What are your goals? (Want to change your life?)

My goal is to be a full time entrepreneur. My goal is to sell something on my website and get more customers to buy my products.

What’s your goals? Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? We all want to achieve our goals to be successful in life to get to what we want. Get to travel around the world and help other people who are poor, no home, no food and no future.

We going to talk about goals what we can do to achieve your goals and what you want in life to improve yourself to be a better version of yourself.

Success is everything

When your successful you can buy your dream car for an example a BMW M5 because that’s my dream car to get when I got loads of money. That is my goal is to get a BMW because they are cool cars. If you got a dream car let me know what is yours.

Most people will say they want a Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLean and other supercars. I’m not too bothered about getting a supercar because that is not my goal to get. All I want is a reliable car that can go from a to b.

When your successful and got loads of money, you get the freedom to do things you like, like fitness, going to the gym, go swimming, dancing, martial arts classes, running and do other sports to do something that makes you happy in life. You can spend time with friends and families if you got families like kids, you got to look after them more and spend some time with them. You have more time for your loves ones.

You can travel around the world and get to know different cultures, varieties of cultures and learn other things. You can help other people who are struggling with money because they got a lot of debts to pay. You can help them just by telling them to sign up for wealthy affiliate or other affiliate programs.

When your successful it can change your life and your not stuck in the dead end job anymore, you have more motivation to improve your fitness and your goals to become healthier. You can still be healthy when your still working in your day job but your not going to get much time to yourself to do things you really want to achieved. You just going to work, work, work and work until your fed up with your day job that you want to quit.

In the traditional way people work for money just to support their families but then they got no time to spend with their families because their too busy working to earn those money just to support the families. This is why people don’t understand about money and success. They think the only way to make money is by getting a job and work hard, that’s about it in this society because it’s not been taught in school. This is to help people to know that working in a job is not going to make you achieve your goals, you got to find a way that can help you develop wealth.

We now got internet so we can access to the internet to sign up for wealthy affiliate and building your website and start making money online. My goal is to get more freedom, more time for myself to improve my fitness, I have not been going to the gym for ages because of work so my goal is to quit my regular job and be a full time entrepreneur so I can help others and get freedom.

Buying lottery tickets (the way to make you rich)

Poor people will think buying a lottery tickets will achieve your goals to get what you want in life. It can change your life if you win the lottery tickets so that you can buy a expensive house, buy a nice expensive car and go on vacations.

They don’t understand how to manage money and then they get bankrupt and getting conned by the tax.

People who won the lottery won’t last long for being rich and they can be broke again, does that mean they buy another lottery tickets to win again? You have more chance to lose if you get a lottery. People don’t understand about what’s the right, correct way to make money for success, you make money online but that takes time. You got to develop a skill and know what your going to sell.

Most poor people will rely on fantasy such as winning a lottery tickets to change their life and achieve their goals. Going to the betting place to bet money in the hope to win which is gambling. You get more chance to lose than winning and I’m hoping I can help other people to find the right way to success. In my opinion buying a lottery tickets and gambling is not going to make you success. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine. I don’t want to argue about this for the people who thinks gambling can make you rich, do what’s right for you. My advice for the people who are against gambling, keep it to yourself.

There’s no secret ways of making money, you got to work hard but in the right way.

Goal setting

Set some goals for yourself and see what do you want to accomplish:

  1. Your fitness goals
  2. Your wealth goals
  3. Your dream car you want to buy
  4. Your dream house that you want to live
  5. The actions to take when your picturing yourself of being a better version of yourself

These are the goals setting you should do when you want to change your life and not having the same old boring life that you are on now. If you want to achieve your goals, you got to take actions to your goal to achieve them.

Goal setting is important if you don’t like what your doing, not liking where you live, hating your job and just want to get out of it. You need to do something about it, do some research about developing your income and increase your wealth or wanting to get fit.

If you want to get fit, you should do some exercise, it doesn’t have to be too physical, it just helps to keep you going and keep you healthy and strong.

If you can set up your goals, you can do it and just believe in yourself and stay positive.

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