When was social media invented

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1. The founder of Facebook 

The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg who invented Facebook.
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  2. Mark is a successful internet entrepreneur.
  3. He invented Facebook successfully.
  4. He got a lot of people signed up for Facebook and he makes money from it.
  5. Mark invented Facebook for people to use it to communicate with their friends and families.
  6. Mark is a millionaire and he donated loads of money to the charity.
  7. He helps poor people by giving money to them.
  8. He doesn’t keep all his money to himself and he uses his money to help the poor.
  9. Mark is an intelligent man.
  10. He did very well in school and he’s clever.
  11. That’s why he can invent Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg went to Harvard University which is the best university in America for intelligent people.

Mark is a millionaire but he doesn’t show off that he’s very successful, he uses his money to donate to the poor people who got no money, no homes, no clothes and no food.

Just because you’re a millionaire it doesn’t mean you to have a fancy car, mansion, going on holidays and going on private planes.

If you’re rich, you should use your money to help other people who are poor which what, Mark did.

I admired Mark Zuckerberg to invent Facebook and made a lot of money to help the poor.

2. Use social media to communicate 

You use social media to communicate with your friends and families. Having social media is a good thing to have especially in this generation right now. A lot of people are using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp to keep in touch with their friends. Every day there’s someone browsing on social media to see the updates.
  1. Social media can keep in touch with your friends online.
  2. You can message someone on social media.
  3. You can create a group chat on social media to connect with all your friends.
  4. You can ring someone on social media like Facebook or Snapchat.
  5. You can update things on social media like write a status, post a photo, video and create an event like a wedding party to invite your friends to come.
  6. You can see other people’s posts on social media of what their up to.
  7. Social media is very convenient to keep in touch with your friends on the internet.
  8. You can post on Facebook where your travelling to so your friends know that you’re going on holiday.
There are loads of social media, not just Facebook, there’s Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and much other social media for the new generation.

3. Be creative and invent something 

To be an entrepreneur is about being creative, have an idea and design something.
Design technology takes skills to do if you want to invent and create something.
To be an entrepreneur is to have ideas of what to design, what to create and then invent something to make it happen just like Mark Zuckerberg. He created Facebook from scratch. He’s got skills to design social media like Facebook for people to keep in touch and communicate. Inventing things takes skills to do if you want to be an entrepreneur who is a designer, you need to develop a skill because it’s not easy to invent something.
Having a technology skill is good if you want to design something that makes people satisfied with your work. To be an entrepreneur is about being creative and having ideas especially if you’re a designer.

4. Having fun with social media 

You can have fun on social media like making your friends laugh, make them comment “lol” on your posts and keep them entertained. There are a lot of funny posts on social media where people share stuff on their posts to make other people laugh. Without social media will be boring. We are lucky to be in this generation where we got technologies like computers, mobile phones, iPad and tablets.
  1. In the older generation, there are no social media like Facebook.
  2. In this generation now, everyone is using social media.
  3. This generation is very high tech.
  4. Social media is using all over the world.
  5. Every day there’s someone using social media to post their selfies on Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Without social media, life will be boring because you can’t keep in touch.
  7. Having social media is to connect with your friends even if you don’t see them.
  8. You can also play games on social media as well so it’s very functional.

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20 thoughts on “When was social media invented”

  1. For me, it’s not that I don’t like to read (I actually love to read!), it’s just that there are times when I need to have my eyes trained on something and am not ABLE to read. Great audiobooks are such a wonderful way to experience a long drive, or doing dishes / chores, or even something like a daily commute to work. Thanks for sharing your experience and insights on this audiobook!!

  2. Hi, 

    Although the Facebook user has dropped for the last couple of years, how they receive their success is still a story that always worth remembering and how they create this social media network. I think the invention of Facebook change the way we communicate. It is faster, cheaper and straight to the point. It changes how we approach people and has created many positive impacts on our daily lives. This book is definate worth having, to know more about how and where Facebook comes from.

  3. Hi Gordon, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about Social Media and Entrepreneurship. I agree that social media can be and must be leveraged to communicate efficiently to a specific or larger audience. Social media is growing as we speak and it is our job as successful online entrepreneurs to stay updated and try to have a space in each of them, as each reaches a specific audience.

  4. Regarding Mark Zuckerberg, if I’m not mistaken, he dropped out of Harvard University to work on his project full time. Twelve years later, he got an honorary degree from Harvard. I also remember reading once that he had stolen one of his ex-friend’s ideas. Who knows?

    Social media has its pros and cons. It keeps us connected in real-time no matter where in the world we are. We can share photos, videos, posts, stay in touch with others, and even scale an online business.

    On the downside, it seems that we don’t interact with others the same way we used to do in the past. When there’s a party or a family get-together, many attendees focus on their phones most of the time instead of having a normal conversation with others. I’ve seen it a lot.

    Also, one thing I don’t like is there is no privacy anymore. If we use social media, that will be stored online forever, no matter what they tell you. 

    Nothing is perfect in life. It is what it is.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. 0 mathematical skill and 10000+ for your writing skills. What an awesome article. Yes, social media, especially nowadays is needed. not wanted… NEEDED. Businesses are based around social media and run on social media. It is a way of transferring information instantly. I use it every day, and so do billions of others around the world. 

    Thanks for the read.

  6. The ability to listen to a audio book is a very interesting topic to write about. It would appeal to people who have difficulty reading and also those that prefer to listen. I like to read books sitting on a beach in the sun.When I’m out walking I tend to listen to a book as I find it therapeutic.

  7. Hello there thanks for this helpful review. It is an interesting one I must say. On my opinion I would say the social media has really made the world a small village and this didn’t just happen by just having ideas on creating it but by determination and resilience and I think that was how the social media was invented

  8. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here, it is highly educational. In terms of online business, the social media has done very well by providing updates on how to make working from home very easy. 

    For example, Facebook currently has provided businesses with workplaces online where you can know everything about your company from home.

  9. Hey nice article you have there. The Advent of social media has both positive and negative side effects, it is good when used to interact with families, friend’s that are close or in a distance location, social media has also led to increase in business sales,as products are advertise in  social media platforms. The negative effect can be seen in the area where it’s used is defeated and used to scam others of their hard earn money,this has really cause a lot of death in my country, as victims have no other option than to commit suicide.

  10. Social media is the Brian box to the success of lots of millionaires today and one of such persons if Mark Zuckerberg… Without Facebook and other chat platforms he has today, I don’t think anybody would recognize him… though Mark gave us Facebook but we too has enjoyed alot from it and we still do… the important of social media can’t be over emphasized today and thanks to all the great inventor’s…
    Thank you for your preview


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