Time management and procrastination

This is what most people are struggling with, is time management.

A lot of people when they first started their online business, they can’t manage their time to their business, they end up procrastinating and not want to spend the time on their blogs.

If you’re a procrastinator and you’re having a problem managing your time, you’re in the right place to get motivated.

Time management is very important if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

How to manage your time

Setting goals is the key to manage your time in the hope to stop procrastinating.
  • To manage your time, you have to be dedicated to putting the time and effort on your website.
  • Writing a good blog is time-consuming because you have to spend a lot of time on your website to get traffic.
  • Online business is not easy, it’s tough and you have to spend a lot of time to write.
  • You don’t just post one content on your website and expect to get results.
  • You have to keep posting contents regularly to get your contents ranked.
  • It’s about being consistent and keep working on your website to attract customers.
  • To manage your time, you got to have a plan for what you’re going to do to achieve your goals.
  • It’s hard to do everything at the same time (multitasking).
  • You have to find a time which is suitable for you to write your blogs.
  • You got to take the time for yourself to write a good blog even if you’re busy at home doing chores.
You should plan ahead for your time management by using a diary.

Getting used to of using a diary is a good habit to have for time management, it shows that you’re proactive.

It’s good to have a schedule and make a list for your time management for how much time you spend on your website.

Writing good quality content takes at least 3 or 4 hours to complete writing the whole articles because you got to write at least 1000 words or over.

It takes a lot of time to finished writing 1000 words on each article because sometimes you don’t know what to write about, you forgot what to write and you have to spend that time thinking about what to write that can attract customers.

If you can’t finish writing 1000 words on your blog post, you should take a break and carry on tomorrow.

I don’t have time for my website

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Some people don’t have much time to work on their website because they’re too busy doing other things like housework.
What is your excuse for not putting the time on your website?
  1. I don’t have time to work on my website because I got housework to do like cleaning the toilet, washing dishes, hoovering the floor, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, changing beds, hanging the clothes and tidying the house.
  2. I don’t have time to work on my website because I got to cook some food for the families and cooking takes time as well.
  3. I don’t have time to work on my website because I got something to do in the garden like cutting grasses, digging and watering the plants.
  4. I don’t have time to work on my website because I got to do grocery shopping.
  5. I don’t have time to work on my website because I want to paint the fence.
  6. I don’t have time to work on my website because I have to look after my families.
  7. I don’t have time to work on my website because I have to take my cat or dog to the vets.
  8. I don’t have time to work on my website because I have to go to the bank and sort something out.

These are the excuses most people will make when they actually don’t have much time, it’s not a bad excuse to make because we got a lot of responsibilities to take in life.

Often people say they don’t have time to work on their website, but they actually do have time to spend on their website, they just don’t want to be putting in the time to write 1000 words on the article in one day and tomorrow write another 1000 word in one day, it’s time-consuming.

There’s one time I spent all day writing blogs on my website and I didn’t do any housework because I was too busy focusing on my blog.

I was posting contents every day, seven days a week and write over 1000 words on each article, and my rankings were very high when I checked my Google search console.

This is my Google search console for my website rankings. My rankings were very high when I used to posts content every day.
I’ve been unemployed for 3 months now because of the lockdown and now I got a lot of time to spend on my website for my blogs.

It’s tough to write over 1000 words every day and every week posting contents regularly.

It’s time-consuming to post contents every day and I normally write about 1400 something words on my article.

It takes a lot of time to write good quality content with over 1000 words on each post, and I didn’t have much time to do housework and take responsibilities because I was too busy blogging.

If you do have time for your website, you should spend at least half an hour or an hour to write your blog, you don’t have to spend all day blogging to write over 1000 words in one day and make sure you take a break in between because that’s what I do.

Even if you don’t finish writing 1000 words on your content, you can finish it the next day.

If you got other things to do in your time like housework, for example, make sure you spend a little time on your website to keep your website going just like you need to water the plants in the garden.

Why do people procrastinate

If you want to succeed, don’t procrastinate and spend the time on your website to write more blogs.
  • People procrastinate is because they don’t want to spend the time writing contents all day while they got other things to do like housework.
  • The excuse is always an excuse when you say you got no time.
  • People procrastinate is because they don’t want the headache to sort their website out.
  • They procrastinate is because they don’t want to take criticism because it’s annoying.
  • What makes people procrastinate is fear because they’re scared of being judged.

Make the time for yourself

If you can make the time for yourself, you can dream, set goals and take action.

If you got some chores to do at home, you can always work on your website whenever you’re free, but don’t spend too much time on the internet and make sure you take a break.

If you’re bored and tired from writing contents on your website, you can make the time to go out for a walk for fresh air.
You don’t have to finish writing 1000 words on the article in one day, you can take a break from your website, do what you got to do like go out for a walk, do some housework and don’t let your online business to control you just to get ranked. You will get ranked from Google even if you’re not active on your website, Google will still rank your contents. 

If you can finish writing over 1000 words on your blog post in one day and get comments, your contents will get ranked quicker, but that’s up to you.

You got to have a balance in between business, responsibility and leisure time like going out for a walk.

That’s what time management is all about, is having the time for your business, your responsibilities like housework and your leisure time like going out for a walk to get fresh air.

Making time for yourself is very important for being an entrepreneur.

The end of my blog

This is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it, feel free to share it on social media and leave a comment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

18 thoughts on “Time management and procrastination”

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I love this article, and you used appealing images to emphasize your content which is great. I want to share my thoughts on how to manage my time here.

    -Think about the reason why you do your online business
    -Set small tasks each day instead of a big task then you quit easily
    -Set an alarm to record the time you need for one 1000-word article then improve the process

    By the above three simple steps, I completed many small tasks that led to a big task. I hope my steps might help your readers too.


  2. This post was meant for me. I really have this problem and I feel a huge weight lifted because today I can recognize that I procastinate, a lot. And they say that the first step to solve something like this is acknowledging that one has a problem. Thanks for blending your post with the goals a person must have when managing their own site. Very useful post. I would like to continue reading your useful advice in future posts on this topic. Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks for these tips on how to achieve my goals. I am a planner and list maker so I’ve always got plenty of things to do, but to really reach my goals, I can surely follow some of these tips to help myself prioritize better. Procrastination can definitely be a huge obstacle, so it’s good to be able to recognize it and refocus energy to a better place. 

  4. Hi Gordon,

    I couldn’t agree more that setting goals and sticking with them is paramount if you want to be successful as a blogger. Blogging takes consistency and persistence over time and that’s challenging for most of us to achieve.

    I’ve tried a technique called the Pomodoro method and it seems to work pretty well. Basically, you set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on the task at hand until the timer goes off. Then you take a break and start a new session. It’s working pretty well. 

    But new time management ideas are always helpful, so thanks for the info!

  5. Time management is what separates successful from average people the most. When you think about it, it’s really not that complicated to understand. If we would just set priorities and act according to those priorities – we would achieve success.

    But our mind comes in place and start giving us excuses or made up obstacles like “Why are you doing this if there is no success right now”. This kind of mindset makes most of the people procrastinate. It takes great will to do something that is not a pleasure to you at the moment – for the greater goal. It really all boils down to that.

    Very informative article by the way.

  6. Good pointers right there. Lately I find myself procrastinating a lot, not wanting to do anything. Maybe it’s because we are all stuck in the house, and with all the chaos, I’m unable to concentrate. I will try implementing what you’ve suggested and see what happens. I better stop with the excuses and make a list and stick to it. Good work.

  7. Hmm! This is a very serious issues affecting all of the people most times. Getting to know what is and how to do what is right is the beat way that can help anyone to achieve the beat and make the best use of our time. Procrastination is the best approach to failingm so, rather than pushing it, getting to timely manage whatever we do can make the ddifderence in a long while. Thanks so much for sharing

  8. Ah, procrastination. It haunts us since we were kids. In my case, I must confess I’ve been struggling with it more recently. When I was younger, I was more disciplined, but now, it’s hard for me to set time apart to do other things.

    As you mentioned, blogging takes time. It involves research, proofreading, looking for good images or videos, managing social media, interacting with your visitors, and much more. It takes a lot of time.

    Since I’m laid off right now, I have more time to work on my blog, but I don’t know how I’ll do it once I go back to work full time. Well, one step at a time.

    Thanks for sharing!

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