How to stop procrastinating now

Why do we procrastinate? Why do we let something invisible get in the way of our success?

We procrastinate a lot because it’s our human nature to find excuses that we can’t do it, no matter how many delays you have, there’s always going to be an excuse.

People always find a way to make excuses and they always say that they’re going to do it later, not now. For example, you’re going to do some housework and you want to do it later, but you still haven’t done any chores yet, and you want to do it tomorrow and you still haven’t done it yet.

You see, we procrastinate everything and make a lot of excuses just to get away from it to avoid responsibilities.

We all think taking responsibility is hard work because we got a lack of motivation in ourselves that we want to relax, not take any action and not do anything to achieve our goals.

Why do I procrastinate more when I have more time

We procrastinate more is because we don’t want to take any challenges that can help us to succeed while we got more time.

People always wait for the best time to start because they can’t be bothered to be putting in the effort into their business, they just want to relax and get comfortable. There is no best time to start, the best time to start is now. The more you wait, the more challenging and difficulties will get. People want to expect things to be easy and smooth, so that’s why they procrastinate about being difficult.

We procrastinate more is because we don’t want the hassle of solving problems in our business because we get too comfortable with how the business is and we don’t want to change.

In business, you got to be willing to take criticism by your personal coach or the customers.

You can refuse to take the advice from your mentor because it’s your business, but your mentor is here to help you and guide you in the right direction for you to become successful.

When you refuse your mentors advice, your procrastinating because you don’t want to change, you want to leave it as it is and you don’t want to take criticism because it hurts, so you’re procrastinating for not taking criticism and you want to find an excuse.

Procrastinating is very common for the people who want to achieve their goals but in their mind, they find excuses not to do it because it’s too much effort.

When people procrastinate, they say “I can’t do it” while they got potential to do it. The excuses we make like “I can’t be bothered to do it”, ” I do it tomorrow” and “it’s too much work” and these excuses will hold us back for being negative

The amount of time we spend while we got more time is entertainments which what we called “waste of time” because we spend all that time watching TV, playing computer games, going on social media a lot and watch funny videos just to keep us happy.

Too many entertainments and distractions can cause you to procrastinate because you been spending a lot of leisure time, so in your mind is telling you to find an excuse to wait and not take action.

When you get into your comfort zone, you procrastinate more while you got a lot of time to do something productive and you want to do it later. The later you wait, the more it holds you back and not succeed.

Do I stop procrastinating

I do try to stop procrastinating when I was working on my website to make my site in good shape, there are some people say that I should change my theme on one of the feedbacks, they said that my header image was too big, they said I should get a footer on my site and take my legal page out of the menu to put it on the footer.

They said that I should get my website fixed, and I procrastinate and I didn’t take action because I don’t want the headache of fixing my site, change some few things and correct all my grammars on every post.

The reason why I procrastinate about getting my website fix is that I don’t want the headache of sorting my website out, spending all that time, the hassle to get it all fixed and I don’t want to mess up my website from the effort of creating my site.

Every time when I do get my website fix, I always mess it up and make it not the way I wanted to look, so that’s why I procrastinate about fixing my site.

My old theme was not a good theme, the layout was a bit rubbish, the header image was too big and a lot of the viewers were concerned about the structure of my old theme. I had that old theme for a while now, and I’ve finally made my decision to change my theme with a better layout.

The loading of my old theme was too slow to access to my site, so my mentor suggested me to consider to change my theme with a better layout and has a footer because my old theme doesn’t have a footer.

I’ve finally taken action and changed my theme that has a footer, but I didn’t know how to get a footer to my site to take the legal page of my top menu to the footer menu.

I was procrastinating over the issues that I was having because I don’t know how to add a footer menu to my site so I tried to add a footer, but it didn’t work so I reached out to the site support to help me to put my legal page to the footer menu, and I’ve stopped procrastinating and took action to get the site support to help me out.

At least I’ve taken action to get the site support to put my legal page to my footer even though that I don’t know how to add a footer menu.

I found adding a footer menu is complicated, but luckily we got the site support on Wealthy Affiliate who can help us with our problems like the site is down, having technical issues and etc. The site support is here to help us with our problems so there are no excuses to make.

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I always procrastinate about watching the online entrepreneur certification for being too long. I always procrastinate about the training is too much to learn and I got confused and messed up my website. I have watched all the online entrepreneur certification training but I wasn’t paying much attention because there’s a lot to learn. I haven’t continued watching the training after I finished level 5 because after the online entrepreneur certification is the affiliate boot camp and I haven’t watched the affiliate boot camp yet.

To be honest, I haven’t been following all the training only level 1 and level 2 training, the rest of the training was a little bit too much in my opinion. I wasn’t really following all the training because it was a bit too much to learn and I couldn’t focus on the training. I keep getting confused about the training and mess up my website, so am I procrastinating or not?

I ask a lot of questions on the Wealthy Affiliate platform to get some answers from the members, and they give you good answers to help you and send you some training videos for you to watch.

When I’m stuck and confused, I always ask questions on the Wealthy Affiliate community and get the site support to fix my site.

Criticism hurts

Criticism hurts when someone is correcting you, telling you that things need to change, get your website fix, correct your grammar and write good quality contents that can attract the customers.

When someone is criticising your website, they’re trying to help you to achieve your goals. I know criticism hurts, but you have to be toughened up and take their advice.

Online business is a pain in the bottom especially if you don’t make any sales because of the structure of your website that needs to fix, and you’ve been putting a lot of effort on writing good quality contents and it’s frustrating.

It’s a pain in the bottom when Google hasn’t ranked you on your contents.

It’s all depends on what keywords you use to get ranked from Google.

When you got no problem with your traffic on your site, but the user experience is your problem, you got to take action and get your website fix.

I know it’s hard to accept the criticism from your viewers because the viewers see the perspective of your site, not the time you spend and the effort you put into.

They don’t care about how much time and effort you put into creating the website, they only care about the website is bringing value and trust.

In business, you have to take criticism, no matter how hurt it is, you have to stop procrastinating and you have to toughen up.

It’s annoying when someone criticises your website, but don’t get offended when someone is criticising your website because they’re trying to help you, they’re not disliking your work.

They can see your website got potential but it’s not their right standard of your contents because good quality contents are essential.

Poor quality contents are not acceptable, you won’t make money from writing bad quality contents and that’s what the viewers are looking for, their looking for good quality contents that bring values.

I know it’s annoying and it’s a pain in the bottom when someone criticises your website, telling you to change this and change that, but you don’t have to take their criticism because it’s your business, but don’t get offended of what they’ve said that might hurt you.

A business is a challenge because there are barriers that things will hold you back, not make you succeed and you have to stay motivated to get through the obstacles.

Business is all about problem-solving and it’s a competition.

You got to persevere yourself to face difficulties because when things get too tough, you lose motivation and you will end up procrastinating. 

What causes procrastination

  1. We procrastinate is because of fear.
  2. We scared of people judging us.
  3. We don’t want the fuss of sorting things out.
  4. We get too comfortable with how things are and we don’t want to change.
  5. Human beings are very emotional and we have a mind that tells us what to do.
  6. It’s all comes from our mindsets either good ones or bad ones.
  7. If you got a mindset like a successful person, you won’t procrastinate.
  8. If you got a mindset like an unsuccessful person, you will procrastinate.
  9. Procrastinations all comes from your mind.
  10. Bad habits can cause you to procrastinate.

The way you think of things, the way you do things and how you behaved is all comes from our mindsets. The habits and mindsets of how you think, how you do things are very important if you want to achieve something.

If you want to achieve something, you have to think like a successful person, not wait for the best time to start and do it now.

There is no tomorrow, there is no next week, there is no next month and there is no next year, and what is your excuse for waiting? The best time to start is now, not later or tomorrow. Later means never because when you say you’re going to do it later, it means your never going to do it. The more you wait, the more it holds you back and not succeed.
The problem is that we waste a lot of time while we got nothing to lose. We always make an excuse to wait and do it later. When you wait too long, you will regret it in the future.

Do you want to discipline or regrets?

We procrastinate is because we think that we are not good enough and we often compare to ourselves to others who are doing better than us.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to others around you who are better than you because everyone is different.

The end of my blog

This is the end of my blog, it’s a long one and I hope you’re not bored of reading my long post.

I had loads to say about procrastination and I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to share it on social media to inspire more people to stop procrastinating.

Thank you for taking the time to read my long blog post.

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  1. There are so many pieces and fragments of posts out there that seek to defeat procrastination and can rarely be backed by neuroscience. The mind frame and time management is what counts! As any work addressing a problem with the correct perspective and knowing the risks will render anyone unstoppable! With that i think we should all try to understand the risks of our procrastination. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, and I hope that this will keep you in good spirits!

  2. I can rely on what you’re explaining here about procrastination. It’s not just to identify that we’re procrastinating but you’ve given the right approach on how to overcome it. I feel we should view the whole picture and see how delaying action is affecting us in the long run. I’ll try to implement some of the things you mentioned here. I also liked the graph of pain vs. time. Thanks!

  3. Well… Nice write up… I really learnt from this…there really is a lot of reason people procrastinate,  Procrastinating is a common human tendency… People sometimes procrastinate on tasks because they are optimistic about their ability to complete those task in the future. This optismism can pertain to two main things, and namely to the amount of time which will be available for the completion of the task or to the person’s inherent ability to complete the task. 

    Thanks alot for this article… I’m really grateful. 

  4. my opinion on how to achieve a  goal is just for you to focus never say later. get the food ready before getting ready to enjoy it. always believe’ never you as a human that has dreams to let people discourage you.don’t say,tell,or announce anything you are about to do’ fight for your self with humility, that my opinion.

  5. quite an amazing trip to god here on how to stop procrastinating.. other ways they could help you achieve this  aim are…

    Get organized. You can’t do any work if you don’t know what assignments need to be completed. …
    Set simple, achievable goals. Part of the reason we procrastinate is because the task at hand seems too daunting. …
    Create a timeline/schedule. …
    Set a deadline. …
    Get rid of distractions. …
    Time yourself. …
    Take a break. …
    Use incentives…..these tips if put into action will help you fix your hair and work immediately towards achieving that which you feel you can’t achieve…. thanks for sharing such an informative review and look forward to sharing it

  6. Helooo over there, I want to say a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educating piece on the topic “how to stop Procrastination now”. Procrastination is really not in a any way thing to go about achieving ones goal. Anyways thanks for this piece on e again, it does really help ma.. well done.

    Best regards!

  7. Procrastinating is a thief of time and it doesn’t make one to accomplish set out goals at the right time. Leaving things for later often causes huge delays so for one to achieve their goals one has to be meticulous and time contious with planning. Without proper planning and a proper execution schedule everything will just be in vein. From a personal perspective I totally agree with you on this one. Thanks for the wonderful information in this article. You are appreciated 

  8. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. It could be further stated as a habitual or intentional delay. To stop procrastination you must first know the reason why you procrastinate and then break down a large task into small steps.


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