Goals for entrepreneurship and businesses (actions comes first)

To be an entrepreneur you got to take actions to your business for success.

What do you have to do before you start your entrepreneurship:

  1. Get a job
  2. Make some money
  3. Save money
  4. Don’t spend too much money on unnecessary stuff
  5. Invest money
  6. Do some research about entrepreneurs
  7. Get inspired by some entrepreneurs
  8. Learn from them and take actions
  9. Don’t wait, just do it
  10. Quit your job

This is something you should do before you start.

It does take a lot of time to become successful to get to what you want, achieve your goals, get a dream car, a dream place to live and many more.

We all got goals that we want to achieve to get to what we want.

Your goals could be:

  1. Going to the gym more often
  2. Get results
  3. Get pumped up
  4. Get ripped
  5. Be more healthy
  6. Get stronger
  7. Be more fit
  8. Be able to run long distances without heavy breathing

These are the goals that people want, not all about money.

The problem is about the society that most people will say “it’s not all about money” yes it’s not about money, what they don’t understand is having money in the right way.

You have more freedom to get to your fitness goals, let’s face it if you’re an employee, you don’t really have much freedom to do what you want, you can’t get to your fitness goal such as going to the gym more often.

If your working in a regular 9 to 5 or 10 to 6 job, when you finish work you don’t have any energy left to go to the gym.

Some employees go to the gym after work but I won’t risk that because when you finish work, your tired and got no energy left.

This is a problem with being an employee, not having enough time to improve your fitness. Working too many hours, not enough time to go to the gym and improve your fitness because you’re too tired to train.

My goal is to quit my job and improve my fitness, I have not been to the gym for ages because of work, this is why I’m starting my online business now to hope I can achieve my goal to make money while working out at the same time.

Entrepreneurs can leverage their time for money and employees got to work as a slave to get paid which is what I hate.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a job because you got to start somewhere before you start your own business.

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Entrepreneurs are seeking for freedom and they set some goals for success so that they can quit their job and enjoy life. They can get to their goal by travelling around the world, helping people, improve their fitness and have more time for themselves to do the things they really want rather than being stuck in the job being restricted.

Entrepreneurs go to classes and learn how to set up their own online business. They don’t go to school and colleges for the classes to learn entrepreneurship, they learn online.

What you need to learn to be an entrepreneur:

  1. Motivation
  2. Dedication
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Willing to learn
  5. Commit to taking a risk
  6. Learn from mistakes
  7. Get some good advice
  8. Get a mentor
  9. Support
  10. Set some goals

When you fail on your business, you got to stand back up again and keep going until you reach your life goal.

The habits what you should start getting used to of doing

This is what entrepreneurs do every day in their routine, a lot of them read books, spending time on their own learning. Entrepreneurs continue to learn every day to get better for themselves, they see other successful entrepreneurs how they become successful and having loads of money and free time. They get influenced by other entrepreneurs so that they can get to what they want.

This is what entrepreneurs do for their daily habits:

  1. Wake up early in the morning
  2. Being productive
  3. Keep their progress on track
  4. Continue to learn every day
  5. Spending more time with families
  6. Read books
  7. Going to the gym more often
  8. Keep fit and healthy
  9. Go out for a run
  10. Learn from mistakes

A lot of people got potentials but their scared of being an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs take risk and employees plays it safe.

This is the problem why people are still poor because they don’t want to take the risk to make money and get to their goals, they want to get to the goals because they think their job gave them security because of the comfort zone, they don’t want to face the challenges.

Your job can give you the security to save money but your job is not going to help you get to your goals.

Comfort zone Vs risk

The comfort zone is the most comfortable side to have in general, taking a risk is the most uncomfortable side to have and you can fail and lose money. About 90% of people are in their comfort zone that is failures and 10% of people are taking the risk that is successful. Which side would you choose? You pick, your choice. If you want to get to what you want then you need to go to the risk side.

What’s holding you back? It’s the comfort zone and the habits you do in your daily routine.

Entrepreneurs will keep growing and keep progressing no matter how many times they’ve failed, they keep growing and keep building their dreams comes true. Entrepreneurs are not afraid of failing if they fail, they keep on going and never give up.

How to be a successful entrepreneur?

To be a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Expect to make mistakes
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. Stay humble
  4. Continue to learn
  5. Read books or listen to an audiobook about entrepreneurship
  6. Never give up
  7. Take risk
  8. Take actions

This is something you should start doing before you start your online business, think before you quit your job and I have the post there.

Actions always come first when you want to achieve something and get to your goals.

All the best everyone.

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  1. Hey Gordon, Thank you for writing on the Goals for entrepreneurship and businesses (actions comes first). I learn a lot via reading you guide to set my goals. Entrepreneurs goes to classes and learn how to set up their own online business. They don’t go to school and colleges for the classes to learn entrepreneurship, they learn online. Your goal setting guide is very useful for everyone. Keep this grate work up.

  2. Thanks for the post on entrepreneurship. It looks like the book is good and there is a lot to be learned from it in regards to business. If I was an entrepreneur, I might have more time for myself. I like to run, but if I work late I don’t even get to run. Entrepreneurs, if successful, have time for themselves.

    • If your a successful entrepreneur, you can do the things that’s important to you such as keeping fit, going to the gym and spend time with families. You don’t let your job controls you.

  3. Much thanks to you Gordon for the article that is always persuading from you. I took in a great deal from you about the universe of business visionaries. Since I feel you are a genuine business person, while I’m still a long way from you. I am as yet a worker contending in the futile daily existence (working 9 to 5).
    Possibly, this time I just hoped against hope and didn’t have the fearlessness to turn out.

  4. Thanks very much for this great and helpful article about the top 10 audio book to be an entrepreneur. For really I have enjoyed your article from it’s beginning to its end and I have got to know what to learn before I become an entrepreneur and also what I must do to become a successful entrepreneur. Thanks very much for this important information

  5. Hi Gordon

    Thank you for bringing up these audio books that will help people in general to become entrepreneurs without even reading a word. As you say we all have busy lives and we often do not have enough time to further ourselves and this is where audio books come into play, so that we can multitask and become entrepreneurs without spending any extra time. I think your choices are excellent and I will be looking up some of them. I think we all need to spent some time researching what we want to do but more importantly act on them. You cannot progress without any action.



  6. Hi Gordon

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to know more about how to become an entrepreneur, I use to think this topic should be teach at schools.

    I see how some people are changing the way they live and they take their time to learn about new things and in many cases they succeeded, I see some kids are natural entrepreneurs and they start a business on their own at early age.

    Your article will help many to know about these audio books, I loved to read it and I see how entrepreneurs have a daily routine that help them to achieve their goals. 

    I’ve read a few books about this topic, but see these audio books you share here today, will be a good option for me to listen while I go for my daily walk. 

  7. I found your article very useful and informative .I have learnt a lot from your post 

    Your article gives so much motivation and encouragement.To be an entrepreneur ,   it is very important to  focus on your plan or vision , being positive , Being fit and healthy and always trying to learn new things from other entrepreneurs 

    Keep up the good work!

    !Thanks for sharing this awesome article!

  8. Very helpful website!

    I was working on setting goals for the new year when I stumbled across your website. It has helped me so much, I have now set achievable goals, and I’m motivated to start working towards them.

    I never really considered audio books before, but you have highlighted some interesting ones here. It’s something I will have to try out in the future, I could learn and work simultaneously saving me a lot of time. 

    Thank you for your help!

  9. Hello Gordon,
    Thank you for this eye-opener on entrepreneurship, too bad our society and our schools only teach us to make money by getting a 9 AM to 5 PM job. We sacrifice our family, sacrifice our health and every other thing for this so-called job.
    But of a truth, we can wake up in the morning, be productive while we continue to learn and spend time with our families, exercise in the gym and keep healthy.
    Thank you for this wake-up call

  10. People tends to shy away from their life purpose, their dreams, because of the negativity of the positive part of their lives to the “positivity” of the negative part of their life. Confused? Let me break this down.

    When I talked about the negativity of the positive part of life, I say that people always think negative, worry a lot when thinking of starting out their business. They think failure all through that cannot succeed. And this greatly affects the good part of their lives.

    And to the latter, I will say that people feel very “secure”, they think that working in a company or being an employee makes them safe, secured and protected. But the reverse is the case, and this may tend to affect them negatively.

    A company can crumble, crash. It’s very possible. In fact, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, told his employees that Amazon is not too big to fail. He went ahead and said that one day Amazon will fail and go bankrupt. Suppose it happened, do you think it will affect him, of cause, he is an entrepreneur. It can’t. It won’t even a bit. But the employees will all lose their job and most will suffer in terms of job search.

    It’s not bad to be an employee. Everybody have to start from somewhere. But then, we should not make it our live thing if truly we want to have or experience this life of freedom and peaceful living, then we should start making plans while working to become an entrepreneur just like you’ve outlined. This is just the best thing any human can give to themselves.

    This is a great post.

  11. Hello Gordon, Thank you for this helpful, informative, and encouraging article. I will take into consideration your advice and book recommendation for being a successful entrepreneur. I agree we must take action to succeed in any of our goals and to learn from our mistakes for a better future. 

    I wish you all the best and much success with your online business.  


  12. Hiya Gordon

    Thsnk you for your very informative article on goals for entrepreneurship and businesses. I have bookmarked your site for future reference. I think you gave great advice and I will be putting a lot of what you said into practice to achieve my goals of financial and temporal freedom. 

    I already stay up most of the night due to insomnia brought on by my current life situation so I am trying to put that time to good use by achieving what I can research wise and writing as much as I can too. I cannae really go to the gym and I don’t do mornings but I try to work around my limitations and I’ve been doing that for a long time so  it’s kind of second nature. 

    Of the 10 audio books you recommend, does any one stand out for you? I’m trying to watch tutorials etc from successful people so I’d be grateful for any tips on who to listen to. Thank you for providing me with something I can use for my business, krs PurpleLioness 

  13. As a big fan of audiobooks, I was expecting more recommendations after reading your title that says ‘Top 10 Audiobooks…” but you only offered one. I’ve used Audiobooks Now for one book and didn’t quite like their user interface. I have since switched to Scribd and it was a better experience. In my opinion, they have a better selection of entrepreneurship books over there.

  14. This text is amazingly structured and easy to read! I really enjoyed reading about the goals! I really agree with it  and excpessely the one where you workout! I think that working out is a amazing goal to have. 

    Amazing work on the review and good job! Keep working just like this and you will succeed!

  15. An absolutely great read. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, it wasn’t cool back then either. I love how you explained the goals into small tasks, tasks anyone can do if it’s step-by-step.

    The part of which I like the most is the part about comfort zone and risk, sometimes you just gotta do it!

    Keep on motivating people man, love what you are doing.

    I will bookmark your website just in case 😛

  16. Hello.I like this information for its a clear guide on becoming an entrepreneur,Being an entrepreneur its not easy, therefore for someone who is desiring to become one needs lots of information.This post will guide many people equipping them with information from setting goals,requirements and habits and of entrepreneurs..Thanks for sharing this.

  17. We naturally tend to gravitate towards a certain set of daily activities. Whether we know it or not, these become our daily habits, albeit unconsciously. I’ve particularly liked your emphasis on the habits that entrepreneurs purposely start and ge used to doing on a daily basis. These are critical if we are to attain success in any venture. Thanks for highlighting this and so much more Gordon.

    We are Blessed.

  18. Any one who wants to be great in life must have a mentor or a source to learn from and engage principles that have been laid down. i think i would need to get a copy of this audio book. i need all the help i can get now as i just recently quit my job and i want to start my own business


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