About Gordon

Hello everyone welcomes to my website on how to achieve your goals, my name is Gordon Ip. This is a motivational website is to help people to get motivated and achieve their goals. Everyone needs the motivation to get to their goals. I love helping people to achieve their goals on how to make money, how to get out of their comfort zone and get motivated, even though I’m learning how to make money but I love to have a try to set up my own online business. I’ve been inspired by the successful entrepreneurs that are mentors that help other people to become successful so it inspired me to help others as well.

About me

To know more about me, I have a passion for making money online, success, businesses and entrepreneurship. I love talking about money and success, it’s my passion to help other people to get motivated. I’m learning to be an entrepreneur because I’m tired of working in a regular job all the time. I want to have more freedom to myself, not being stuck in a dead-end job and selling my time for money. This site is to help people to achieve their goals while I help myself. I’m still learning so I’m hoping to help others to success. I have a passion of helping people to success and not be stuck in their current job doing the same thing over again because I noticed a lot of people that are working in a regular job are not happy. I want to see what I can do to help others who are not happy about their current situation to help myself to succeed and others to success. A little about me I’m currently working in the logistics company Neovia, picking and packing in the engineering environment. I work for the agencies so I’m a temporary worker and I’m hoping to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Sometimes I talk to myself to pretend to be a mentor and helping people to achieve their goals and I can see that is my passion is to help people to achieve their goals and get out off their regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Mainly this is just to help me to achieve my goals for myself while I’m helping others because there’s a lot of people that are working in a regular job are not happy and fulfilled. Working in a job that they’re not passionate about. My goal is to help them that there are many different ways to succeed in life, there’s a different path to get to what you need in life, not being stuck to trade your time for money. We’ve been taught by society to get a corporate job and have a normal life. You want to have an exciting life, this is the right site for you to go to.

A story about my achieving goals

I always wonder what I wanted to do in life, I didn’t know about my passion, never knew my potentials. I used to never knew what I wanted to do in the future because my parents used to have their own business, my parents used to open a restaurant and I used to work for my dad. I’ve never thought about taking over the business because it’s too many responsibilities, too much stressed and I wanted to do what I like to do.

My dad had a lot of stressed and he had depression. Unfortunately, my dad passed away from a heart attack. After my dad passed away, I didn’t know what to do in my life. I like talking to people about money, businesses and success because my dad was successful in his business for the catering industry.


How to achieve your goals

No matter what you do just find your way to succeed in life. Find a passion or a hobby that relates to your spare time that you like doing and make a living out of it. Your dream job or the things you like is like cooking, photography, art, drawing, writing, bricklaying, carpentry and sports if you like doing sports. Do the things that you really enjoy doing in your spare time and make a living out of it. If you don’t want to build somebody’s dreams, it is time for you to step out and be ambitious. To be an entrepreneur, to be your own boss and have a goal is not easy because it requires hard work. Your goals don’t come to you, you come to them and achieve your goals. You can’t achieve your goals if you’re working for someone but you can achieve your bosses goals.


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