How to think and grow rich

This post is about thinking like the rich from Quentin Carlisle the author of the book.

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1. The rich think differently than the poor 

Rich people’s mindset and poor people’s mindset are different because they both think differently. What kind of mindset do you have?
  1. We all have a different mindset of thinking things.
  2. Everyone likes to think that their right.
  3. A lot of people got an opinion about something.
  4. Everyone got the mindset of doing something.
  5. Your mindset could be going to bed earlier, wake up early and be productive.
  6. Your other mindset could be staying up all night, wake up late and be unproductive.
  7. Your mindset could be investing more time learning to achieve your goals.
  8. Your other mindset is not caring about learning, you do your own thing and not succeed.

2. Poor mindset vs rich mindset 

Poor mindset and the rich mindset are different because they both think differently. Poor people don’t think about money, they think money is evil, it’s not everything and it’s not important. Poor people always blame the rich for making them poor. What’s making them poor is themselves because they have the mindset of blaming everything. The rich think about money is for the freedom to be able to support their families, to have enough money for living and to help other people who are poor.
  1. When you’re poor, you don’t think about money.
  2. When you’re rich, you think about money.
  3. Poor people think money won’t give you happiness.
  4. Rich people think money gives you freedom.

Why do the poor stay poor? Because the money to them is not everything, they’re happy to be broke and they think they got enough money to save while they’re actually broke.

Why do the rich stay rich? Because the money to them is everything, they want money is to take care of themselves, their families and their community. They want money is because they want freedom and to help the people who are in needs like poverty.

If you’re broke and you want to get rich, you can get rich with the right mindset. You have to remember just because you don’t have money, it’s temporary and you will get there eventually with the right mindset.

3. Poor habits vs rich habits 

Poor habits and rich habits are different because they both do things differently. The poor waste their time by watching too much TV, playing too many games and going on social media too much. The rich spend time continue to learn and earn money at the same time.
  1. Poor people think they know everything.
  2. Poor people stop learning.
  3. Rich people are continuous learners.
  4. Rich people would invest their time and money to grow.
  5. Poor people go out partying at the weekend and spend all their money on drinks.
  6. Poor people gamble in the hope to win lots of money, but they have more chance to lose money.
  7. Gambling is a bad habit if you want to be rich.
  8. You will never get rich if you gamble even if you won lots of money.
  9. Rich people take action to make money.
My advice to anyone who wants to get rich is don’t gamble because it’s a bad habit, you have more chance to lose than win when you win, you’re going to be broke again because it’s not from what you’ve earned.

In this audiobook that I’m promoting about getting rich fast is to think like the rich which what Quentin say in his book.

Invest your money as much as you can to make more money.

The more money you save, the less money you make and you never going to get rich by saving money.

4. Being rich and still working

If your rich, you’re still working because rich people never stop working, their continuous workers and learners. Rich people work while they travel, while they’re on the beach and at home.
  1. Rich people are working every day even when they’re on holiday.
  2. Rich people are not lazy because they’re always working.
  3. They invest their time learning more.
  4. They continue to build more wealth.
  5. This is why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.
  6. Rich people never stop learning and working.
  7. They earn until they earn more.
  8. It’s all about being consistent and persistent.
  9. Getting better every day.
The good thing about being rich is that you can relax and enjoy life. You can have a cocktail and sunbathe on the beach.

The end of my review about this audiobook 

This is the end of my review about this audiobook about rich think from Quentin Carlisle.

I hope you find this blog post is interesting and informative for anyone who wants to get rich and achieve their goals or just want to learn.

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8 thoughts on “How to think and grow rich”

  1. Hi There,

    I love your concept about the rich and the poor and how both have a different mindset. I’ve looked around for some time for something like this to see what people think about both and you arrived on my search. I love the way you mention about successful and rich its great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. My son swears by this book and has been bugging me to get a copy.    It seems that there is always something that comes up that prevents me from reading anything other than work reports.  After reading your review – I started asking myself if I am thinking correctly, I am thinking like the Rich?    I realized that one thing that I do is that I drive – to work (pre-COVID-19) or even now back and forth to the grocery store.   During this time on the road there is plenty of time to listen to an audiobook so why not listen to something that could truly change my life?     Do you think that I would benefit from listening to Quentin Carlisle’s book, even if it is not in one sitting?

  3. Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich has been a best seller for decades because it has been an inspiring read that with solid wisdom that has withstood the test of time (including up markets, down markets, and everything in between!). It is certainly helpful to know these secrets about how to think and grow into the person that you want to be (instead of being dragged down into things you don’t want). 

    Mindset is everything and it’s great for people to get this reminder to use this powerful force to their advantage!

  4. I found your article, how to think and grow rich serendipitous. I started a 16 week book study with members of Wealthy Affiliate on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The main difference between that book and the one by Quentin Carlisle is he provides contrasts between the rich and poor mindsets. Much like the Rich Man Poor Man book by Robert Kiyosaki. 

    You hit the nail on the head that until one changes ones mindset to think differently, such as how the rich think, it is impossible to get rich. 

    It is well known that when people win the lottery big time, those who think like poor people, cannot hold on to their money. Their first priority is self and immediate gratification. They go on continuous spending sprees. In the process they develop new habits of spending. They can’t stop. Eventually the money runs out. And they return to their poor state. 

    If an already rich person wins, or a poor person who has been training themselves to get out of their poor state, they start off by =investing most of their winnings. Sure, they may also go on a spending spree. But most of the money is spent on improving their lives in a modest manner. Eventually their winnings will grow and they will be able to leave a legacy to their children as well as the new charities they have funded. 

    Anybody can learn to think like the rich and develop the habits of the rich. And it all starts with changing ones mindset and developing habits that the rich that end up with money working for them, rather than them working for money.




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