How to quit your 9 to 5

Are you still trading your time for money? Are you still feeling miserable about your job for not paying you enough? If you’re not happy about your job, you’re in the right place to get inspired.

A lot of people are still trading their time for money to get a paycheck just to pay tax, NI (national insurance), pension and pay the bills.

Getting a job is depressing because, by the time when you finished work, you had no time or energy left to do the things you want. Getting a job is not fun, it’s boring and depressing. It feels like your being trapped in the dead-end job, doing the same thing over and over again just to keep the boss happy.

A lot of people suffer from depression because of work getting too hectic, overwhelmed and stressed. The hours they work is long, they work so hard for someone else, none stop and no time to relax.

This blog is to help other people to be happy, not to get depressed from work. This blog is to help other people who are suffering from depression because of their job not paying them enough, not treating them nice and giving them pressure.

I want to write this blog to help other people who are not happy about their job because of how they’ve been treated like a slave.

If you’re not happy about your job, you can fire your boss by quitting your job.
  1. To quit your 9-5 job, you have to take action by starting an online business.
  2. Learn a skill on how to set up your own business.
  3. You should change your habits to a good habit like invest in yourself, learning, reading books, watching entrepreneurship videos and learn how to be an entrepreneur.
  4. You should change your mindset to plan ahead and think like an entrepreneur.
  5. You have to get out of your comfort zone if you don’t, you won’t succeed, you be stuck in the 9-5 job and making the boss successful.

Start an online business

There’s an online business where you can start from scratch for the side hustle.
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  2. They provide all the training for you to watch in your own time.
  3. You find a niche to create a website.
  4. You choose a domain for your website.
  5. When you got your website all set up, you write your first post about yourself, introducing to everyone about your website and tell them what’s your website all about.
  6. For example, my website is a motivational and personal development website on how to achieve your goals.
  7. My website is about goal setting, how to stay motivated, get out of your comfort zone and it’s about entrepreneurship.
  8. My website is preachy because it’s to help people who are not happy about their life.
You can quit your job when your business is successful and got income.

What life really is

A lot of people think getting a corporate 9-5 job is life, you work until you retire, get a pension and then enjoy life. Most of the time people regret it after they been working for so long, they start to realise that they could have done something before and not work for so long.

The amount of time people spend in their life is to work for money and no time to do things that they like.

Don’t get a job, get a life. Working in the corporate 9-5 job is not a life to be living for, it’s a depressing miserable life to be living for. What life really is, is being yourself and enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

A lot of people that work in corporate jobs are miserable because of stress.

The reason why employees are miserable

The reason why employees are miserable is that they had a lot of stress from work, been treated like a slave by their bosses and the money they earn is not enough.

Jobs are not designed to achieve your goals, it’s designed to keep you a slave and poor forever just to pay off your debts. If you don’t want to be treated like a robot or a slave, you should start building your dreams now.
When your working in a job, you’re being restricted by the job policies where you have to follow all the rules, make sure you go to work on time and keep yourself busy. The money you earn from your job goes to the government, the government save your money for your retirement and get your money back. You want your money now, not to the government to pay tax and that’s why working in the 9-5 job is not going to make you rich.

Living is not cheap, but the job you work doesn’t pay you enough for your houses like mortgages, rents, bills, gas, electric bills and house insurance.

This is why you never going to get rich for being an employee because you will have to pay a lot of things when you get your own place.

Living cost a lot of money, and the job doesn’t pay you enough because you have to pay tax, NI (national insurance), pensions and all the money go to the government.

Even when you got a good job, the job still not going to pay you enough, but enough for you to save to buy a house for the roof cover over your head, food on the plate and keep you survive.

Build your own dreams now

You should start building your own dreams now or someone will hire you to build their dreams.
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The end of my blog

This is the end of my blog and I hope you enjoyed reading this, feel free to share it on social media to inspire everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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  1. Hello Gordon! What an awesome review you’ve got here, I can’t wait to share this with my friends especially the one that are been maltreated by her boss because of the peanut is been paying her and I believe she will be very happy to quit her job and sign up for the wealthy affiliate program, 

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  2. awesome review you’ve got here on how to quit nine-to-five job,  working in a coffee shop when you have the Zeal to work in a bigger firm  can be so annoying that you would want to quit, but quitting  might not be as easy as you thought, you have to look for a means much more appealing to quit such a job… this review goes a long way to explaining on how best to push out to job to you…

    thanks for such an insightful review and look forward to sharing it

  3. Wow! This is an amazing article that you have got here. Goals are destinations to be reached and every man must have one. However, it has been difficult for most human to make abolan and stick to it. Thanks for the advice that you offered throughout the article. Starting am online business is a better idea.

    thanks for sharing this with me.

  4. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such amazing concise information with us all, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I believe these post has helped many people or persons in achieveing their dreams thanks for sharing such amazing content with us, I already saved these page so as to come back for future reference

  5. Hi Gordon,

    It’s normal that people search for ways to make money online when they don’t like their 9-5 jobs in real life. I love the way you explain in this article. All of them are so vivid to me since I am also fed up with my current job(haha…)

    Based on your recommendation, doing online business with Wealthy Affiliate may save us time and money, could you share us more information about it? Like what to expect or what training courses we will learn after registration?

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