I waste so much time

If you’re wondering why do you waste so much time, you should ask yourself why.

Why do you waste so much time?

It’s very easy to waste time when you got nothing to lose because you don’t really think about your goals when you don’t have a goal to set. We waste time is because of entertainments and distractions that stop us from achieving our goals.
It’s very easy to waste time when you got plenty of time to do something useful like learning, setting goals, investing and starting an online business. The amount of time you spend is not doing a lot just be lazy.

Waste time on the internet

How to waste your time on the internet?

It’s very easy to waste your time on the internet because of social media.
  1. You got the internet where you can access.
  2. You can do some research on the internet.
  3. You can shop online.
  4. You can use social media on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, WhatsApp and etc.
  5. You can watch films on the internet.
  6. You can apply for jobs online on the internet.
  7. You can start an online business on the internet and write blogs.
  8. You can play games online.
  9. You can gamble online.
  10. You can learn on the internet.
  11. You can go on YouTube and watch videos on the internet.
  12. You can listen to music on the internet.
  13. You can use the internet for online banking.
  14. You can use the internet for online datings like Tinder and POF (plenty of fish).

There are so many things you can do on the internet, but people are wasting their time on the internet by browsing on social media like Facebook, Instagram and watching funny videos on YouTube to keep them entertained.

There is nothing wrong to use social media, communicating with your friends, sharing things and watching videos online.

We get too carried away on social media that we don’t realise how much time we wasted while we got plenty of time to do the things that are useful like learning a skill, investing money, start an online business, blogging and do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is very useful for anyone who wants to make money online instead of wasting their time on the internet.

Not realise how much time you wasted

Sometimes you don’t realise how much time you wasted while you got plenty of time. That’s what causes you to procrastinate and waste more time.

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You can start investing money to make more money, but you got to know how to invest.

It’s very easy to get lazy when you get too comfortable and not realise how much time you spent on social media, watching TV and play computer games rather than invest in your time learning, reading books and learn how to make loads of money.

It’s very easy to get lazy is because you don’t have the motivation to achieve your goals.

There are barriers that will hold you back, stop you from succeeding and keep you in the same situation.

Motivation to stop wasting time

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  • You can talk to the Wealthy Affiliate members on the platform.
  • You have to work hard on your business.
  • There are training you can watch and learn.
  • You don’t have to be an expert on the computer to do online business.
  • Anyone can do it.
  • It’s about putting the time on your business.
  • If you’re stuck, you can ask for help in the community.
Why do you waste so much time while you got plenty of time and got nothing to lose? Times goes very fast. The best time to start is now. Don’t wait because the more you wait, the more it holds you back and stops you from achieving your goals.
If you have a goal, you won’t waste time because you got a plan of what you’re going to accomplish. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on your goals when you got no motivation. Motivation is not something that helps you to succeed, it helps you to take action and succeed.
We all have a dream to become successful one day, but you have to be willing to put the time into your business. Don’t waste time, don’t procrastinate and don’t make excuses that you don’t have the time to put the work into your online business while you got nothing to lose. The more you wait, the more you lose so the best time is to start building your dreams now or someone else’s will hire you and build their dreams. You want to turn your passion into a full-time job, not by waiting for the best time to start.

Why don’t people succeed in life?

  • Because they waste too much time while they got nothing to lose.
  • They waste time on watching TV, going on social media, playing computer games and going to sleep.
  • People procrastinate too much and they want to wait until they lose everything.
  • They make excuses because it’s hard work.
  • They make excuses because it’s time-consuming.
  • They make excuses it’s because they’re too busy and they got no time to blog.
  • They have too many distractions that stop them from succeeding.
  • They listen to a lot of small-minded people.
  • The friends they hang around with that are party animals who like to party every weekend.

Do you want to discipline or regrets?

If you don’t discipline yourself, going too easy with yourself, you’re going to regret it and you will lose everything in the future.

The best thing is to discipline yourself, challenge yourself, push yourself and do something that is difficult.

You have to persevere yourself, do something that is difficult and even if you don’t succeed, you have to believe in yourself that success will happen.

You have to imagine that success is right in the corner.

Using the internet with the right way

This is the right way to use the internet by doing affiliate marketing, selling products that you don’t own and you’re promoting someone else’s products to sell online. This is a useful way to use the internet instead of wasting your time going on social media, playing too many games, too many entertainments and not learn how to make money online.

If you don’t want to waste your time on the internet, you should learn how to make money online and consider to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.

Too many entertainments can make you forget about your goals because it’s a distraction, it makes you lose focus and motivation.

Investing your time on the internet by watching training videos from Wealthy Affiliate is a good habit to help you to understand how online business works.

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This is something you can do in your spare time when you got nothing to lose and have a side hustle while you keep your day job.

The end of my blog

This is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it, feel free to share it on social media and leave a comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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  1. Hello there. Awesome article you have here I really think that this article is going to help anybody that comes across it as it has helped me realize this post have educated me on how not to waste my time doing things that are not useful and relevant I really hope more people come across this article thanks for sharing this with me

  2. Thanks so much for this article , Here are some of the goal setting tips that I have used which will help you to join the 8 percent of people who achieve their goals.
    Aim High, But Start Low, Celebrate and Keep Going.
    Don’t Let Others Set The Goals For You.
    Be Clear What Success Looks Look.
    Understand Why This Goal Is Important.
    Track Your Performance

  3. hello, thank you for sharing this informative and educative article. This article is centered on how to achieve one’s goal. Many people waste their time on things they feel would help them achieve their goals where as they’re on the wrong path. For example the internet has a lot of good to offer but some people always get distracted and end up wasting time on platforms like facebook, Instagram and the likes then they end up not achieving their goals  . Thank you

  4. Hello there, Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article, For, me having a plan for the day is very important, The biggest time waste is not having any kind of plan for the day or week. When we don’t have a plan for the day, we just drift through the day reacting to anything that comes our way and not making any progress towards our goals or purpose.

  5. I find myself wasting a lot of time on the internet lately not even realizing how I’m doing it. Your article kinda put that into perspective for me .

    There are POW (plenty of ways) to waste time and you covered most of them here . You had also brought up a great point, that if your on the internet anyway why not make the best of it . 

    There are simple ways to invest , affiliate marketing is my top choice . It let’s me invest in myself. Putting time I had wasted into time investing toward my future. 

    Excellent way of laying out you blog here , very attractive page.

  6. Time is limited. Don’t waste it. Everybody has the same 24 hrs a day. However, as you said in this article, someone will waste their time on social media, watching TV, or other entertainments. I agree with you that why don’t utilize your limited time to learn something new and earn more money to enhance your daily life. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is a good one. It is a very comprehensive training platform that is about earning money by affiliate marketing. So, Gordon, you’re right. Don’t waste your time anymore, join Wealthy Affiliate, and learn something new.

  7. Time management is fefinitelybone of the biggest problems that most of us encounter almost into he daily basis. Watching Netflix, going to work, doing little things that later amounts to consuming our time, everything and all. To be honest, being able t honestly make the little things worth it is what makes the difference in the long run. Thank you for sharing here

  8. This is a very good post that really discusses everything abaaout how one wastes their time especially on the internet. I have to agree that I feel like I might as well be amongst the category of people who watses their time on some irrelevancies on the internet and I should learn to use that time to invest on something that can actually get j me back some money. My mentality definitely has to change.


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