The difference between a employee and a entrepreneur

There is a difference between a employee and a entrepreneur. An employee is someone who is working for the company to build somebody’s dream. A employee who plays it safe and not willing to take the risk for money. They think their job can give them security so they can save for another year to buy what they want in life like their own place, a car to drive, holidays to go to and many more and then they can’t afford it.

The difference is that the employee works more hours and less pay, depends what job your doing if you got a good job like a accountant, engineer, pilot or a construction worker you get paid more. They are high paying jobs some without a university degree.

An employee focuses on saving money and they have to work very hard in their job, selling their time for money and sacrifice just to earn the money to save up for the future.

They wake up every morning to go to work just to earn some money. A lot of people are still working in a regular 9 to 5 job Monday to Friday and selling their time for money.

A lot of employees are not happy because their being stuck in a dead end job with lack of motivation to do anything outside of work.

Take actions to do something about your current job

If your not happy right now, you should do something about it, find a way to help you get out off your day job, quit your job when your doing well with your business.

Don’t quit your job yet if you just started your online business, you got to take some training on how to set up your business and good at it first, don’t quit when you feel like quiting because if you quit, your going to be more unhappy.

You need money to make money such as investment, buying a website and owning the business.

If you quit your job is not a smart idea, you got to be ready for it first, keep working on your business and learn that skill and then quit your job.

A lot of people quit their job and still in the same situation, still not happy because they got nothing to do about it. Most people who quit their job would learn a skill like affiliate marketing, how to sell products and that.

If your still working in your current job now and your not happy about it, you should do something about it, don’t just sit here and wait, do it.

Do some research about online businesses and learn how to be an entrepreneur. Learn how to get the freedom and do what you enjoy doing.

The difference of what entrepreneurs do

Entrepreneurs works less hours and make more money than a employee, it depends how good you are. If your a failure then you won’t make any money.

Entrepreneurs takes risk and actions and not afraid of making mistakes.

You can make as many mistakes as you can to be an entrepreneur, no matter how much you fail, you keep going and not give up.

Entrepreneurs actions are:

  1. Take risk
  2. Take actions
  3. Continue to learn more
  4. Not afraid of failing
  5. Work hard
  6. Be proactive
  7. Sell products
  8. Keep up the good work

This is what entrepreneurs do, they take a lot of actions to keep their business going.

A lot of entrepreneurs work on their own so that they can focus on what their doing on their business.

Entrepreneurs are more challenging than employee and that’s what I think. The entrepreneurs takes actions and employees want to stay there and work for their life.

Entrepreneurs always do something different everyday, employees do the same old thing everyday and they don’t do anything about it.

If you want to achieve something, you got to get out and do something about it, take actions or otherwise you will just stay in your dead end job with nothing.

Good employee & good entrepreneur

If your a good employee at your job, you can get a promotion for management, you could be a team leader, supervisor and a manager and higher up than a manager, a senior manager and work your way up to become a big boss.

For people who wants a career in their job, you can do that for your career. There’s nothing wrong for being a employee, there’s no right or wrong if your a employee or an entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter as long as your happy but most people who are stuck in a job are not happy. I want to help people who are not happy in their job.

For people who are not happy in their job, you can sign up for wealthy affiliate. You can learn a lot from wealthy affiliate.

A good entrepreneur are more successful and can get more freedom:

  1. Spend more time with friends and families
  2. Do things that you want to do like going to the gym
  3. Go on holidays
  4. Buy a nice house
  5. Buy a nice car
  6. Move out
  7. Help the poor
  8. Leverage the time for money
  9. Work less hours
  10. More motivation to do things

These are what you can get if your a good entrepreneur, you can get to do things that you really want to do to achieve your goals like fitness.

You don’t really have much motivation to exercise if your a employee and not much time to spend with your families if you got children.

Luckily I don’t have children so I can start making the move to take actions to help myself to get out off the bubble that I’m in. I don’t want to be stuck in my job and not do anything about it or otherwise I be there forever and just save money to move out.

If you got nothing to lose, just do it and don’t wait.

If you want to be a good employee, do it if that’s what you wanted to do. Some people loves their job and most of them don’t.



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