Lazy vs hard-working

Are you a lazy person or a hard-working person?

If you want to be successful and achieve your goals, you can’t be a lazy person and expect everything is easy and smooth.

  1. You can’t expect to get rich from being lazy because it’s not going to happen.
  2. You can’t expect your dreams to come to you like magic.
  3. You can’t expect to make money while you sleep and the money falling into your bed like magic.
  4. You can’t just dream about being successful, the next day you’re a millionaire and you can buy your dream car.
  5. Don’t just dream about it, you got to do it and take action.
  6. No action, no dreams will come true.
These are the 4 steps you need for success.

The reason why people that are not successful is because they dream big, they don’t work hard and take action. As I said, they dream about it and they don’t work hard to achieve it.

They expect things will come to them for not taking any actions towards their goals just sit, eat, sleep and watch TV. That’s why you’re a failure for not taking any action towards your goals, you just dream about it and you’re too lazy to step out of your comfort zone.

You can’t just dream about your goals and not work hard towards it, you got to do both. Dream big and work hard at the same time. Your dreams will come true if you work for it, be consistent, be patient and you will get there eventually.

People who are lazy, they can’t be bothered to put the effort into it to get to their goals. As I said, they expect things to be easy but that’s not how life works, unfortunately. Nothing is easy in life because everything is a responsibility, effort, stress, frustration and hard work.

That’s how life really is, it’s tough and stressful. People who are lazy don’t see it because they’ve never had actually worked hard and put effort into it. All they do is sleep, eat, watch TV, play computer games, complain, moan and do nothing. Lazy people expect everything is like magic, things will come to them without taking any actions, they don’t see the pain of how difficult life really is because they don’t have the discipline of what it’s like to struggle in life.

Life is a struggle, is stressful, is painful especially in this situation we are in now because of the pandemic time.

People have been catching viruses because the virus is spreading around the world and people are suffering. Life is a suffer because we all suffer sometimes, like when you’re ill and sick.

Lazy people don’t see the pain of what life really is that we struggle, suffer, stressed, frustration, failures, too much effort and hard work. Lazy people don’t like putting effort into things they dream about, they just do nothing and sit there.

Lazy people don’t take action because they think it’s too much effort and hard work.

Lazy people don’t see the pain of what life really is, they think about themselves, not think about others how we struggle in life because their selfish and their not considerate about other people how they been through in life.

Lazy people are always in their comfort zone. All they do is sleep, relax, chill, get comfortable and complain about their life. When you get too comfortable in life, you start to realize what life really is, life will hit you like a brick where you get more stressed and angry. Lazy people can get depression because some of them see a therapist or councillors to get professional help.

Hard work will pay off 

It’s going to be hard at first when you just started your journey towards your goals. Hard work will pay off when you actually work for it, be consistent, keep at it and be patient. If you’re lazy, can’t be bothered with the work, you never going to get what you want and you just going to complain about why you can’t get there.

Lazy people procrastinate, saying that they can’t do it, it’s too much effort and they rather take things easy. As I said, if you take things too easy and comfortable, life will hit you like a brick to wake up.

The reason why lazy people don’t see the pain of what life really is that we struggle is because they don’t have the motivation to work hard. All they do is sleep, relax and get too comfortable. This post is to motivate everyone to get out of your comfort zone and take action.

Work hard in your job 

Some lazy people have never had a job in their life before, that’s crazy.

I’ve worked at quite a lot of jobs before. I worked about 6 places in different jobs. My first job was working at my dad’s business because my dad used to have his own restaurant business. My second job was working in a hotel as a kitchen assistant for 3 months. I didn’t like the job so I quit and went back to my dad’s restaurant. This is my CV of the jobs where I’ve worked before, my experience of work and the skills I got.

Let me tell you a little story of who I know is lazy. My brother-in-law’s brother who is lazy, he doesn’t work and he doesn’t do anything. All he does is stay at home, sleep and he doesn’t shower. He’s never had a job in his life before, he doesn’t have a CV and he spends his whole life sleeping and does nothing.

He doesn’t do any housework at all because he’s too lazy and he needs motivation.

This is a little story about my brother in law’s brother. I don’t think he’s ambitious and that’s why he’s lazy.

Some lazy people have had a job before but they didn’t last very long in the job because they think going to work is hard, got to wake up early in the morning to sacrifice and work as a slave.

I’m not against lazy people, I want to help lazy people to get motivated to get out of their comfort zone and face the challenges.

Lazy people got potential as well, they can change to not be lazy to be a hard worker.

We are lazy is because we don’t have ambitions and goals. When you got a goal in your head, you have the motivation to get out of your laziness, you set goals and take action.

Lazy people will think it’s too hard to be proactive, take action and work hard. What makes you think it’s hard is your mind because your mind tells you to stay in your comfort zone, be the same and don’t change.

If you want to be successful, you have to change your mindset to a proactive mindset who is ambitious, likes to take action and work hard towards your goals.

From laziness to hard-working, you got to:

  1. Be ambitious
  2. Be motivated
  3. Step out of your comfort zone
  4. Change your mindset
  5. Be proactive
  6. Think like a successful person
  7. Dream big
  8. Set goals
  9. Move on
  10. Discipline yourself
  11. Get used to of the pain
  12. Learn from your mistakes
  13. Get inspired

People who are lazy is because they’re not used to of taking the pain of what life is really like, they get too comfortable and they make everything easy to themselves. Nothing is easy in life if you make life easy and get too comfortable, life will hit you like a brick and you will get overwhelmed with stress. This is how you regret when you don’t discipline yourself.

Lazy people don’t really care about their future. All they do is sleep, relax and get comfortable. They normally stay up all night and sleep all day. They wake up about 4 in the afternoon and it’s very bad to sleep all day.

It’s very easy to get lazy when you’re in your comfort zone because that’s what holds you back from your goals. When you get too comfortable, you don’t want to get up and you just want to relax. When your motivation comes that’s when you step out of your comfort zone, it makes you want to work hard and achieve your goals.

We all got a lazy side of us where we just want to relax and get comfortable. You got to remember, don’t let your comfort zone to drag you down to where you used to be. You used to be lazy, but your comfort zone is stopping you from being a hard worker.

I get lazy all the time but I got to make that laziness to get out of my mind. I need the motivation to help me to be more proactive.

Successful people are not lazy, they work hard and they’re proactive. You can’t be successful from being a lazy person, you got to be a hard worker to be successful.

There are different meanings of hard work.

The difference between working physically hard and mentally hard 

A lot of people think working hard is going to make you successful, what kind of working hard?

They say “work hard, pays off” it’s true to work hard to achieve your goals.

There are different types of hard work, there’s physically hard work and mentally hard work.

You get people that work physically hard like lifting boxes in the warehouse, stacking shelves in the supermarket and washing dishes in the kitchen.

You get people that work mentally hard like working in the office writing letters. You see, there are different types of hard work. Work physically hard and mentally hard.

Working hard in a job is not going to make you rich and successful. No matter how hard you work, you’re never going to get rich for working for someone.

The money they pay you is by time, the time you turn up for work and the work you do.

If you’re looking for a way to be successful, you got to work smart, not hard but you still got to work very hard. You should work mentally hard because that’s how you work smart. Work mentally hard means work smart.
Working physically hard is not going to make you successful unless you work for yourself. It all depends on what you do, what job are you doing. It’s not all about working hard is about working smart, use your own initiative, use common sense and plan ahead.

You should use your brain to work hard because a lot of entrepreneurs work mentally hard.

When you work hard, you become a leader, you be your own boss and do whatever you want. When you’re lazy, you become a slave. If you don’t build your dreams now, someone will hire you to build their dreams and you be working like a slave. Lazy people don’t like to work but they got no choice, they will have to work as a slave if they got the option to choose.

I hope you enjoyed my motivational post and I will be posting more of these contents.

13 thoughts on “Lazy vs hard-working”

  1. I discovered it really pays to work on your mindset. There are many examples of folks who worked very hard on their businesses and dreams but still did not make a financial success out of their endeavors. I agree with your when you talk about the two ways of working; work hard and work smart so yes both physical and mental work is required. And a 3rd ingredient you could add to that recipe is working on your mindset. If you spend the first hour of your day training your subconscious mind what you want your life to become you stand a very likely chance of high levels of success from all that hard and smart work. Thanks for the article. 

  2. You are so right, I have been surrounded by many lazy people in my life.  They want everything handed to them and they don’t want to get up and make it happen.  I think that sometimes being lazy vs being hard working can come from your upbringing. Both my parents worked full time jobs when I was growing up and I think that seeing that hard work gets instilled in you.

    I am definitely a hard worker and have never be called lazy in my life.  I may have fallen into the trap of expecting things to happen for me, but not from a lack of hard work. 

    I really enjoyed your post, and I love the cartoon at the beginning.  Great job and good topic.

  3. Well you’ve obviously put a lot of thought and hard work into writing this blog post. When you wrote about your brother-in-law’s brother I felt sorry for him because to me people like that have very little confidence that their hard work would make any difference to their lives. We all have different levels of ambition and drive. Some people are happy with less but I don’t think someone who does nothing but sleep and can’t even find the motivation to shower is happy living that way. Has anyone talked to him? He could be struggling with depression. I would with vulnerable people and I find staying engaged with them despite their choices helps, as does helping them achieve small things quickly. Success builds on success and sometimes the people I work with don’t even know what success feels like. Other than that I agree with you, nothing comes without taking action to achieve it, although I think you are overestimating the struggle factor. Yes we all have to be willing to overcome struggles in meeting our goals but there is also a lot of joy and a beautiful sense of achievement when we follow through with our intentions and experience success. 

  4. How are you, Gordon!

    I am thanking you for the great research you perform in order to enable us to get and read your content without much hustle.

    Once Bill Gates said, “Appoint a lazy person to do a complicated work because he will look for the easier way to accomplish it fast”, and you have mentioned here at the beginning of the article that a lazy person will get nothing, after reading the entire article, I have finally got a general concept. But the article is actually more than awesome!

  5. We all have a different definitions of hard work and indeed we all know its an important factor when it comes to our work. Some people have easy means of arriving and the desired goal and it’s good. However, being lazy is something that damages a lot of dreams and it is very common amongst youth. Working smart can only be done when there are laid down techniques and that would be really nice.

  6. The bottom truth is that a lazy man will always suffer and beg to feed as he does have anything to feed his family with while a hardworking man would be able to provide even if its small…as a thousand miles begins with a step begin lazy and not taking the step wouldn’t help anything.

  7. I grew up in a family that teaches the value of hard work and that has been my motto for a very long time until I realized that physical exertion has its limits. When you hit your 30s and time flies by, it’s time to rethink the strategy if your effort doesn’t yield the kind of results you want. It’s true, instead of working harder, one should learn to work smarter. Prioritize what’s important, work on that and you might even give yourself a good break once a while, instead of breaking your own bones. 


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