My old agency who I used to work for (my ex employer)

This is my old agency who I used to work for until they changed contract so I have to sign up for a different agency, it was a bit of a pain.  

Background and stories about me

The Best Connection is my ex employer, I used to work for them for 7 months until they changed contract and changed companies, it’s a long story and I’m not going to go too long about it. 

I was working in Wincanton logistics in Honeywell as a support worker in the aerospace where they make planes and helicopters.

It’s a engineering environment where I work, I’m not a engineer, I was a support worker that helps the engineers which is the Honeywell employees.

I’m now a stores picker or a store person what ever you call it. It’s not the best job to work at, it can be repetitive just like most jobs are. It’s not really good pay, minimum wage.

The jobs I do are:

  1. Picking and packing
  2. Changing bins
  3. Decanting
  4. Marshalling
  5. Stock counting
  6. Checking empty locations

It doesn’t sound exciting because most jobs don’t sound exciting at all.

I don’t really like my job because it’s too repetitive, selling my time for money, working like a slave, boring, no motivations to work and the working atmosphere just makes me unhappy and unfulfilled.

I used to love my job when I first started my new job

As you know we all loves our job when we first started working there, a month later or 6 or 7 months later, you start to hate your job because of repetitiveness.

You have to wake up every morning to go to work to sell your time for money just to pay the bills, have a house cover over your head and go on again and again.

The reason why people hates their jobs:

  1. Repetitive
  2. Boring
  3. No motivation
  4. Tiring
  5. Warn out
  6. No freedom
  7. Feeling trapped
  8. Working like a slave
  9. The people they work with
  10. Their bosses
  11. Many other reasons

This is why people hates their job is the people they work with or the company they work for that they don’t like.

I hate my job is because they keep changing contracts and companies, that’s why I have to change agencies and now I want to be an entrepreneur because that’s my goal.

I don’t want to be stuck in the dead end job forever, building someones dreams while I got potentials.

I used to work 2 jobs Tesco and Wincanton logistics (The Best Connection) which is the agency.

It was hard and I had no time for myself and I was working too much because I had the motivation to reach to my goals.

This is my quick drawing of my life goal to get to what I want to achieve. I know it’s not the best drawing but it’s to help me to get motivated to work hard so that’s why I was working 2 jobs but I was working hard in the wrong way. I used to think the only way to make you successful is to work very hard, work loads of hours, work 2 jobs to earn those money to help you reach to your goals but then you get taxed a lot by working too many hours. I was working hard in the wrong way and now I start to realise, working hard is not going to help you achieve your goals. Your selling your time for money, the job gives you a little amount of money to save for your future which is not a lot and your restricted from the job of how you pay. You can’t control how much you want to get paid. 

Motivation to work 

Product: digital audiobook

Price: £13.36

Good place to buy:

Details: Business & Economic – Motivational

You should take a listen to this audiobook it really helps to motivate you, you picture yourself that you’ve achieved your goals. Dreaming about it is not going to help you achieve your goals, you got to take actions to do it. It’s not going to come to you, you got to work hard to get it but work hard in the right way not by working loads of hours in your job and tiring yourself and causing you unhappy. 

There’s one time when I was working 2 jobs, I got very angry, I actually punched the door and made a hole, it’s a long story and this is what happens when you work too much, you get depression.

Work hard in the right way, not work hard in the way I did.

My dream car that motivates me to work hard 

This is my dream car when I was working 2 jobs and I still haven’t got my dream car yet because my job don’t pay me enough to save to get to my dream car. It’s still my dream car now but my motivation is going to help me to achieve that. This is a BMW M5, it’s a cool car and it’s my dream car for my goal to achieve. 

Working hard in the wrong way Vs working hard in the right way

Working hard in the wrong way:

  1. Working too many hours
  2. Doing too many overtimes
  3. Working hard like a slave
  4. Working too much with no rest
  5. Working 2 jobs
  6. Being a good employee

Working hard in the right way:

  1. Work smart
  2. Build your website
  3. Write more contents on your website
  4. Get more traffic
  5. Get more rankings
  6. Selling products online
In the society, school system, your parents and your friends will tell you to get a good job and work hard to get to your goals. Learn a skill at college and get the trade so you can earn good money to get to your goals.
What they really mean is work like a slave, sell your time for money just to pay the bills and get taxed a lot if you work too many hours in your job. I feel like slave in my job because the job I’m working right now, it doesn’t fulfill me, it doesn’t gives me freedom, it doesn’t gives me energy and motivating to do things I like. I had zero motivation to get up in the morning to go to work especially Monday mornings and I also look forward for Friday.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

16 thoughts on “My old agency who I used to work for (my ex employer)”

  1. Wow! This is simply great to see and I must confess that I learnt a lot of things while reading through this. It was not easy for me to call it a quit with my job last year due to the lack of motivation and willingness to not try new things. Now, I feel a lot more better and thankful that I quit my job because I now work for myself alone. Also,one thing I discovered is this, by working very well in the right way would directly ensure progress under my belt. Great post

    • Hey thank you for the comment and the time to read through my post. It’s good to be your own boss rather than working for someone and building their dreams comes true.

  2. I had many bad bosses that lead me to start my own business and be a better employer for employees, so I love the whole blessing in disguise story! The formatting of your page is very organized and easy to read with the right amount of photos and information- I am able to enjoy the visual effect of the overall content and information. 

    • It’s so much better to work for yourself than working for someone and building their dreams. Thank you for the comment and I’m glad that you enjoyed my content.

  3. I totally understand because I was in your situation. I used to do office work, come home around 6 pm, then have dinner and do homework with my kids, and lay tired. Until I realized I was smarter than that. That I don’t have to change the valuable time for a small profit, I started learning and learning how affiliate marketing works, and in the late evenings and nights, I started creating my site. Now, after three years, I have a successful internet job, work from home, and drive a Mazda CX-5. 

  4. Hello Gordon, I have been working under a boss for a couple of years now and it’s been really nice due to the working environment I find myself in and the high level of interest I have for my job. There is a lot I can do for my boss, but I am not getting enough pay to achieve what I want especially the financial independence. Working at a good job is great but you not being the loosing end while giving your best is important as well. So i am in search of a job that would be profitable for me. Cheers 

  5. Hey! I really enjoy your post. Your post has its own characteristics and is interesting to read. Coupled with a sketch about Gordon’s Life Goal. It is amazing!
    Talking about life goals, it is indeed not easy to be able to achieve our dreams, moreover with our society which is always brainwashing us to be able to become a “slave”.
    However, despite all that, I see the steps you take are extraordinary. And I believe, you can have that dream car.
    Believe me, the car is cheap and affordable for you!

  6. It is very true that so many people don’t really understand what hardworking really means, I mean they don’t know the ways to go about it, overworking your brain to an extent where you later get hospitalized due to stress isn’t good, you’ve done a good job by explaining it. I like how you get motivated and also your dream car. Thanks for the interesting post.

  7. I like what you wrote in this post. Especially how to work hard in the right way – I couldn’t agree more. It’s important to work hard, but being intentional about it. We have to focus our time and energy in the right direction in order to get the results we want. Thank you for your audiobook recommendation, I will check it out!

  8. Having dreams is the only way to make things happen but how can things happen without setting goals. we should always set achievable goals and work hard to achieve them. a goal must be followed with a proper plan if it is to be achieved. I learned something here bout working hard the wrong way and working hard the right it’s not about working hard, it’s about the way you work. thanks for this great post.


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