Saving money is not going to make you rich

A lot of people are saving money to try and not to spend too much money.

What are you saving for?

Your not going to get rich if you save money.

It’s good to save money but if you focus on saving all the time, your never will get rich.

No matter how much you save, how hard you work at your job, you never will get rich and not going to achieve your goals.

You need money to make money to achieve your goals to get to how much you want to have in your bank.

The reason why saving money won’t make you rich:

  1. The job you work
  2. All the money goes to the government to save your money
  3. Your job gives you security to save money
  4. Your NI (national insurance)
  5. Your pension
  6. The money save until you retire
  7. Government money
  8. Focusing on saving

Saving money 

A lot of people save money to buy a nice car and a house and go on holidays.

What are you saving for?

Your going to spend loads of money anyway if you keep saving until you have to spend it.

The money you spend, will be bills, rents, taxes and mortgage for your house.

You will spend loads of money if you got your own house to live and your going to be broke even if your saving money.

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The money is saved for your future when you retire

Why are employees broke? Because all the money is saved for your future when you retire from your job.

The job you work, some of the money goes to the government like tax, your national insurance and your pension all goes to the government to save up all your money until you retire, get your money back so that you can enjoy life.

Employees focuses on saving money to go on holidays so they have to request a holiday to book a time off from work so their bosses got to approve their holidays so they can go abroad to Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Tenerife, Ibiza, Lanzarote and many other holidays to go to. 

After they’ve been on holiday and then their broke again.

When they come back to work, they don’t want to come back and face reality to sacrifice themselves to sell their time for money again.

They have to save money again for the next holiday, how much are they going to save if the job doesn’t pay them enough?

This is a problem about saving money. The more you save, the more you stay with the same amount of money.

Employess goes back to work from holiday

When employees goes back to work from holiday, their back to work with stress.

They would rather be on holiday than being at work, it makes sense because they don’t want the stress and repetitiveness from work.

The only thing that they don’t realise is going on holiday can be expensive if they don’t work just go on holidays, they probably can’t afford it because they don’t know how to leverage their time for money.

Their not like how entrepreneurs goes on holidays because entrepreneurs makes money even when their not working, they make money while their asleep, while their on holidays and while their working out in the gym.

Entrepreneurs gets paid 24 7 and they make money everyday.

Employees gets paid monthly or weekly and they get paid after the times they’ve worked.

Requesting holidays from work

Do you get paid enough for your holidays pay? If you don’t use up your holidays, you lose your holidays and you won’t get paid as much like your working. This is why it’s sucks to go on holiday as an employee because the holidays pay are not enough and you can lose holidays if you don’t take it. 

The reason why it’s sucks to be an employee on holiday:

  1. Focusing on saving money too much then when your on holiday you spend too much
  2. The job doesn’t pay you enough to travel around the world
  3. You need to ask for permission to go on holidays from your boss
  4. You lose your holidays pay if you don’t use it
  5. Coming back to work from your holidays with stress
  6. Having a little time from work
  7. You can only take 2 weeks holidays
  8. The job doesn’t pay you enough to go to a expensive hotels to stay

This is why being an employee on holiday sucks because you don’t really have much time to enjoy yourself more just like when you quit your day job.

When your on holiday as an employee, you will come back to the reality boring job.

When your an entrepreneur and quit your job, at least you don’t have to come back to your boring job.

You see entrepreneurs can still work while their on holidays, employees stop working while their on holidays but they get small money. The holidays pay for the employee is not enough because they have to use up all the holidays to get paid, an entrepreneur don’t have to request a holiday, they can just go on holidays when ever they want to. 

Employees will have to ask permission to go on holidays, entrepreneurs got the freedom to go when ever they want to.

Employees will have to be at their job to work if they don’t turn up for work, they lose their times pay.

Entrepreneurs don’t sell their time for money, they get paid by results.

The reason why being an entrepreneur goes on holidays is better than the employees:

  1. At least they don’t have to ask for permission to book a holiday
  2. They got passive income
  3. They got the freedom to go on holidays when ever they want
  4. Nothing can stop them
  5. They even make money while their asleep
  6. They make money while their on holidays
  7. Their not afraid of spending too much
  8. When their back from holidays their still rich

I hope you enjoy my article.

8 thoughts on “Saving money is not going to make you rich”

  1. In my honest opinion that would seem correct due to the reason that one would have to put in money to export or spend it. Thankfully this site tells it honestly and it is well appreciated. To make money one must put in money to save and after all where does it come from?

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate to build an online business that will replace my and create the life that I want. I went through a period of hating my job but it didn’t go so well. I started messing up and had my boss on my back. Now I work hard to not hate my job but use my dislike of it to motivate me to build an online business. While some people like the security of a regular paycheck and the security that brings, others of use are just not cut out to be employees, we crave the freedom to run our own show and be our own boss. I’ve chosen an online business because I’ve had a 3D business and I hated that just as much as being an employee. I may not have had a boss but the business was my boss and I was tied to it more so than if I had been an employee. Online business is the way to go for me. I don’t mind hard work but I want to do it on my terms.

  3. Saving money to build wealth is the first step to being a proper steward to your financial well being. I am so glad you put this information our there for people to learn and grow. If I had one piece of advice for any young adult, it would be to save first THEN start investing.

  4. I like the last 8 reasons why being an entrepreneur is worthwhile. Your article explains in great detail what 97% of the world’s population goes through. For most, it’s hard to work the 9-5, and have enough time and money to actually go on vacations. For most, people live pay check to pay check, never able to go on proper vacations. I can definitely relate to this article. Thanks for a great read.

  5. This is really a detailed overview beyond the world view of most other people. Saving money is the only realistic thing that some see but in truth, there is more to it. Saving will strictly not make us rich but it can always make the difference. However, because the society and government will always end up getting it back. Thanks for this

  6. You have certainly put together a strong case for being an entrepreneur rather than an employee. It seems crazy that we spend all of our lives working and paying into a pension so that when we retire we can spend it and do the things we’ve wanted to do all our lives.

    I want to do everything now and not wait. Such a good point about holidays. After a couple of weeks away, the last thing you want to do is go back to work. All the while that you’re saving you won’t have enough money for anything else. Never treating yourself and restricting yourself all the time, it’s no way to be.

    Being an entrpreneur and earning a passive income is definitely the way to be if you want ot enjoy life to the full. It might take awhile to build you business but it will be worth it in the end. 


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