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Detail: Think and grow rich

Take a listen to this if you want to change your live and to do what you want.

Hopefully this can inspire everyone who are not happy of what they are now and want to change their live.

This is the time for you and others to move on now to get a better successful life.

Do it right now of you want to change, do something about it and find an expert mentor who can help you change to the way you want to be.

You want your dreams to come true, this is the right place for you to listen to.

We all got mindsets

What is your mindsets? Some people are OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) they like to do everything in order, having the routine to do the same thing over and over again.

It’s good to have a routine for your day and night.

We all have a routine but it’s just having a mindset to have it in a right way.

Multiple top 10 audiobook for sale


There’s multiple of audiobook to listen to if that’s what your interested to do. You pick or choose.

This is for people who wants to achieve their goals to success.

First of all you need to:

  1. Do something about it
  2. Take actions
  3. Learn a skill
  4. Get out off your comfort zone
  5. Set a goal
  6. Be humble
  7. Willing to learn
  8. Do not be afraid to ask your mentor questions
  9. Get some inspirations from successful people
  10. Take risk

This is something you should do if you want to achieve your goals.

Think like a rich person

Rich people and poor people they both got different mentality.

Poor people focuses on saving money and rich people focuses on investing money.

Poor people got lottery mentality and rich people got actions mentality.

Poor people if they think they won the lottery, they can buy a nice house and buy a fancy car but they don’t know how to manage their money.

The rich takes actions from their business by selling products and not need lottery ticket to get to what they want.

Poor and the rich are completely different mindsets.

The rich continues to learn more because we are learning all the time.

This is how the rich thinks.

Money is not everything but it’s important to have money

People say money is not everything, it’s not important and money doesn’t give you happiness.

There’s a lot of people say that about money because their poor.

This is why people are poor because they have something against money, they think money are the evils.

Your not going to get rich if you think like that about money.

Money gives you freedom if you think if that way.

You get more time to enjoy yourself, spend time with families, go on holidays and do things that makes you happy and help people.

When you got money you can give money to the charity and help the poor.

This is what you should think about money, is the positive way.

Think of the people who are poor, got no home, no food and nothing. Think of all the people who like that, when you got money you can help them not to be poor.

A lot of people make money in the traditional way by selling their time for money and still broke.

People that works in a job are poor. I used to think people that works loads of hours are rich but that’s not always the case.

They got bills to pay, tax to pay, insurance to pay and many other things to pay especially if your on debts.

Money is everything in a certain degree and I know money is not everything because you can’t keep your money all to yourself, you got to help the others and you need the freedom to go on vacations.

You need money for your bills to pay, groceries to buy, TV licence, gas and electric to pay and everything so you need money for that.

Why people are broke? They don’t care about money and they don’t think how important money is, they think they got enough for their house or flat to live.

People are broke because they think they know it all. They think their job gave them security and safe.

If you want to be successful, you should hang out with successful people, people who got their own business.

You can help eachother and they can give you some advice for business.

Get some more inspirations from entrepreneurs and how they go through all this to become where they are now.

My dream car for my goal

You dream car and your goal to have
This is my dream car for my goal is a BMW M5 because they are cool cars to get. If you are stuck working in a job that doesn’t pay you enough to buy your dream car, you should do something about it, think about your dream car and take actions. Your dreams will come true eventually if you do something about it to be an entrepreneur.

Goals setting

Think of your goals and what you wanted to do to achieve them:

  1. Work hard
  2. Work smart
  3. Take actions
  4. Be proactive
  5. Learn a skill
  6. Think ahead
  7. Be ambious
  8. Save some money

This is what you should do to set up your goals. For money saving, it’s good to save but you can’t save money if you want to get rich, you invest them.

If you want a dream car and that is your goal, you got to set some goals and how are you going to achieve them to get your dream car.

For an example I want a BMW M5 and that is my goal to get and the car is expensive, you can’t afford it but it’s your goal to get that.

You need to find a way to make money, save up, set up your online business, learn a skill and keep your business going until you get to your goal.

What ever your goal is like a dream car, dream place to live, holidays to go to and clothes to buy if your into fashion.

They are the goals for you to set if you want them.

If you want to achieve your goals, you got to stay motivated and willing to take actions for your business.

All the best for everyone.


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