The world is freedom

The world is freedom but we choose to spend the time to work for someone and building their dreams.

We got so many choices to choose, working for someone or working for yourself.

The decision is yours to choose, you either work for someone for years or work for yourself and get financial freedom. When you get financial freedom, you can make money while you sleep, don’t have to worry about paying all your bills because all the money comes to you and you can spend more time with your families.

You can do whatever you want if you’re an entrepreneur, you can do the things you like, like a hobby and you have more freedom to enjoy life.

If you’re an employee, you don’t have the freedom to do the things you like. Employees will always be stuck in the same job, doing the same thing and running around the circle in the dead-end job.

They work long hours at work, working 40 hours a week, no time to spend with their love ones or friends because they’ve been trapped in a job like a slave and building the bosses goals.

We spend our whole life working in a job that we hate, not passionate about and not fulfilled. We can choose to have freedom instead of working because it is you to decide to work for years and years until you retire or retire early.

It’s good to retire early because you don’t have to wait for decades to get all your money back from being an employee. I’m not telling you to quit your job now because that’s up to you to decide, it’s your choice to choose and you make the decision. This is a motivational website is to help people to choose to have freedom or working.

The controlling world that we are living 

We’ve been controlled by the society that we got to do this and do that.

When you go to work, you get controlled and get told what to do, you have to listen to what your boss tells you to do and you got to obey your boss.

When you’re an employee, you can’t control how much money you want to make in a week or month. All the money goes to the government like tax, pension and NI (national insurance). When you retire, you can have the money back. You see, being an employee, you get controlled of your life and money. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can control the money you want to make in a week or month. You don’t have to worry about paying tax and bills because you make money all the time.

Employees get a paycheck, all the money they earn is by time and all they get is a salary. The wages might be low because they’re working for someone, someone got to pay them with little money and they won’t have enough money for living.

You can easily get broke if your working in a job that doesn’t pay you enough for your house especially if you got kids. You will have to look after your kids, pay for their school educations, buy them toys, buy them clothes and everything.

Life is a struggle if you choose the path for working for someone that you don’t like especially your boss. People choose the path to struggle, make life harder and stressful is because we’ve been taught that way to work hard. If you got children, you are making your life struggle even more especially your working in a 9-5 job.

When your working in a 9-5 job, you won’t have enough time to spend with your kids, it will be a lot of responsibility and stress.

Let’s face it, your working 40 hours a week and getting paid by the time. You’re not going to get enough energy to look after your kids because you’ve been working very hard for building somebody’s dreams.

This is a problem for being an employee because you get controlled of your life, your boss doesn’t really care about you, all he cares about is himself and the company.

People choose to work it’s because they’ve been taught by their parents, society and the school teachers. Your parents and your teacher will tell you to get a job if you want to be successful. When you got kids, got your own place and you’re still working in the 9-5 job, that’s when the struggle begins and you be too tired and stressful.

There’s plenty of opportunities to choose which path do you want to go to, do you want to make money in the traditional way or make money in the entrepreneur way? People choose the traditional way of making money because they’ve been told to get a job by their parents, teachers, friends and relatives.

They think to start an online business is too risky and it’s a scam. They rather you to not take the risk, not to get con, be safe and work hard.

This is how you feel for being an employee, you’re like a slave and you got to do what you’ve been told. When your working in a job, you’re being restricted by the job policy. Make sure you keep yourself busy at work, no skiving, no talking and no mobile phones. These are the restriction from work.

If you don’t want to work for someone, you want to work for yourself, you still got to work very hard to build your own dreams because nothing is easy in life.

Working for yourself, you got to work harder and you got to be consistent.

Being an entrepreneur is hard work because you have to keep your business running all the time and be consistent.

Listening to others opinion about entrepreneurship 

Do you have to listen to what other people say about you starting an online business?

I’m not telling you to not to listen to what your parents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends say because that’s up to you to decide.

Your parents and friends will tell you not to start an online business because they will tell you it’s too risky, you can lose money and it’s a scam. They will tell you to get a job, work hard and save money.

They want you to be like them, get a job, work hard and save money for the future. How long are you going to save for if your working for someone? It’s going to take you a long time to save all the money when your working for someone. Jobs are not designed to make you rich is to keep you like a slave.

That is your friends and families opinion to say about entrepreneurship. It is risk-taking because when your business fails, you can lose a lot of money and you got to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Your parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends will tell you not to start an online business because they will tell you it’s too risky and it’s a scam. They will tell you to get a job, work hard and save money until you retire. That’s basically what they say to you, they tell you to work for a long time, save all the money until you retire and get all your money back. You want the money now and not wait for a long time.

Do you want to save money and wait for a long time until you retire? Do you want the money now from your business and retire early?

It is your choice to choose because we live in a world with freedom, you can do what you want and don’t let anyone control your life.

People choose to work for their whole life for money, they don’t realise there’s more than just work and now we got the internet for business where you can work from home.

When you choose the path for working, you will regret it soon because you could have done something better than working in your whole life.

Your families and friends probably don’t see it but one day, they will see it when you become successful and they will be proud of you when you get there.

Your families and friends want you to have a normal life, go to work like everyone else, work hard and save money for the future.

Your parents will say to you “why don’t you be like your brother, sister or cousin? Who did very well in school, got good grades, went to university and got a good job and you’re not doing well in school, you want to be an entrepreneur” because that is your dream to be is to be an entrepreneur.

Your families and friends can’t support you for your dreams because they think entrepreneurship is a scam. You don’t want to go to university and get a good job like your cousin. You want to have your own life, not to be controlled with your life and be told what to do.

Your families and friends want you to be like them, having a normal life, get a job, work hard and save money for the future when you get your own place and get married.

Those people who tell you not to start an online business, they’re not successful because they don’t want you to be successful, they want you to be like them and work hard.

Entrepreneurship is not how you think. It’s not a get rich fast scheme, it requires hard work, frustration and determination. Your families and friends got the wrong idea because they think it’s a get rich fast scheme. In reality, is not what you think it is.

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22 thoughts on “The world is freedom”

  1. Wow! thank you so much, Gordon. It’s a breath of fresh air to read your article. I felt very motivated and inspired, especially because I can relate to it. One of the things that deter people from following their dreams and becoming entrepreneurs, is that the listen to what their friends and family have to say about online businesses. They can be discouraging, and I think that’s partly because they too would love to escape the rat race but don’t think it’s possible.

    In order to be successful online, It takes determination and a willingness to go stick to our vision no matter what anyone says. Truly brilliant article, thank you for sharing. Blessings

  2. I have enjoyed reading your article, Gordon. It speaks to me and has given me food for thought.
    An entrepreneur’s journey to any other looks easy but as you have shared, a lot of hard work is needed along with patience. Most of us tend to do hard-working, but for other people’s companies. 
    What online business idea would you sell me as a newbie in the online world?
    Thank you

  3. Hi Gordon,

    Your website is a great testament to work ethic, and intelligently points to who should be the beneficiary of the work ethic.  I enjoyed your post as well as your page.  I like the way your site is set up with a list of your comments, posts, pages etc. as the bottom.  Good navigation is the result with a high probaility for more views from readers.  

    My mom used to tell us, “You can wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets filled up the fastest.”  Dreams require action in an intelligently laid out plan.  As you pointed out too many of us end up in the J-O-B essentially wasting the moments our existence.

    I can’t count the number of times I missed childrens’ programs and special occasions because my presense was demanded by the Boss.  Your post and site embody the dream of setting ourselves free through a smart plan and the perseverance in action.

    We have here, one of, if not the smartest plans I have ever seen.  Harnessing the horses of commerce through keyword targeted content is intelligent action.  Your contend communicates this very well.  As already noted your presentation and navigation are superb.  Perseverance is the word of the day.  Keep going until you can acheive my personal fream for yourself.  Long ago I started saying, “I want to call in dead.”  Not literally, merely to the title of “employee.”  

    Here, I believe servant to others is what makes a man or woman great.  Becoming great.  CQ

  4. Great article Gordon. Way to be positive by giving good positive advice to others on becoming financially free and happy. I especially lied the section about listening to other entrepreneurs and getting advice. One of the biggest learning curves when starting off on your own is taking advice from reputable sources. Great article!

  5. It would be awesome if entrepreneurship was really what some people seem and all about money, fame, and cars, but it’s actually more hard work and sacrifices than anything else. It’s often a labor of love (in addition to a source of income), so it’s a little easier to dedicate your life to the business. Plus, knowing that you are the one who will most benefit and get the rewards for all the hard work that is put in help too.

  6. It’s enough that you have Internet and you know how to use a mouse and a keyboard. If you know that, then all you have to do is adopt affiliate marketing tactics and you can be among those who have achieved financial freedom working out of the comfort of their home. 

  7. It’s good to retire early because you don’t have to wait for decades to get all your money back from being an employee. I’m not telling you to quit your job now because that’s up to you to decide, it’s your choice to choose and you make the decision. This is a motivational website is to help people to choose to have freedom or working.

  8. I really liked the overall article. It was an excellent comparison between being employed vs and entrepreneur. You brought up many great an interesting points, especially in your comparison of what others thing how it is to be an entrepreneur. I appreciate your angle of having control over the world we live within because there are many, although unhappy with their jobs have no control and but they are also fearful of taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

  9. Great article for sharing of How To Achieve Your Goals . Thanks for your great idea that inspire me to much because right now I still working for other and your article can change me thinking in the near future. 

    Please do more great job to share for the community and our world.

  10. Jajajaja I really love your comparative graphic. It’s hard but real. Another typical answer is: “I prefer the security of a Job” what makes me think, what’s the security behind letting your financial security in the hands of someone else?

    As an entrepreneur, you don’t know how much money are you making this month… that could mean 2 things:

    a) You could not make enough money to fulfill your needs

    b) You could make money enough to fulfill your needs and a surplus fo your own future

    You pick one… both of them are probabilities perfectly real, everything will depend on how do you feel when facing the probabilities, fearful or passionate. As far as I concern, you need to be kind of crazy to be an employee… Anything it a litter longer, you and your co-workers are delivering profit to the pockets of someone else, if it works for them why wouldn’t be a remote probability of working for you (personally) too?

  11. That infographic truly depicts what the entrepreneur journey looks like. As someone who’s transitioning from employee to becoming her own boss, I must say – the hard work is real. My goal is to turn my blog into a full-time business and it’s quite a struggle even in the online space. I couldn’t imagine if it’s a brick-and-mortar business. Now will all the virus pandemic, local businesses will take the hardest hit. This is not to say that online business won’t see a decline, but at least, the damage isn’t that bad. 


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