How to build wealth or create wealth

If you want to make more money you should develop a skill, not just working in a job, trading your time for the job for money because that’s not going to help you build wealth, don’t be someones slave, be your own boss and do what you like doing. I am currently learning to be successful in life and help others as well.

A lot of people would win the lottery to build wealth to change their lives so that they can have the freedom to enjoy life. That’s the other way of building wealth to become rich but there are some affects on lottery. I’m not against it but I don’t trust lottery tickets, I rather do what I got to do to build wealth and take actions.

Understanding how you spend your money

  1. Understanding how you’re spending your money and where you can cut back the essential to saving and growing wealth. You can budget your money for how you going to spend, you want spend on food, want to spend on drinks, want to spend on groceries and want to spend on vacations. Budgeting is the way to understand how you going to spend your money on things.
  2. Some people pays a lot of debts. It can eat away at any gains you make from trying to build wealth. It’s like working in a job, the more hours you work, the more tax you get and if you got a good high paying job, the more tax you pay.
  3. If you have your own place, you got to pay a lot of bills, gas bills, water bills, TV bills, electric bills and house insurance. First you need a mortgage for the house if your getting a house to live so that’s why you need to build wealth in order to get the house to have a roof cover your head.
  4. You need to invest money and think what are you investing on. You can invest money to the property for the future so that you can make some money from that.
  5. Don’t spend all your money on unnecessary things like buying expensive clothes with good brands, buying expensive watches, buying expensive jewelleries (necklace, chains, rings and more chains) and this is why people are broke because they’ve spend all their money on unnecessary things just like what I just explained.
  6. Buy the things that are appropriate to you for your understanding of spending money like groceries and stuff like that, the things that you need for yourself.

Everyone got to work in life to earn money for living because living is not cheap. I don’t mean by working in a job for years and years until you retire, get money saved up, get pension and get to go on holiday and enjoy life of retirement. That way of earning money is the old traditional way and there’s other way of making money, you can make money online.

Not understanding how money works (work hard, become successful)

A lot of people don’t understand how money works for them, they think the only way to build wealth and success is to get a good job by saving up to get a dream place to live at. They don’t understand how to invest money and have a high income skills to be able to control and manage money.

That way if making money is not going to help you to achieve your goals, you may get the money saved up if you work for someone and being somebodys slave but most of your money will be going to the government, all your benefits, pensions, taxes all to the government until you retire and get all the money back but that takes you decades to save up.

You want to do it now and want the money now and I’m going to tell you. Nothings easy in life if you find it difficult to learn to be an entrepreneur, your going to be stuck in a job that you hate and your going to be working there for life, being controlled by society, getting told what to do by your boss. Your going to be somebodys slave if you don’t want to to change right now, your going to regret it.

You got to take actions and be proactive if you want to be an entrepreneur, don’t expect anyone to help you, do it yourself and believe in yourself. Your mentor/coach is not going to help you build wealth, all they can do is give you advice and encourage you to make progress. You do it yourself, not someone do it for you and you take the move to let your success grow.

Exciting thing about success

We all love to think about success and see what we going to do if we become successful, it’s a good feeling to have, you can use your money to help others who are poor. You can give money to the charity if your rich and help the poor, not everyone have the heart to do that if their rich.

It’s understandable that we all want to keep our money to ourselves but you got to help others as well. There are people got no homes and no food to eat so we help them to give them money to buy food to eat.

The most common thing about what people say when their rich, they buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini, a big house and go on holidays. They don’t really mention about giving money to the charity to help the poor and stop them from sleeping in the street or help the poor countries.

When you got money you can help people and if you become a successful entrepreneur, you can help even more people, coach them and give them advice to see how you going to help achieve their goals, encourage them and believe in them that they got potentials.

We all got potentials to become successful one day. It’s just believe in yourself.

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