Starting your own business (entrepreneurship)

How do you start your own business from nothing?

You can start your own business from nothing, you don’t have to be clever and skillful to start your own business.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur it’s just having the right mindset to start your entrepreneur journey.

A lot of people will think to start your own business, you got to be very clever and skillful but that’s not always the case.

You do have to be clever to be an entrepreneur but you don’t have to be very clever to do this.

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Take a listen to this audiobook, it’s very educational and inspiring and you will learn a lot from this. Starting your own business can be scary and risky, you don’t know are you going to fail or success. You never know how your doing with your business.

Some people quit their full time day job just to start their own business. Quitting your job is not a good decision to start your own business, do you have enough money to start your own business?

You need money to make money.

This is why entrepreneurship is risky because you can lose money if your business is going down and when you fail, it’s a lot of challenges to be an entrepreneur.

Some people fail and some people succeed from their businesses. There’s a lot to learn to be an entrepreneur, you need to build a website, you need tools, you need skills and find a niche to sell online. There’s so much that you got to know about to build your knowledge of online businesses.

Entrepreneur is fun and rewarding but risky. You can face a lot of challenges to reach to your goals. Entrepreneurs works very hard to get to their goals to get to do things that they really want such as freedom, spend time with families, get to travel around the world and help people who are poor. These are something that they can do.

Knowledge about entrepreneurship is important to learn, if you don’t know what your doing, no knowledge, no skills and your going to be doing nothing about it.

When you go rock climbing, you need to put safety gears on so it can protect you from falling, just the same like setting up your own business. You need money to make money, skills and knowledge.

When is the best time to start your entrepreneurship? There’s no tomorrow, there’s no next week, there’s no next month and there’s no next year, there’s now and do it right now.













If you really wanted to start your entrepreneurship, don’t just wait for the best time to start, just do it because you got nothing to lose.

It can be hard work but worth it.

Your goals for your business:

  1. Get more people to your site
  2. Get people buying your products
  3. Make people wanted to come again
  4. Your business got to be successful
  5. Make some money
Successful entrepreneurs can keep the business going, get loads of customers on their site and buying their products. The amount of hard work, risk taking, the effort they made, amount of times they fail and how they become successful. They fail first before they become successful because that’s how you learn, you learn from mistakes and then take actions.

Action is everything

You want to keep your business going to become successful:

  1. You need to work hard
  2. Take actions
  3. Get out off your comfort zone
  4. Be willing to learn
  5. Take risk
  6. Discipline yourself
  7. Get inspired by other entrepreneurs
  8. Learn from them
  9. Do not be scared of making the same mistakes
  10. Ask your mentors questions that you don’t know what to do

Do you want regret or discipline?

Regret is when you didn’t do anything about it, your still stuck in the regular 9 to 5 job and moan about it without actions.

Discipline is when you take actions and actually do something about it from your difficulties.

If you don’t do anything about it, your going to be employed the rest of your life and stay miserable.

Working hard in a job, working for someone and building someones dreams is not going to make you successful to get to your goals like getting your dream car, dream house and dream holidays.

For an example your working at Tesco as a shelf stacker, you may be the best shelf stacker but what value do you bring?

Pay rise maybe?

Try and ask your employer can he or she gives you pay rise, see what they think.

All the best everyone and thanks for your time.


4 thoughts on “Starting your own business (entrepreneurship)”

  1. Gordon, 

    I appreciate your insight on how to start your own business and say goodbye to that day job. Certainly, our journey begins with the idea of our desired online business. Then the plan, followed by our actions to make our dreams come true. If we have a sound idea, a workable plan, then our daily discipline and persistence can bring our original idea into being.


  2. Wow! Thank you very much for this good article. I believe that to start a business is not an easy step. I personally also experienced difficulties before starting. Up to a point, where I was very tired of my 9 to 5 work. I just started. This also lasted quite a long time, maybe it took 5 years for me to really start.
    In fact, I wish I could read this website and have your audiobook faster. Because, the audiobooks that you offer are very useful. And accompanied by practical steps. Highly recommended Audiobook! * Thumbs Up *

  3. Hi my friend, you’ve made some really good points and yes you’re right, you have to take risks if you want to break free from your JOB if you ever want to live life on your terms. I liked your point about being a shelf stacker at Tesco as I used to be one myself in my 20’s, I enjoyed it but as you say, I wasn’t providing much in the way of value. Thanks for your post, it was a good read.



  4. So true, entrepreneurship can be difficult to dive into if you have to make initial investments, because a lot of us are just starting out from nothing. 

    It’s definitely important to know what you are getting into and the WHY counts. If you know why you want something, it’s harder to give up on. And if you educate yourself, you can achieve quite a lot.


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