you all the best for not being a slave and controlled by society, be your own boss and do what you want and not build somebodys dreams.


8 thoughts on “What employees do Vs what entrepreneurs do”

  1. Thank you so much for this awesome post!  I really like the differences you pointed out, and why it is such a good thing to be an entrepreneur!  My main goal would be to spend more time with my family, and to make enough money so that they can live a happy and comfortable life!  However, having a family is also my biggest limiting factor, because the risk scares me, in that I don’t want to fail and ruin their chances of a better life because of my financial issues.

  2. Hi Gordon! Thank you very much for this good article. I agree with everything you write. That an entrepreneur and an employee are very different.

    Entrepreneurs are always brave enough to make inroads and never limit themselves to just looking for security. In contrast to employees, who are always looking for security (I’ve been there). Sometimes being an employee makes us not ourselves. And that is very stressful.

    It’s just that, not everyone is suitable to be an entrepreneur and not everyone is suitable to be an employee. In the end, everything will return to the character of the person in my opinion. But, if you look back at the ratio of employers to employees, it is very far. 1 entrepreneur = 1 million employees. Why this happened? Because we are not taught in schools about how to become entrepreneurs.

    Once again. Thank you very much. Very good post!

  3. WOW, basically I like the business digital audiobook,you choosing best digital audiobook. It makes me frees. Even my friend wants to gain business knowledge. when I see your article “What employees do Vs what entrepreneurs do” it makes me gain additional knowledge and I defiantly share this article with my friend. And personally thanks for giving the recommender information


  4. Hello Gordon, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I can’t agree with you more about employee life. I was an employee for 6 years and I was really tired of it. Just like you said, you need to catch things in time otherwise you lose your job. I can’t be grateful enough to God because I found wealthy Affiliate community, today I am an online entrepreneur who really lives the life.

  5. I love your post! In school, I was always thinking the same. Teachers are quite often not happy when you come up with different thoughts or other opinions about the school system. As an Entrepreneur, you work for yourself. As an Employee, you make someone else rich. Above that, being caught in the rat race, your salary is limited. Being an Entrepreneur, you can leverage processes and have an unlimited salary. Of course, it is not the easiest way starting an own business, but I think it will definitely pay of. I am now 18 years old and always looking for new opportunities. I read a lot and do the most things differently than other. Almost every time, it works better and I am a lot happier doing things in a creative way. Being normal is boring!

  6. Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for the Great inspiring article! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    Being a full-time blogger working from home to become a successful entrepreneur your article means a lot to me. I have taken great insights from your article.

    Well said, in our schools they don’t teach about money or about money management. Recently read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and he talks in detail about this issue. I need to develop the Entrepreneur mindset and mentality.

    Everyone can tell you the risk. An entrepreneur can see the reward. – Robert Kiyosaki

    Never Get a “Real” Job is on my list and the cost is also under my budget.

  7. Hello Gordon, thank you for sharing this post on what entrepreneur do versus what employees do. I just finished HND few weeks back and about to serve my country. Of course after that, I am suppose to think of securing a job to meet up with life troubles. Although, some jobs are huge and one can do well, those jobs are extremely scarce. I know this while I was in school. So I have decided to become an entrepreneur. I have made plans on how to go about it and I have invested some money to not minding the outcome. I am ready to work hard. This is the mindset of an entrepreneur; risk taking. Like my father, he is an entrepreneur and he is doing well. He has a lot of responsibility but he’s meeting up and even building houses. As for me, I want to live the laptop lifestyle. It pays to be an entrepreneur.


  8. Hey Gordon, Yes it is true, employees plays it safe and looking for security, entrepreneurs takes risk and looking for freedom. You have done an awesome comparison between Employees and entrepreneurs. I enjoy your whole post and learn a lot from it. Entrepreneurs takes actions and they get out off their comfort zone, employees takes hard work and get out off their laziness. You changed my thought process. Thank you.



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