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1. Getting a job vs starting an online business 

Robert Kiyosaki talks about how we’ve been taught by society, your parents and the school system that the only way to make money is by getting a job.

In school, we learn to be an employee, not an entrepreneur because entrepreneurship is not everyone’s thing to do.

Entrepreneurship is risk-taking, but if you know how to manage the money it won’t be a problem because it requires skills.

The difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is that they both got a different mindset. An employee mindset is to get a job, earn money for living, pay tax, pay NI (national insurance) and pay the pension for the future. They work, save money and get a pension when they retire. An entrepreneur takes action to make money for how much they want to earn, not be controlled by a secure job. An employee looks for security to save their money from a secure job. An entrepreneur is looking for freedom to be able to enjoy life.
  1. In this book, they say if anyone got a secure job, looking for security and save money, you won’t have the freedom to enjoy life because you be working for a long time to save money.
  2. Robert Kiyosaki says about the school education that the school teaches you are fake teachers and fake money.
  3. The teachers never teach you about money.
  4. They never teach you to start an online business.
  5. They never teach you how to make money online.
  6. They only teach you how to get a job and be an employee to work for someone.
  7. When you got a job, you are making somebody rich.
  8. In this book, they say the more your looking for security, the more you be in jail.
Are entrepreneurs born or made? We were born to be slave, go to school, get a good grade, go to college, go to university to become a doctor or lawyer and get a good job.

2. Getting a high paying job 

Getting a high paying job is like being a doctor or lawyer. They are specialist professional jobs that need a lot of qualifications to become one. You need to study a lot and spend a long time to complete your educations.
Let’s say you want to be a lawyer, for example, would you spend decades to study law in university or would you spend 6 months or a year to study entrepreneurship?

Studying for so long to get a degree is time-consuming before you get a good job to earn lots of money, but the problem is that you’re wasting your time to get a good job with good money, you be paying a lot of students loans and debts.

Most people that are studying at the university are broke because they’ve spent a lot of money to pay for their studies to get qualifications to get a high paying job.

  1. People get a good job to save up more money for their house bills and families just enough to support their families.
  2. They can get good benefits to get a good job.
  3. You get good pensions for when you retire.

3. Every step you take, there will be barriers

Every step you take, there will be barriers where things go wrong. Robert Kiyosaki failed many times before he becomes a millionaire. It’s normal to fail because it’s all part of learning, you have to believe in yourself that you can do it to take the step.
  1. Think about how you learn to drive.
  2. What steps did you take for your driving lesson?
  3. How long did it take you to learn to drive?
  4. Entrepreneurship is all about taking step by step.
  5. You’re not going to get rich overnight just by listening to the audiobook.
  6. The same like learning to drive, you’re not going to be a good driver just by watching driving lessons videos.
  7. Everything you learn takes time and consistency.
  8. You will make mistakes because it’s all part of learning.

4. Change your mindset 

If you want to be successful and have lots of money, you have to change your mindset and learn more.
  • Listening to this audiobook can help you change from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Don’t just listen to it, you got to do it and make it happen.
  • This audiobook inspired me to take actions.
  • It really helps you to think ahead.
  • It makes you think that working in a 9-5 job is not a solution to achieve your goals.
  • It won’t make you rich.

What I like about this book is when they say what’s the difference between security and freedom?

They’re both opposites because the more security you seek, the less freedom you have which is why it’s called maximum security.

The people who are saving money are like in jail because the money they earn from a job gets taxed.

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This is my review of this inspiring audiobook that I recommend you to buy one.

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  1. I`ve actually read the book and it should be a priority for everyone who wants to see the other side of ” the story ” . That being, not working full time like a robot, spending life in a trap but thinking outside the box. Half of the book is outdated and not so much of use these days,. But what you get from the first half is precious.

  2. Hey! 

    I enjoyed reading your post. I like all of the creative pictures you used throughout it. They were helpful in breaking up all of the text. By numbering your steps, it really helped break down all of the information in an organizational way instead of cramming a bunch of words together. Throughout the post I could tell you knew what you were talking about which made your post seem reliable. Great job!

  3. Nice review about the book, I think today’s society is still focusing on the “majority” as people still in the mindset of getting into uni and come out working for people and hope to be successful. I see that process in almost everyone around me, and I am giving hope to online business and hope it will work for me as well. Might be considering to buy the book to get me motivated and on track, thanks for the review, Gordon.

  4. Everybody wants to stay happy or improve on their status quo; I believe that is why we all wake up to work every day. However, our approach to how to change our lives for more freedom may be off track and that is how Robert Kiyosaki comes to our rescue with his business advice.

    I haven’t had the time to read or listen to this book but you have summarised it in the best way possible for me to take away key lessons for life. With a positive mindset, not even consecutive failure and the temptation of a day job can deter me from pursuing my goal of building my online business.
    Thank you for sharing this information.

  5. Hi Gordon.  Thanks for the great information about the audio book.  I have read a lot of Robert Kiyosaki’s stuff.  He does raise some good points in this book.  Do you think this book is a good starting point for someone, or do you think they should start with his original work Rich Dad, Poor Dad?  Do you have any other suggestions on good books for someone that is interested in learning to be an entrepreneur?

  6. I’ve heard everyone talk about this book but I just seem to not find any time to listen to it. It sounds like an amazing book and I seem to be am missing out, so I will have to invest some time per day to read it. Although the audio style you mention might be more suitable for me since I’m always busy and on the go. Is 20 minutes a day enough time? Thanks for such a great review!

  7. There is no doubt that few people if any ever got rich working for others. They only way to have financial control of your life is to take control in a way that allows you to maximise the return on your time investment. The only way to do that is to make money while you sleep, passive income.

    If this book helps on that journey then it will be a most valuable resource indeed. Thanks for the post.


  8. I read this book a while ago and it reminded me of a middle-aged real estate entrepreneur I once encountered. His reasoning was that what the educated had in knowledge, they lacked in bravery to break out into a new spheres. As Kiyosaki rightly puts it, having jobs as our source of security is the greatest hindrance to enjoying life. Thanks this eyeopener Gordon.

    We are Blessed.

  9. Nice book. The rich Dad poor Dad audio book. Such a nice book that will set you right on how to become the boss if your own. In the society that we are so many persons still depends on having a job, getting a salary and just live a normal routine life.  I would say for one to gain financial freedom it takes more than just being an employee but a job Creator and a strategic thinking. Entrepreneurs are one of the most successful people I know. Thanks for sharing bthus book to the members of the public. Entrepreneurs are made and not born, you just have to go through some real processes and that’s it.

  10. i totally agree with you for every step you take wheater good or bad there must be an obstacle to the success of that move.i have had made a lot of decisions over time and i must tell you i have had a very fair share of obstacles to every move i made then, but thank God i pulled through

  11. I did not realized that the popular wealth making book, rich dad poor dad was available on audio book. this book changed my mentality and it helped me make decisions that has brought my life to a better place. i would like to get this audio book and pass it along to some of my friends. thank you

  12. For me,i think online business is the best as being under someone is one of the biggest scams ever… i worked under someone for years and i must tell you i regret those times as i  lost a lot of cash supposed i follow my dreams of being an entrepreneur but anyway i am already making it and hope to cover up for the lost times.

  13. rich dad poor dad is a helpful book and it holds some of the worlds greatest secrets to help anyone become wealthy. so many comparisons including getting a job or starting a business and the limitations of each. thank you very much for this post. it is really helpful to me


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