Think before you quit your job

Are you not enjoying your current job right now? This is the right site for you to think before you quit your job and find the right career for you.

You think your job gives you security, gives you money to save for your pension but not enough after all.

You may have enough for a house, a roof cover over your head, enough for food and not enough for other things.

This is an audiobook for you to listen to if you want to achieve your goals to success.

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This man gives you good advice about money
This man Robert Kiyosaki gives you good advice about money. He teaches you how to make money in the right way, not in the working way, he teaches you in the entrepreneur way, you make money by investing, selling and getting paid by results. This man gives you the right way to achieve your goals to success.

Employee Vs entrepreneur

What do you want to do for your career? Do you want to be a employee or a entrepreneur? You choose and it’s your choice, choose what’s right for you.

Employee focuses on securities, they think their job can give them security so that when they retire, they can have enough money to save to go on holidays.

Entrepreneurs are seeking for freedom, find the right way to get the freedom to go on holidays, they can leverage their time for money and do things they like doing such as:

  1. Going to the gym more often
  2. Keeping fit
  3. Running
  4. Swimming
  5. Traveling
  6. Spend time with families
  7. Enjoy life
  8. Relaxing

This is what entrepreneurs can get to do, employees will just work loads of hours just to get the money to pay the bills or to save up for a flat to live.

Do you want to make money in the slow way or the fast way? If you want to make money in the fast way, you should listen to this audiobook.

Entrepreneurs takes risk and employees plays it safe.

The problem is that most employees are poor.

The reason is:

  1. Rent to pay
  2. Bills to pay
  3. Selling their time for money
  4. Not getting paid enough
  5. No goals

That is the reason why and there’s many more.

I noticed most employees hates their jobs, they want to quit and find another job, when they find a new job it’s the same again, repetitive and tiring.

After you finish work, you got no energy left and can’t do anything that you like doing.

A lot of employees always not looking forward to work on Monday and they always look forward for Friday so they can finish work, go to the pub and have some drinks with their friends and party in the weekends, spend all the money and their broke again so this is a problem about being an employee and having the employee mindsets.

Entrepreneurs thinks differently.

Leverage your time for money

Leverage your time for money
Make money while your on holiday and asleep. It’s a nice way of making money, you don’t have to work like a slave, selling your time for money, sacrificing and being unhappy.

When your successful, you can travel around the world while making money, don’t have to work for money, money comes to you.

What is your dream holiday? What’s on your list to go to if you go on holiday? Set some goals for your dream holiday that you really want to go to.

If your working in a job, you just don’t really have that in mind.

When you come back from holiday to go back to to work, you don’t want to go back to work because of stress from work.

If your an entrepreneur you can do what you want and not get told what to do.

Dream car

This is my dream car for my goal.
Set some goals for your dream car that you really want to have. My dream car is a BMW M5. You got to work very hard and keep following your dreams to become true.

We all have dreams what we wanted to have and that is your goal to have.

This is about how to achieve your goals to become what you want to be.

For people who are not happy about what they are now, you should do something about it.

There’s no tomorrow, there’s no next week, there’s no next month and there’s no next year, there is today, do it right now and start your online business now.

Sign up for entrepreneur website to learn a skill to build wealth.

If you want to build wealth, you got to develop a skill.


Entrepreneurs works very hard for money, they sell products and make money by results, it takes failure and risks. People are scared to do this because their afraid of taking the risk.

You got to keep the business going and running. Do not stop if you stop, you fail and you won’t get any customers.

My parents used to open a restaurant and I used to work for my dad, my dad pays me and I work for him.

It was stressful, hard work and my dad wasn’t happy, he had depression because of his business and he had enough.

It’s a lot of responsibility to open a restaurant and you got to keep the business going, keep getting more customers to come and eat, make them feel welcome and keep them happy so they can recommend this is a good restaurant so you can get more customers and make more money.

I didn’t want to take over my parents business because I want to have my own business which is online business.

If you want your own business, you got to know what your doing and get a skill.

Do something that your good at and passion about.

Take your time to learn to be an entrepreneur and keep up the good work.

All the best everyone.

25 thoughts on “Think before you quit your job”

  1. Wow, these are all wonderful books that I think is very important that I get for myself. Looking at how it works, it is very hard to tell that they are not wonderful. I have seen a couple of other people who do not know what it can feel to quit their jobs. They think it brings freedom but financially, it can be caging. I will try a couple of the audiobooks you have recommended here. Thanks

  2. Hello Gordon, Thanks for helping me to choose a right carrier. I also noticed that my most of friends hate their job. We know job will online fulfill our needs, don’t our dreams. It’s only possible with passion and our own business.

    I love your today’s post. I gives me energy and reminded my dreams again. very helpful for me. I enjoy very much while reading your blog.

    Thank you


  3. Not everyone is meant to be an employee. I know I’m not, I am not good with authority, and I am also working on setting up my own business. We all should follow our dreams. Why do you think some people are afraid to follow their dreams or to start entrepreneurship. 

    So far it has been a lot of work but it is also very gratifying. I like what you say, “there’s only today”, it’s so true. We must do what we are passionate about.

    • There’s so many ways of making money, there’s the employee ways and there’s an entrepreneur ways, you choose and it’s your choice. Good luck for your business.

  4. Hello Gordon;
    I find your article reassuring, I have been employed for a long time and I can say that there is nothing pleasant in not being master of your destiny, today I am unemployed and I want to put myself on my own account and try this way; then your article is very timely, I will subscribe to not miss anything of your advice and tips thank you.

    • Working too much is not going to make you successful in money, it’s not going to make you rich and your not going to get your dream car or to live. Good luck for your success.

  5. Honestly, I believe in both sides of the spectrum. Some people work because they have to, not because they want to. Just as your graph displayed they want to get away from their jobs. At the end of a work day I have seen people sprint for the door. Some people also choose the employee route because they have not been shown another way, or they don’t care to be enlightened.

     Being your own boss takes work, and most aren’t cut out for the type of wok it takes to be their own boss. I personally believe in working your way up until you can start your own business. There really is a lot of freedom in owning your own business, and if you hang in there you will see the fruits of your in due time.

    • Thanks for the comments. People choose to work because they’ve been taught like that, they want to make some money and don’t know the right way of making money which is being an entrepreneur. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur.

  6. Hi Gordon,

    i found your article very useful  and informative.I agree that entrepreneurs  are seeking for freedom.Thay have time to spend with their family and friends.Entrepreneurs are not afraid of risks.They make the big decisions carefully.They are always willing to learn.They invest in themselves.They think differently thats why i always want to be an entrepreneur .I have learnt alot from your post.

    Thanks for sharing this great article!

  7. this is just so great. i want to really appreciate your effort put into creating this website and writing this article. the books mentioned here are overwhelming i have read rich dad poor dad. i will get the book, leverage your time for money and employee versus entrepreneur. been able to explore business opportunity is something unique i think

    • Yes business is everything, you can leverage your time for money, getting paid while your asleep and make money while your doing something that you like to do. Thanks for the comments.

  8. I have so many big dreams and I have realised that being a salary earner will not be able to afford my dreams plus give me enough time to spend on what I love to do best and with my family. I have heard about Rich Dad Poor Dad before now and I have gotten a summary of the book. I’d get the full Audio soon. Audio are easier to listen to and can be listened to any time. It’s faster to read a book especially when it is audio. Thanks for sharing.


  9. I must say you have done a great job on this article as it is a very interesting and also informative and I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.the books that you have listed out are very good and nice too and i would make sure I get for my self.andni would advise everyone to get one or two of them

  10. I read the book Rich dad poor dad a few years ago and up till now it’s one of my favorites. I think it was one of most influential books on me, and opened me up to thinking that there is more to life than 9-5 till my retirement. I guess some of us just aren’t made for life like that…

  11. Hi Gordon

    That is the question that goes through everybody’s mind. Should I quit the job I hate to chase a cream that can go pear shape and end up in great  debt. I think it is so dependent on your view of life, if you enjoy a challenge then go for it, but iv you are cautious then it will be prudent to chase your dream and work at your job at the same time. In this way you can get money coming in and be financially secure.

    I really do appreciate your recommendation and think I need to look into. Responsibilities and dreams often do not go hand in hand.



  12. I grew up in a family where my dad started his own business, and still works his own business to this day. I am a teacher by trade, and lately, I have found myself wanting to be more in charge of my life. I’ve been trying to work on my own business for a little over a year now, and things are still slow. I’m definitely in a place of wondering if anything is going to pan out for me. However, I know that true entrepreneurs don’t give up when things are down. They find a solution and keep on pushing. Thanks for the motivation and reminder for why I’m doing what I’m doing.

  13. The article about the ” Think before you quit your job” looks nice. You give a piece of several information about Rich dad poor dad’s digital audiobook. Even my cousin’s sister recommender for me but I’m not interested but after seeing your article it gives more additional information for helping me to choose the right carrier and clear my doubts. Thanks for giving the recommended information.

                                                                                                                                                                            – by yoge

  14. Thank you so much for the awesome post!  I really like this post because it talks about creating your own business.  You made it clear that it is not easy, and many people think that it is, especially when it comes to online businesses.  However, it does take a lot of work, and you can’t quit.  Thanks for the simple but effective reminder!  This time of the year is an easy time for people to become complacent and think that they can stop for a while, but you can’t.  You have to keep going, even during the holiday season!

  15. After 10 years of working for someone else, I really wanted to quit and build my own career – one that can reward me with more time and financial freedom. I am looking at doing something online but realized that it’s another set of skills I need to learn before I can get good at it. I am giving myself a year to learn all these and hopefully by early 2021, I can finally submit my resignation letter. 

  16. Hello Gordon, thank you for your article on think before you quit your job. So many people want to escape this rat race but they don’t know where to start from.  Your article came at the right time and it’s an eye opener. It will help many and motivate them to take action. I know one of the books you recommend Rich Dad poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki, very famous one. Good book to start with. Article bookmarked and shared among friends . Thanks!


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