It’s not all about money

I hear a lot of people say “it’s not all about money, money won’t give you happiness” which is kind of true that money is not everything.

It’s not all about money, money is not everything and you can’t keep all your money with you because you might need money to spend, give it to the charity and help other people who are in needs.

It all depends on how you use your money, but poor people will say “money is evil” which is not true because a lot of the rich donate money to the charity because they know that they can’t keep their money with them to be rich.

No matter how much money you make that money is not really that important because you can’t keep your money with you, you have to spend money to buy things you need like groceries, food, drinks and you can use the money to help other people. It’s nice to dream about being rich, but they’re not really goals, their just things you think about for fun and money is not everything. A goal is more realistic than a dream because dreams are more imaginary that you think is going to happen, you’re going to be rich and famous from dreaming.

People focus on getting rich for setting up an online business 

When people say money is not everything, it all depends on what you use it for because money is important in a way because you need money for living like house bills, rent, insurance, water bills and many other things that you need for living.

People get the wrong idea about money, they think to have loads of money, being rich and wealthy is evil. A lot of poor people will say that a rich person is selfish, they think about themselves, not care about other people who are poor and keep their money.

That’s not always true because there are rich people that give money to a charity like Bill Gates, for example, he donates a lot of money to charity and he didn’t keep all his money with him and he’s still rich.

A lot of people when they first started their online business, they focus on getting rich, not think about the struggle of what entrepreneurship really is and they think it’s easy. A lot of them focus on making loads of money, get rich, quit their jobs and have freedom.

Having loads of money is not everything which what most people say, but what they don’t understand about money is that money gives you freedom, money is like oxygen and you need money to survive for living.

You need money to pay your bills, pay rent, you need money for groceries for food because you need to eat, and you need money to eat because you have to know: nothings free in life and it’s true so you need money for living.

Money is like oxygen, you breathe and keep you survive. People think of money in the wrong way, they think money is not important, is not everything and it won’t give you happiness.

That mindset of money will keep you poor forever because that’s a poor people’s mindset and saying. The poor will say “money is not everything” or “it’s not all about money” that’s because they got the wrong idea about money because they’ve been taught by their parents, the society and the school system that money is the root of evil.

They get the wrong idea about money and they’re against the rich people for having loads of money.

What they don’t know about money, they don’t know money gives you freedom, gives you happiness and you don’t have to suffer anymore from slavery. The reason why people are working in a 9-5 job, selling their time for money and still poor is that they got the poor mindset of money: they say “money is not everything” and that’s why they stay poor forever.

Money is not everything which is true, but if you let that stuck in your head, you will stay poor and regret.

It all depends on how you use your money because you got to have a balance between having less money and having loads of money.

You got to have a balance between having less money or loads of money. If you got less money, you have to get a job, earn some money and it’s not going to be a lot if you’re selling your time for money. If you got loads of money, you don’t have to work, you can give the money to the charity, have the freedom and enjoy life. Money is important in the way, but it’s just balancing because people think having loads of money is greedy so you can give the money to the poor if you’re rich. Having less money, you have to work very hard to earn money. It’s better to have enough money, enough to live, have a roof cover over your head, have food on the table and a bed for you to sleep.
People want to be an entrepreneur is not because they want to get rich, it’s because they want to have freedom because they don’t want to be stuck in the job that they hate. A lot of people will get the idea to be an entrepreneur is to get rich, but that’s not necessarily you’re going to get rich by starting an online business, it takes time and effort.

I used to have the mindset to get rich for being an entrepreneur, make loads of money and achieve my goals. Being an entrepreneur you’re not going to get rich overnight, it takes time and effort.

I used to think to start online business entrepreneurship is to get rich because that was my goal one point. I used to have that mindset to do online business is to get rich, make loads of money and get my dream car.

Now I know money is not everything and my goal is not to get rich is to get financial freedom, have a passive income, make money while I sleep and help other people to be successful and that is my goal.

My dream is to be a mentor or a coach like Dan Lok as you can see on my contents, I preach a lot about how to achieve your goals, make money and get financial freedom.

I enjoy preaching and motivating everyone to achieve their goals to success.

My dream is to be a mentor and preach about personal development, motivating other people and help other people to be successful.

I would love to be a coach one day and preach about success when I become successful.

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9 thoughts on “It’s not all about money”

  1. I totally agree with you, Money is not everything, but it is very important.the entrepreneurial mindset is a great topic to write about because it teaches you a totally different way of thinking. As you said it’s not all about money, it’s about being able to give up your 9-5 and the freedom to earn in a different way where you are the boss.

    I really found your article very interesting, Appreciate you writing it.


  2. Hi there thanks for this review. It’s true it’s not all about money. As a matter of fact anyone who puts money first in all that he does is bound to fail. But then again I think it’s also not not happiness without money or love without money. I think things should fall in place with money after all it’s never a crime to have both happiness and money. It’s more like a balanced equation.

  3. I’ve always looked at this as a freedom number. Living in an area where the cost of living is low – I can get by on $1,600/month and still put money back – means that my first goal is to attain that freedom number online – $1,600/month. This will grant me financial freedom. Once I’m at that point, then I can focus on earning more to invest in promotional aspects to my online business, like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, etc. Sure, earning enough to do whatever I want, whenever I want is the endgame, but for now I’ll focus on the short-term goals – earn enough money online to make a living, then we’ll focus on the long-term. 

  4. Money they say, rules the world. Some people go against this bet then It all depends on how you use your money because you got to have a balance between having less money and having loads of money.

    Money might not be everything but if we want to live comfortably then it is necessary to have loads of it. thank you

  5. i would not like ti lie. i love money and i believe that anyone who does not is faking it. without money, it is impossible to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer and there is setback in most things we do when there is no money. i would still agree a bit that money is not everything because it is only a means of achievement.


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