Selling products on your website

Selling products is a good thing to do to make serious money on your business, you can help yourself and help others as well to your business.

I’m thinking about selling something that relates to my website because my website is about achieving goals, success and making money online and to help other people to be happier in life.

I know money doesn’t give you happiness but it gives you freedom to enjoy life. People say money is not important depends on how you use it as it’s importance. Money is not everything, money is not important but we all need money to live and enjoy life. I hear this loads of times by a lot of people saying this about money. You need money for your house bills to pay, you need money for insurance to pay and etc.

Money is everything depends on how you use it and how you think about money. You need money to help the poor and donate to the charity and for the NHS for the people who are sick.

Money is to help people who are in needs. Most people don’t think that, they think if their rich, they will go on holiday and spend loads of money and not think about giving it to the charity. If I’m a millionaire, I would give the money to the charity and help other people to become successful and mentor them.

Give them the right direction to success and achieve their goals to become successful so that they can be more happier and get the freedom.

This is a book about affiliate marketing (making money online for beginners)

We going to talk about the books that people should read. People who loves reading and wants to success, they should read this book “Affiliate Marketing”. I’m not a reading kind of person but I would love to sell books that helps people to develop a skill that can help them achieve their goals for wealth.

Even though I’m not a reader myself but I’m writing this to promote my site to get people who are like me, who are not happy and fulfilled because of work, facing repetitiveness and suffering.

This is to help others and help myself at the same time. I want to make people success and myself to success. How is this possible? You got nothing to proof that your successful but I want to believe in myself that I can do it. If I can do it, you can do it.

There’s loads of books like these on Amazon if your thinking of buying books from Amazon. Check out to buy something that you want. Go on if you want to go on Amazon to shop and see what is like there.

If this something your looking for go on Amazon. I’ve never shop in Amazon before but this can be my career to sell something on Amazon for affiliate programs. I am on wealthy affiliate so this is something I’m going to do is to sell as much as I can in order to help other people.

This is for people who wants to build wealth and loves reading books. As you know I’m not a reading person but I love to talk about money and success to teach people about making money. I don’t have many knowledge about how to be an entrepreneur, I just say what I think but I have done some research about entrepreneurs. I am learning myself so is it possible for me to teach? Let me know the comment below, I want to hear from you.

Selling something that your passion about is a good way to success hopefully. Making people wants to know your passion and ambitions is a good way to know someone who is like the same like you, who’s struggling to find the direction of where to go to next for the next career.

Learn to be an entrepreneur

I am learning to be an entrepreneur and hopefully to become a successful entrepreneur so that I can inspire people to become one. You get the good feeling once you help other people to become successful and achieving their goals to get to what they want, it’s satisfying to get to from where you are to the results you got. I really want to help everyone to understand how money and success works, it’s not by working hard in your job because your basically wasting your life.

The products you sell that values you. What value you going to bring that you sell? Let’s see what you going to get.

What to learn to be an entrepreneur:

  1. Learn a skill
  2. Learn to build website
  3. Find a topic to talk about
  4. Watch the training videos from wealthy affiliate and pay attention to it
  5. Take actions and be proactive

Entrepreneurs are proactive and they work very hard and they take risk. If you want to success, you got to commit to it and willing to learn.

Products to attracts people to buy

I’m hoping to attract as many people as possible in order to grow my business to get more sells. This is going to take a while to get to that level as I’m still learning and still new to this.

Find a product that relevance to your niche.

People wants to see contents on your website and see what your selling. I want to sell this and I want to sell that. This is something that people wants to see what your selling.

For an example you open a shop for your business, people wants to see what stuff your selling so you got to stack shelves to be ready to sell. If your selling games, they want to see what games you got there, what dvd your selling, what phones your selling and what watches are you selling.

Make something that catches peoples eyes that they wanted to buy.

This is what I’m hoping to sell

If your interested it of buying this product let me know.

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