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Are you ambitious? Do you have a goal that you want to achieve? Do you want to change your life from where you are to your goals?

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1. Goal setting 

First of all, you need to set a goal for how are you going to accomplish. Always important is to plan ahead for your journey towards your goals, think about your goal is like a hiking trip, you plan where you’re going and how to get there. A goal to set is just like a hiking trip where you plan ahead.
  1. Your goal is to be a millionaire.
  2. Your goal is to have more freedom.
  3. Your goal is to go on your dream holiday.
  4. Your goal is to buy your dream car.
  5. Your goal is to buy your dream house.
  6. Your goal is to learn a new skill.

Your goals can be anything, it doesn’t have to be big like you want to make loads of money, quit your job and have more freedom.

2. Having ambition is the key to success 

If you want to achieve your goals, you have to be ambitious because ambition is the key to success. Always good to have a dream about your goals because it can help with your motivation to achieve your goals.
  1. Your ambition is to be a successful entrepreneur.
  2. Your ambition is to quit your job and build your own dreams.
  3. Your ambition is to be a writer.
  4. Your ambition is to be a photographer.
  5. Your ambition is to be a singer and songwriter.

Your ambitions can be anything because you can follow your dreams towards your goals.

You have to pursue your career for what you really wanted to do.

  • Having ambitions is good for goal setting.
  • It’s good with your motivation.
  • It helps you to be more proactive.
  • It keeps you busy to think ahead for your goals.
  • It can help you change your routine.
If you’re ambitious, you can see the opportunity towards success. All you have to do is believe in yourself, trust the progress that you’re making and keep moving forward. If you listen to the book, you will feel motivated that you want to achieve your goals by taking actions.

3. Imagine you have achieved your goals 

I want you to imagine that you have achieved your goals, you see a big picture of yourself living in your dream house. I don’t know what your goals are, but imagine being successful and not have to work just enjoy life. In reality, you have to set goals and do it.
You got to keep working hard, keep dreaming big and it will happen eventually. Don’t be afraid to take the challenges that might stop you, your goals will come when you succeed.
  1. Everyone got the potential to become a millionaire one day, but it’s just having the right mindset.
  2. I suggest you buy yourself an audiobook to listen to.
  3. The audiobook helps you to stay motivated.
  4. We all love to dream about achieving our goals.
  5. You have to remember, dreams are things you think about for fun, it won’t help you to solve the problem.
  6. Goals are more realistic which is what you should be focused on.
  7. This audiobook is about reaching your goals.
  8. To reach your goals faster, you should take actions.

4. Focus on your goals 

You should keep focusing on your goals and it will happen if you take the right direction. Reaching your goals is all about solving problems because it takes discipline and focuses.
  1. If you want to reach your goals faster.
  2. You have to stay focus on your goals.
  3. Don’t just dream about it without taking actions.
  4. You have to put the effort into it.
  5. Keep listening to the audiobook for more motivation.
  6. Keep picturing yourself that you’re on your dream holiday right now.
  7. Think about how much money you want to make a day or a week.
  8. If you keep dreaming big, your dreams will come true.
Try and not to get distracted from your goals because a lot of time you get distracted by your phone.
  1. You might want to check your text messages.
  2. You might want to go on social media.
  3. Your friends might call you.
  4. You can download the audiobook on your phone so you won’t get distracted while your trying to work.
  5. The audiobook is very useful for people who don’t like reading.
  6. You can listen to the audiobook while you’re doing housework at the same time or working in your home office.
  7. This audiobook is a personal development to help you stay motivated.
  8. Any distraction I recommend listening to this audiobook to help you stay focus on your goals.

The end of my review about this reach your goals audiobook 

This is the end of my review about this motivational audiobook, it’s such a good useful book to listen to, and I recommend you to buy yourself one or recommend your friends to get one if they want to achieve their goals.

Tell your friends to be ambitious if they want to achieve something.

This audiobook that I’m promoting is very inspiring, you get inspired once you listened to it, it makes you want to do something about your life right now and it’s a good guide.

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  1. What an encouraging article. I think using an tool tike audio to implementing such a powerful and impactful habit like goal setting is the best way. I myself struggle as I have not had the early encouragement to be a goal setter and as age set in I am realizing how important it is…

    Thanks for the info and great recommendation.

    Regards Ropata

  2. Everyone in the world in one way or the other are trying so hard to make sure that they reach a certain goal. It’s good that we can be pushed and motivated to aim for that goal. During this pandemic when e everyone is getting hit and recession has already hit the country, it is hard to be motivated so I will definitely try this product out. Thank you very much.

  3. I like to listen to audio content and I love motivational audio books. One of the points that really captured my attention is imagining we’ve already archived our goal. I did it. I stopped reading, closed my eyes for a  minute and imagined it. Wao, it’s quite powerful. Visualizing it really boasts our energy. Thank you very much!

  4. An interesting review you have got there on “Reaching your goals”.

    Most people do not have focus in the pursuit of their goals and that alone can deprive one from achieving!

    This is a book that everyone should have because it contains inspirational words that will encourage one to stay focused in the pursuit of your goals!. I will recommend the book to my friends and also get one too!

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Gordon, it’s a beautiful idea to see such wonderful audiobooks being. Some people actually needs to keep listening to the voice that motivates them to be good always before they can make some really huge steps and stay that way. Such audio books would help them a lot and it’s mobility is one great advance anyone can ask for. How about the the topics being addressed in various audio book?

  6. This is a really great post and thank you so much for sharing this post out here. To be honest,I really appreciate everything you have shared here in this review because it is all sncompadskg for anyone who is serious about making a change in life. Thank you so much. Setting goals and working towards achieving it. Thank you

  7. Oh of course I am going to give this one a shot very soon. i am very happy yo see that there is an audiobook that can get me seriously motivated in a time like this and keep me going all nice and good. Its a very hard time for all of humanity and we need motivation. Thanks!

  8. I actually decided to give this audiobook a try a couple days ago to help me manage my anxiety and relax when it comes to the night-time, I’m still not done with it but from what I’ve experienced so far, it is really a fascinating trip towards a healing type of mindset path. Anything that helps you feel a little more at ease it’s definitely worth trying. 

  9. Thanks Gordon, I am not sure if what you have listed here is the content of the book? Is this your review of the book.  Is this what I will find inside or is there more?

    Goal setting is hugely important and I am surprised you don’t talk about SMART goals, does the book deal with that at all?

    Thanks for posting


  10. A great book review you have here and I must say that this is really great to see here. The book reaching your goals has gotten some very basics about living and achieving the true essence of our living and the core of achieving everything we want. thanks so much for this

  11. I must say this is a must-have for everyone as it contains all we need to know in our pursuit of our goals and with it i know everyone would definitely achieve it. i am yet to get it but i have a strong belief about it as i have followed you for some time and all you have said has really worked for me.

  12. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this very awesome article i know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. For me, i like books like this as it is one of the important tools ones need…achieving goals is the most important part of the whole sequence..


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