It’s not all about getting rich

It’s not all about getting rich, making loads of money, buying a nice house and living in a rich lifestyle.

Money is not everything because you can’t keep the money with you the whole time, you have to use your money to help other people who are poor.

There are a lot of people can’t afford a house, can’t afford clothes, can’t afford food and can’t afford anything because there are people that are very poor, so you need to use your money to help the poor.

It’s not all about making loads of money, get rich, buy a nice house, buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari and living in a mansion. It’s about getting enough money for living, enough to pay the bills, pay rent, tax, insurance and all the essentials you need in life.
Money is important in a way, but money is not really that important if you got enough money. Rich people don’t focus on making loads of money, they focus on their work before they get rich. The poor will focus on getting rich, they find a quick way to get rich is by gambling, bet some money and buy a lottery ticket for the hope to win loads of money.

Money is not everything, it’s about having enough money for living like a house, a roof covers over your head, food on your plate and enough money to pay the bills for the house.

Money is everything in a way, it all depends on what’s your definition of “money is everything” if your definition of “money is everything” by getting rich, make loads of money and living in a mansion then the money is not everything because that’s not important and it’s not really necessary. You can’t keep it with you and you can’t take it with you.

If your definition of “money is everything” by getting a house, not a mansion just a regular house, for your families if you got kids to look after then the money is everything because you need money for living, for you to survive and look after the families in the house.

It’s good to be successful in making a lot of money, it’s just having the balance between being broke and being rich. Your goal is to have enough money for living and your dreams are to get rich. It’s good to have money, it’s just having the right balance because you need money for living, you don’t need to have lots of money or otherwise, you be greedy and selfish.

That’s why goals are more realistic than dreams because dreams are imaginary, you can dream about flying or teleport but you can’t actually do it.

A goal you can actually work towards it to achieve it with motivation.

Money gives you freedom 

People think money is not everything, it’s not all about money, money won’t give you happiness, but what they don’t understand about money is that money gives you freedom.

Think about what money can give you freedom from not to worry about spending too much money, not to worry about losing money, not to worry about paying all your bills and not to worry about losing your job.

Money is not everything because you can’t keep it with you, but money is everything for you to be grateful for having enough money to save to buy a house, look after your kids and for you to enjoy life.

Poor people get the wrong idea about money because the money to them is not important, they think it’s alright to be poor and it’s alright to be living in a paycheck that the job doesn’t pay them enough to pay the bills especially if they got kids, they won’t have enough money to save and they have to be selling more time for money to get their next payday so they can just support their families.

People that are living in a paycheck to sell their time for money just to support their kids and pay the bills and that’s it. That is their life to them, their happy about it, but are they really happy about their life?

The job may not pay them enough for their support to the families, not enough for the house bills and not enough for everything. They will have to be poor forever if they think of money in negative ways, they will have to work very hard to do loads of overtime at work to earn money, they won’t have enough time to spend with their kids, and then they spend all their money to the kids after they got paid and then they’re broke again.

They will have to sell more time to get their next paycheck and this is the sort of life how the poor lives.

Poor people say “money won’t give you happiness” that is wrong because having no money won’t give you happiness as well, and poor people are not happy anyway because of the job they don’t like, they have to wake up early in the morning to go to work and building someone else’s dreams like a slave.

A lot of people that are working in the 9-5 jobs are poor because I know a lot of people that are working in a job are poor. Some of the employees that I know of got £0.00 or $0.00 in their bank account because they got kids, got a house and the job they work doesn’t pay them enough to spend with their families.

This is a problem for being an employee, not getting paid enough and stay poor forever.

When you’re poor and working in the 9-5 job, you don’t have the freedom because you got no money and no time.

When you got money, you have more freedom to spend more time with your kids, have more time to do the things you like for leisure time. You can leverage your time for money, you don’t have to work, money comes to you which is passive income, you can make money while you sleep and that is freedom.

If you’re an employee, you don’t get paid while you sleep, you get paid when you’re at work to be a slave.

Money is not everything but it’s having the balance between having less money and loads of money. Having money gives you the freedom to leverage your time to do things you like while you’re making money at the same time.
Having too much money is a little bit extreme because that’s not necessary because you don’t have to be a millionaire to be successful. Making money online, get sales, make money while you sleep and get enough money for a living is successful.

People want to be an entrepreneur is not because they want to get rich to buy a mansion, is because they want to have the freedom and they don’t want to be stuck in the 9-5 job to face repetitiveness, running around the circle and stay poor forever just like the employees I know of that is poor, got £0.00 on their bank.

You can’t be living with no money so this is why people want to change their lives to get enough money for living because living is not cheap and the jobs don’t pay you enough to survive.

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6 thoughts on “It’s not all about getting rich”

  1. Great content here. I love the genuineness in this post. A lot of people hold back when it comes to their expression of money for one fear or the other, but the truth is we all need it for sure. nO one will turn money away if it were handed to them, so I can respect your approach to addressing this issue and highlighting an obvious truth that has been lurking in people’s mind’s for so long

  2. Provocative but on message article. I agree with you; the key thing about money is not what you can buy, but the choices you can make.  It provides options that others do not have.  Its not about flash and swagger its about good education for your kids, about the ability to choose to live in a good neighbourhood, or go on a decent holiday or Avoid the burden of crippling debt.

    Thanks for the article


  3. I think that makingmoney is good but it shouldn’t be based in acquiring all the fancy things in life, for example to buy big cars, leave in a big mansion e.t.c. but making should be helping others to get on their feet so that they can be proud of themselves and be useful to the community and to the world at large. 


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