Traditional business vs online business

There is a difference between a traditional business and an online business.

Traditional business is like opening a restaurant, shop, cafe, garages, gym, martial art class, pub, hairdressers, beauty salon and many others.

A traditional business owns the building like a restaurant or a shop for the customers to go in and eat in the restaurant, a shop is for the customers to go in and buy the products from the shops.

A traditional business owns the property like buying the place to run the business like opening a restaurant, get the license to serve alcohol, get the food hygiene and sign the contract for the building that you’ve owned.

A traditional business is like opening a restaurant for the customers to go in and eat. For the restaurant owners, the more customers come to their restaurant, the more business they get and the more money they make. The restaurant owners can’t take a day off too often, they have to keep the restaurant going and keep getting more customers to eat their food to make money.

The restaurant owners have to keep their business going all the time, they can’t go on holidays too often, they can’t take too many days off and they have to keep on top of their business to grow.

Being self-employed in the traditional business is a lot of responsibility because nothing is easy in life.

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It is stressful to be self-employed because you have to take a lot of responsibilities like looking after the restaurant, you got to have a bar license, you got to have food hygiene, you have to employ the staffs to work for you, you have to keep the customers happy and make them want to come back again so they can recommend to their friends to come to the restaurant.

If you want to get more customers to come to your restaurant, you have to advertise it and make your restaurant more presentable.

The more customers come to the restaurant, the more money the owner will make. You can make good money for being a restaurant owner, it all depends on how good you are, what quality of the food is and it’s all about the perspective of the restaurant.

If you don’t get enough customers to your restaurant, you can lose profit, lose money and you have to close down your business.

It is stressful to try and make money in a traditional business because your business can go down if you haven’t taken care of your business.

You have to work longer hours if you’re self-employed for your restaurant, shop or many other businesses. You can’t take too many holidays from work if your working for yourself, it’s not like when your working for someone, you can take a lot of holidays.

It’s not easy to be self-employed because you can’t take too many times off, you have to work all the time to keep the business going.

The story of my dads business

Let me tell you a story about my dads business, my dad used to open a restaurant and I used to work for my dad.

My dad worked very hard for his business to success. My dad worked so hard that he hasn’t been taking many holidays, hasn’t taken many times off, he just works and none stop. He takes a few breaks when the restaurant is quiet, but most of the time he works none stop.

My dad had a lot of stress from working in the restaurant, he’s got a lot of things to deal with like paying rent, bills, tax and deliveries for the business.

My dad has to take a lot of responsibilities for his restaurant, he has to have a license to serve alcohol, he has to have good hygiene in the kitchen and he cooks a lot for his business because my dad is a chef.

My dad is not just a restaurant owner, he’s a chef and he enjoys cooking for his customers.

My dad had a lot of stress from his business because he worked so hard, feeling overwhelmed, pressured and depressed. My dad had depression because he’s been working too hard, too many things in his mind and he couldn’t take it.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away from a heart attack. He passed away after he sold his restaurant. It’s so sad for my dad to pass away from after he sold his restaurant, he was going to enjoy his retirement from stress.

This is the story of my dad about how hard he worked in his business.

The difference between a traditional business and an online businessĀ 

The traditional business owns the building like opening a restaurant because you need brick and mortar to build the place for you to own. Online business uses the internet and work on the computer. You don’t have to own a place to do online business, you just sign up on one of the affiliate programs like Amazon for example and work online. You just build a website for yourself, write loads of contents, get rankings and build traffic which is what I’m doing right now.
The difference between traditional businesses and online businesses. The traditional business is you can’t go on too many holidays, you have to keep the business going, always open until you finished and work hard. The online business you can leverage your time, you can make money while you sleep and make money while you travel. There is a difference in between but their both self-employment.

The online business you can go on holiday while you’re working online.

You can work anywhere you want for your online business, and traditional business you have to work in the same place which is your shop to keep your business going.

The traditional business you have to buy the product to sell in your shop, an online business you don’t have to buy the product to sell, you get a commission to sell and make money online.

The traditional business and online business both require hard work.

An online business takes hard work as well, you have to work very hard for your online business to be successful. You can fail for your online business, it’s risk-taking and frustrating. You still got to put a lot of work for your online business just like a traditional business.

As I always say: nothing is easy in life, you have to put the work into it to get it.

The traditional business owns the building and employs people to work for them.
For example, you opened a fast food place, your business is going well, a lot of customers have been coming to your place to eat and you might have to employ more people to work for you. If you’re self-employed, you have to pay your staff wages and you have to take a lot of responsibilities for your business. The shop has to be open every week to keep the customers going in if no customers come, no money to make and you will have to close down the shop.
Some people call restaurant owners entrepreneurs, I call them business owners. They are self-employed, it’s their business and they own the place. Entrepreneurs and business owners are both like the same, but I think there is a difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner. I really don’t know the difference in between because they’re both self-employed. Does that mean my dad was an entrepreneur?

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6 thoughts on “Traditional business vs online business”

  1. I commend your father for having a small business.  It really takes a lot of courage to do something like that.  I prefer to go the online route.  You do not need any overhead and all you need to do is some research and some typing on that research.  Yea research can become monotonous but if you are really good at it then you can become dominant within any niche in the internet world.  That is truly the key to doing well online in any business. 

  2. This is good timing for information like this — so many traditional businesses have had to close and most everyone is currently looking online for solutions to their newly-found problems (like weeks with no toilet paper at local stores). Online retailers and other businesses have been a lifeline to deliver foods, medications, cleaning supplies, and critical pandemic-fighting information to all of us. 

    There has never been a better time to examine how to get involved in online business and how that may differ from traditional businesses. 

  3. Thanks for sharing your story about your father. Sorry to hear about his passing. 

    My father is similar, he works works works, and never wants to take a break. He does not think online businesses really work, because they operate so differently, and it’s okay that he does not understand. I am just grateful to have a strong work ethic instilled from him, as it seems like you got from your father as well. 

    I am changing things and going the online route so that I do have the freedom to run a business on my own AND spend a lot of time with my family.


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