Regret vs discipline

Do you want to regret or do you want to discipline to accomplish your goals?

You choose, your choice.

We all got goals to set but it’s just putting the effort into it, the effort you put into it is a discipline.

The less effort you put, the more you regret.

There are two different pains. You got the pain of regret and the pain of discipline. If you don’t take any pains of discipline, you’re going to take the pain of regrets. Regrets are when you realise you could have done better in life that you can reach your goals to financial freedom. If you don’t discipline yourself, you’re going to be stuck in the same situation and complain about your situation. Their both different pains, one is taking the pain in the beginning and the other is taking the pain at the end.

As you see there are two choices of which pains do you want to take.

Discipline yourself 

This is what you should do to discipline yourself:

  1. Take action
  2. Be proactive
  3. Plan ahead
  4. Change your habits
  5. Change your routine
  6. Don’t wait, just do it
  7. Do something useful
  8. Work hard
  9. Stay motivated
  10. Don’t give up
  11. Keep moving forward
  12. Push yourself
  13. Have self-discipline
  14. Get out of your comfort zone
  15. Learn a skill
  16. Learn from your mistakes
  17. Be alright to fail
  18. Fail many times you want

You get ups and downs while you’re setting up your goals.

Motivation & discipline (avoid failure) 

Which path would you go to? We all want to go to the success path but it’s very easy to go to the failure path. Most people go to the failure path without realising that’s because they got no goals to set. The failure path is where you regret at the end before you know it. The success path is a discipline where you take the challenge to do it. The success path is difficult to go to but it’s worth for a struggle because that’s how you become successful from discipline, doing something that you’re not used to. The more you stay in your comfort zone, complain about your life, a complaint about your job not paying you enough and not do anything about it to change your life. That’s how you end up in the failure path with regrets in the future. The success path is where you do something about your current situation like you want to quit your 9-5 job and be a successful entrepreneur.

This is how you motivate yourself:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Set goals for yourself
  3. Think of something that motivates you
  4. See yourself as a successful entrepreneur
  5. See yourself with your dream car
  6. Think about where you want to travel to
  7. Think about where you want to live
  8. Think about the money

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Plan ahead for your journey 

It’s important to plan where you’re going, which direction is the right way to success. For example, your plan is to travel around the world, go to different countries and explore nature. That is the plan where you wanted to go to for your future. Don’t just dream about it, you got to do it and stick with it by taking more actions on working on your business. Many people fail is because they don’t have confidence in themselves, they don’t take actions just dream about it.
Most people will think to be successful is about having a nice house and having luxury cars. If that’s one of your plans to be successful by having shiny objects, that’s entirely up to you to set that for your goals to have. We all dream about having those stuff in our lives. There’s much more than having shiny objects if you’re successful, you can hire a private jet and travel around the world while you’re making money. If that’s your plan then do it if it’s not your plan to have, there’s other you can do is by helping the poor to be successful because that’s my plan. My plan is to motivate the poor to get out of their regular 9-5 job to have financial freedom instead of dreaming about leaving their job. Don’t just dream about it, you got to do it.

The difference between slaves & employees 

The difference between a slave and an employee is slaves don’t get paid, an employee gets paid but employees feel like slaves. The job doesn’t pay them enough to pay the bills, by the time they pay all the bills, they won’t have enough to save. Employees will have to sacrifice themselves to go to work to sell their time for money, achieving their bosses goals. The boss is like the Egyptian king and the employees are like slaves. My goal is to help people to escape from slavery and have freedom. Let my people go!
The boss is like an Egyptian king making sure all the slaves are working hard, no skiving, no talking and no phones. When your working in a 9-5 job, your boss checks on you and make sure you work hard. The pain of working in a job you hate is regret. You don’t want to be a worker and achieving your bosses goals. You want to achieve your goals. This is a question to yourself, do you want to regret or discipline?
Do you want to be told what to do by your boss? The boss tells their employees what to do while they’re achieving their goals. Employees are like slaves with payment. Employees will have to work very hard to get paid by the time they worked. The pay is low and this is why most employees are not happy.

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10 thoughts on “Regret vs discipline”

  1. Great article! For part of my life I am a leadership development facilitator and coach.  The material that you present here is a well packaged presentation of nothing magic, mysterious or unobtainable but rather a set of very simple rules to guide attitude and behaviour.

    Sometimes we are so centred on process we forget about actually looking to the hygiene factors that motivate or demotivate us.

    We also live in a world where everting is instant and readily available ……… or is it?

    My experience is that without good old fashioned discipline, drive, determination and attention the important factors life actually tends to pass us by.

    I enjoyed this and it is simple and easy to apply thanks.


  2. These are the two choices.  I have always thought that self-discipline is looking forward to see what will be and pushing to get there.  On the other hand, regret is looking back and wishing that I had done that.  As well, for me, regret is motivation for self-discipline because I don’t want to repeat what I didn’t do.  Thanks for this article.  It really stimulated a lot of thought.

  3. Thanks for the post, I find it very useful and totally agree on the habit of self-discipline is essential in our life. You have a point out the critical points on how to do it and the benefits of it. It is beneficial for teen nowadays because they’re overprotected by parents and the advance of technology that create a terrible atmosphere for them. Discipline should be applied to them in some way or another to create a better future generation.

  4. If one is disciplined enough getting to their destination of success will surely happen no matter how long it takes to get it done. Procrastination is a thief of time so they say and it’s absolutely true. 

    Procrastinating will definitely bring about regrets. Failure to take action while hoping to get something done some other time while you can actually achieve it immediately. 

    regrets and discipline is only divided by a thin line and being very lazy about things is easy to actualise but being disciplined enough to get things done takes some getting used to. 

    In the end staying positive, your self discipline, working hard and smart and your determination and drive will surely lead you to where you wish to be. 

  5. Hi Gordon,

    Wow, what a powerful website. Felt like I was getting a slap in the face. You see I have a lot of regrets. The pain of regret is much worse than the pains of discipline. Regret is the past, and sometimes letting go is essential to move on.

    How we define success, the shiny objects or giving back to help someone achieve their own success.

    Making a plan for your journey, I feel if you don’t your chances of getting lost along the way are great. Motivating the poor to be successful. Well you have certainly motivated me to get rid of the pains of regret.

    I have bookmarked your site Gordon, because I need it in my life.

    Thank you and all the best,


  6. Thank you for this motivational article! You are so right about success being so much more than then fancy cars, houses, or Rolex watches. You are also right about how working for the big-man (aka, bosses and owners) keeps you in bondage and running on the wheel in todays rat race, getting nowhere, as debt continues to rise against you. However, not everyone can be the boss, because every company (including small businesses) need help to be able to handle growth. Your business will one day get to that point as well, thus making you a boss and paying employees a wage for their services in helping you. Because one human being can only handle so much. 

    Every person has a purpose, a talent, and are a piece to life’s puzzle. 

  7. I feel that failure is unavoidable in modern times and somewhat a necessary dip to make us learn better. To avoid failure completely is impossible. It’s better to work on something and then fail rather than not attempting at all for the fear of failing. What makes someone a failure is when he/she doesn’t learn the lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes all over again. That’s the most regrettable thing that could happen.


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