Small minded people

Small-minded people think that entrepreneurs are scammers.

The reason why they think entrepreneurs are scammers is that they’ve never tried entrepreneurship before.

They’re scared of losing money, they’re scared of taking the risk and they don’t believe that entrepreneurs are real, they think it’s a scam that tries to steal peoples money to make loads of money to be successful.

That is a small-minded mindset to think of an entrepreneur that are scammers because the truth is that their not scammers, they are business people that are taking the risk to make money online.

Before you judge, never judge the book by its cover, even if they are scammers, they would have phoned you and ask you to send them money to their accounts, ask you for your bank details and convince you to click on the link to sign up a course and then they steal your money.

That is a scam because entrepreneurs don’t phone you and convince you to sign up a course to learn how to make money online, they promote the courses for the people to sign up for free like Wealthy Affiliate.

Scammers take your money away and entrepreneurs help you to achieve your goals.
Entrepreneurs will not scam you for money, they will inspire you to start a business from scratch. Entrepreneurs are not scammers, they are the people who set up a business successfully and taking the risk.

Small-minded people get the wrong idea of how entrepreneurs can make loads of money, they think entrepreneurs are scammers, getting people to sign up a course to learn how to make money online and the more people have signed up the course, the more money they will make.

You see, scammers will persuade you to pay for something just to make money, and entrepreneurs will motivate you to start a business successfully even if you don’t see results, they can still guide you in the right direction to be successful and that’s why you get a mentor.

The owner of the course will be making money from the people that are signing up for the course to learn how to make money online, but they’re not going to scam you for money, they’re doing it is to help people to build wealth and it’s a business because you need money to pay for the courses for the owners to make money.

My story about being scammed

There are a lot of scammers out there, be careful and stay safe.

Let me tell you about my story when I got scammed.

It’s a long story but I will try and make it short.

There’s one time I got scammed, I had a phone call from the tax fraud company, they rang me to tell me that I owe them money to pay for the tax fraud and they say if I don’t pay the tax, the police will come and arrest me, and I was so scared so I got fooled for it and I sent them money into their account.

They rang me to tell me that they are the HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Custom), and I didn’t know anything about the HMRC tax fraud, saying that I owe them money and I’m on illegal charge allegation.

They threaten me to say if I don’t pay for the tax fraud, the police will arrest me and they persuaded me to transfer the money into the Hanko Decor Ltd account.

I was foolish enough and believed what the scammer has said so I transferred my money into the Hanko Decor Ltd account on my bank.

They told me to go on online banking and login to my bank account, and transfer £997.22 and I transferred the money into Hanko Decor Ltd account, and then they told me to stay on the phone and told me to transfer £1460.00, £1950.00, and then they told me to transfer the money for the final charge which is £1880.00 and the bank won’t let me transfer because I’ve transferred a lot of money into the scammer’s account.

They asked me what’s the closest supermarket from where I live, and they told me to go to the supermarket to get a receipt so they can take my money away, then I realised that they were conning me and I hung up on them.

They even ask me for my NI number and I gave it to them, but luckily they didn’t ask me for my bank details and they just told me to transfer money into the scammer’s account.

I was so frustrated and annoyed that I got conned so I rang the bank and told them about my situation.

The bank can’t refund the money to me because I actually transferred the money into the scammer’s account and my case is different.

I was so annoyed that I can’t get my money back and I have to sell my time for money.

After all those hard earnings and all of a sudden, I spent all that money to the scammers.

Be careful with your money and don’t send them money if they told you to send them money.
Scammers will pretend to be a tax man and say something that sounds so convincing and true.

Scammers are very smart

Scammers will tell you something that sounds so true to make you believe them, and send them money or tell you to give them your bank details so they can take your money away.
  • Scammers are very clever and they can pretend to be something that makes you believe that is true.
  • Scammers will ask you for your bank details so they can help you to invest money.
  • Scammers will take advantage of you and use you.
  • When the scammer says that they will give you back the money, their lying and they’re not going to give you back the money.
  • All they want is to make money from scamming people.
  • They’re not going to help you to invest money.
  • When they say that they are the HMRC tax, it’s a lie and they’re not going to give you tax return.
  • Scammers are liers.
  • They are very good at lying.
  • This is why a lot of people got conned.

Scammers got a lot of ways to con people in order to make money, but what they do is the wrong way of making money. What they are doing is stealing peoples money, robbing them and trying to take all their money away from them until they got no money.

Someone who is genuine and legitimately will not do that to con people.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit

Click on here to sign up for free.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, it’s legit and some people do succeed on Wealthy Affiliate, and they do make a lot of money from it.

Some of the people from Wealthy Affiliate that promotes products on Amazon makes a lot of money, get a lot of sales and they get a lot of people going to their websites to click through their affiliate links to buy the products online.

They make money every day when their business is doing well.

They make money while they sleep and money falling into them from the ceiling.

It’s only for the Wealthy Affiliate members that succeed will make money while they sleep, the potential WA members will not make money while they sleep because they’re still learning the process of how to make money online.

To make money online from WA, you have to do it right and follow the training from WA.

Most of the time they won’t make any sales because it takes hard work, dedication and challenges.

To be successful in WA, you have to be active on your website, post contents regularly and keep getting traffic.

The reason why small-minded people will think Wealthy Affiliate is a scam is that they didn’t make any money online. They know that you have to pay for the Wealthy Affiliate membership and they charge you £38 a month for being a Wealthy Affiliate premium while your not making any sales.
  • They think it’s a waste of money for paying the premium for Wealthy Affiliate.
  • They think it’s a scam for paying the premium while you’re not making any money online.
  • Because all the money goes to the Wealthy Affiliate owner.
  • They think it’s some kind of scammers trying to make people wealthy while the people are not making any sales.
  • They don’t know there’s a guru that promotes Wealthy Affiliate and help people to succeed.
  • The owner of Wealthy Affiliate is not a scammer.
  • The owner is legitimate but people think the owner is a scammer.
  • The owner of Wealthy Affiliate makes money by the people that pay for the premium.
  • The owner makes money is because it’s part of their business and they want to make their company grow.
  • Small-minded people think it’s a lie because they don’t get any results.
  • They think the owner of Wealthy Affiliate is lying about making money online it’s because they’re not making any money.
  • They don’t know the truth about Wealthy Affiliate can be a struggle that takes hard work, dedication and frustration.
  • The people who don’t make any money online is because they’re not doing it right.
  • Small-minded people don’t see the possibility to succeed on Wealthy Affiliate and they don’t know it takes hard work to achieve your goals.

Some people had never heard of Wealthy Affiliate before and they think it’s a scam it’s because they’re small-minded, they think rich people are selfish, scammers and loves money.

Click on here to watch some of the training videos.

This is the truth of Wealthy Affiliate is legit if you follow the training and learn how to succeed.

You can tell that they’re not lying about being successful, you can tell what they do is real, not some kind of scam and you can hear about their stories.

Small-minded people think it’s a scam it’s because they’re not successful, they don’t think it’s possible to get rich that fast, they think it’s a scam to convince everyone to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and pay for the course so the founder of WA can make money from it while the people who signed up for WA are not succeeding.

Most small-minded people will think WA is a get rich fast scheme and a scam.

The reality is that WA takes hard work and you have to put a lot of effort into writing your blogs on your website.

People don’t see the struggle to succeed, they think it’s some kind of fantasy to get rich fast.

Is Dan Lok a scam

Is Dan Lok a scam?

This is a good question is Dan Lok a scammer or a genuine person?

A lot of people think Dan Lok is a scammer and I don’t want to argue to say that he’s not a scammer because that is everyone’s opinion about Dan Lok.

I’m not going to agree that he’s a scammer and I’m not going to agree that he’s genuine, I leave the opinion for you to think about Dan Lok, is he a scam or genuine?

How does Dan Lok become a millionaire?

Is there a secret way to get rich fast?

There is no secret ways, shortcuts and quick ways to get rich fast. If you want to get rich and successful, you have to work hard and achieve it.

People are looking for quick ways to get rich fast, they don’t see the struggles of how hard it takes, how many times you can fail for not succeeding and they think it’s some kind of fantasy.

Dan Lok has failed many times before he becomes a millionaire, he was broke and he worked in a job that he hated.

The reason why a lot of people think that Dan Lok is a scammer it’s because there’s a lot of scammers out there that tries to persuade you to give them money so they can help you to invest money so you can get the money back.

That is a scam when they tell you to give them your money so they can help you to invest because they’re not going to pay you back, they are scamming you and you have to know the difference between a scammer and a guru.

Dan Lok is a sales adviser, coach, businessman, and he sells a lot of courses for the people to sign up and learn how to make money online.

Small-minded people seem to get the wrong idea of what Dan Lok is doing, they think what he’s doing is scamming people to make them pay for the courses to learn marketing.

Should you believe everything that he says is legit? Are you going to be successful by taking his advice?

What he’s saying is don’t just watch his videos, take actions and learn more.

If you don’t take actions, you’re not going to achieve any of your goals, you’re going to be the same as where you are and stay poor forever.

Small-minded people will be poor forever for not believing that successful entrepreneurs are genuine, they think it’s a scam and it’s not going to help you to get rich.

You’re not going to get rich overnight just because you started an online business, it takes time, effort, consistency and determination.

Do you think rich people are scammers?
Is being rich makes you a scam artist?

Small-minded people think that rich people are scammers because they think the money they make is by scamming people, convincing them to pay for the course to sign up for free, but it’s charging them for the courses they’ve signed up for and they think the only way to make money is to get a job.

Small-minded people will not get to their goals if they keep blaming the rich for scamming people while their not.

The end of my blog

This is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it, feel free to share it on social media and show your friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

18 thoughts on “Small minded people”

  1. Scammers make me really mad because even when you haven’t been scammed, you know someone who has!  This makes us unable to see all the good ways to make money online.  We become blind to the real opportunities that we could have to get our business started and growing to give us a secure income for the future.  

    Why are we blind?  Because we don’t want to be taken advantage of. You are right about when we go into business online, we do take a risk.  We do have to be careful.  We do have to do our research and then move forward, running the risk we made a bad move or investment.  Scammers take our trust away.  That makes our friends and family suspect when we tell them what we are doing and offer them the opportunity to work online as well.  Scammers make our sharing more difficult.

    There are many ways we can make money online, and the method offered by Wealthy Affiliate is a very good one.  Thanks for your share.

  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am very sure the quality informations here will be of great help to anyone who come across it. So sorry for the cash you lost to those scammers. I think this is more reason why people feel entrepreneurs are scammers also because they might have gone through this phase of been scammed before or someone they know.

    Thanks for sharing this with me!

  3. Well! You wouldn’t blame anybody for thinking that some entrepreneur are scammers due to experience that everyone might have had with scammers. Well, I actually got scammed more times than I could remember but thankfully, we are standing tall and facing it all on a square on and head straight aporoch. Thank you so much for sharing all this out here with us all

  4. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful and insightful article with us. The prime element of this article is about Small minded people. It is truly impressive that you covered this subject so well in your post. I’ve learned a lot from reading your article and developed a lot of knowledge about it. I like Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit of the points mentioned in your article. I must say it is a legitimate platform from where anyone can establish themselves in the world of affiliate marketing by working hard with training.
    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share it with my friends by sharing it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

  5. This has been an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing your points concerning scammers and entrepreneurs. One of the things I will always look back and lament is not having started sooner this internet marketing journey for fear of scammers. Yes, there are many out there, and they are very intelligent. But once you figure a way a round or how to identify them, the rest if growth.

  6. Without doubt, there are a lot of people who are scared of online business for no just reasons because they feel there is no means on making money from it and that needs to he corrected. The fact that some of them just call any online business a scam make me really sad and I really wish they could see it and try to get involved in it 

  7. We’ll, it’s very sad because many different times people actually get scared at different levels and they do not understand that not everything is actually a scam. I too have bee scammed before which is really sad. But I do not think that it should be a reason for us not to invest because we would be making a big mistake t think every thing is the same. Wealthyaffiliate is definitely not a scam because I have been in the platform for a while and I know that it is t.

  8. Hey Gordon – I actually see scammers as entrepreneurs. After all, there is good and bad to everything. Scammers are entrepreneurs with wrong ill motives. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and scammers take the risk of getting caught at their game and going to jail. The major difference is what you pointed out. Scammers are out to help themselves by hurting people.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, it’s very true that small minded people are full of wrong ideas about entrepreneurs, I’ve been in contact with a couple of them who tell it to my face that I’m a scammer, lol, I was really happy when I saw this article, I’ll share it around for them to read. I’ve enjoyed every bit of this article, even your scam story.


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