Starting your business without experience (starting from scratch)

Anyone can start their own business without any experience. You can start your business from scratch. All you need is a internet and do some research about online businesses.

We live in a modern time where there’s technology like computers, laptop, tablet, iPad and mobile phones.

You can access to the internet so you can do something about setting up your own business online, sign up for wealthy affiliate and get a mentor who can help you out for your journey to success. Wealthy affiliate is a good website to help you achieve your goals to success.

I would recommend signing up for wealthy affiliate and watch some training videos about how to build your own website for your business. You don’t need any experience for setting up your business, wealthy affiliate can show you everything that you want to do.

You can learn a lot from wealthy affiliate so don’t worry about not getting any experience for setting up your own business.

Business plans

Find a plan what you going to do for your business, your website and your niche, what are you going to promote and sell for your website.

Find a expert who can train you. I’m not an expert of this because I’m still learning but I can give you some tips of how to do this.

What to do for your business plan:

  1. Skills sets
  2. Think of what your going to sell
  3. Design a niche
  4. Speak to your mentor
  5. Find an expert in business
  6. Talk to the entrepreneurs
  7. Think before you do it
  8. Make sure your ready for it

You don’t have to set up a business by opening up a restaurant because that will be a lot of headache to do, it’s too much effort and too much hassle.

It’s too much responsibilities to open a restaurant because if your not successful, you can lose profit and lose money. To open a restaurant, you got to keep the business going and not stop.

The customers are very important to make money in your business. The same like online business, you attract people to buy your products online to keep your business going.

My parents used to open a restaurant and it’s too much pressure on them, they have to work all the time to keep the business running, keep getting customers coming and always look after the shop. No customers, no money. It’s the same like online businesses, no sells, no money to be earned. You got to keep up the business going.

My parents worked very hard on their restaurant business, my parents works a lot of hours, they work about 60 hours a week in the restaurant, none stops just work, work, work and work and hard work. My parents have to keep the shop open or otherwise will be no business, no profit and no money and they will have to close down. They got to keep the business running and keep it up. That’s why it’s a lot of responsibilities and a lot of hard work to do to run the restaurant.

My parents can’t take many holidays for their shop or otherwise not many customers will want to come, they got to work all the time and I used to work at my parents restaurant and never had many holidays to get out off the restaurant, we have to work all the time and my parents had a lot of stress.

The amount of hours my parents spent in the restaurant was a lot and no times off just work very hard to make money.

Opening a restaurant is not my thing and I don’t want to take the responsibility to take over the restaurant because it’s too much stress and I want to enjoy myself and have the freedom to make money myself, not be stuck in a business that is not my passion to do.

Important is to make a plan for your business and see is that your kind of thing to do.

Business studies/marketing

There’s business courses you can do at college that can help you develop your skills for higher income. That’s not always the case for starting your business just to take a business course at college just to get the qualifications for it.

To be an entrepreneur you don’t have to study business at college just to get the qualifications. I just think it’s a waste of time in my opinion because I don’t think they teach you in that way of making money, they probably teach you how to be a self employ worker. How to set up your own business like opening a shop or being a self employ plumber.

I don’t think they teach you about affiliate marketing like making money online. They just teach you about office jobs and you do apprenticeship for admin and work in a 9 to 5 job for apprenticeship, what a waste of time.

This is what the society is doing, they teach you all the rubbish just to waste your time and keep you away from freedom. They want to control your life.

What are your goals for your business to grow?

It’s good to keep on track on your business so that you can see what are your goals.

My goals for my business:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Get comments
  3. Get feedback
  4. Get as many sells as I can
  5. Make some decent amount of money
  6. Keep my business going
  7. Work less and enjoy life more
  8. Leverage my time for money
  9. Be a good entrepreneur
  10. Travel more

It’s good to set some goals for your business so that you feel more motivated to get what you want. Skills always helps for your business to success.

Entrepreneur writing ideas about businesses

It’s good to write some ideas and plans for your business to see what you can do to achieve your goals for success. Write down what you can do to improve your business.

Draw and write some plans for your business. If you like drawing, you can draw the ideas what your going to do for your business.

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