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Do you want to change your live? Do you want your dreams to come true? This is a audiobook for achieving your goals.

We all struggle in life, we all want to get what we want to do but what’s stops you from progressing? It’s fear that stops you from progressing, we all get stops by some points when we try to progress. Fear stops you from succeeding from your goals that you want to achieve. The habits you do and the comfort zone that your in right now.

If your reading this, this can relate to you.

If you want to achieve your goals, you got to get out off your comfort zone and do something that your not comfortable with, take some challenges and take actions.

Your not going to achieve your goals if you not do anything about it. Your just going to be stuck in your job that your not passion about and your going to be miserable.

Best time to set your goals

There’s no tomorrow, there’s no next week, there’s no next month and there’s no next year.

Do it right now to set your goals to get to what you want or otherwise your going to be stuck in your job, working like a slave.

Of you don’t do anything about your goals, your more likely to be employed and do something that your not passion about.

My goal is to be a better version of myself and to help other people as well to achieve their goals to success.

You want more money, you want a fancy car, you want a nice house and you want to go on vacation.

This is an audiobook to listen to if you want to have those to be your goals.

If your stuck and want to do something about it you should:

  1. Take actions
  2. Develop a skill
  3. Learn more
  4. Get some knowledge for entrepreneurship
  5. Sign up for wealthy affiliate
  6. Find a mentor
  7. Be ok to make mistakes
  8. Get out off your comfort zone
  9. Be proactive
  10. Be willing to take the risk

This is what you should do if you want to get out and explore more new things in life.

Comfort zone is the most 100% the most comfortable

What’s holding you back? It’s your comfort zone, we all get too comfortable of where we are right now but at the same time we not happy about it and we’ve done nothing about it to change it.

People procrastinate and they think their so comfortable right now and not do anything about it because their too relax being in their comfort zone even though they got a goal.

Your goals are not going to come to you, you got to make the moves to do something about it to change your life.

For an example you want to be a good break dancer, you got to practice a lot until you get better if not your not going to be good.

Just the same like you want to achieve your goals to get more freedom and not be stuck in a job you hate.

The affects of comfort zone can stop you from:

  1. Achieving your goals
  2. Stop you from progressing
  3. Makes you more unhappy
  4. Makes you depressed
  5. Can bring negativities
  6. Makes you angry
  7. You get too comfortable
  8. Not want to take actions
  9. Makes you stuck in a job
  10. Makes you poor

These are the affects of what comfort zone can do to you when you got goals to achieve but it stops you from progressing.

You got to keep fighting with your comfort zone and motivate yourself to get to what you want.

If your serious about it, this is the right site for you to achieve your goals.

I want to help people to be happy and not being stuck in the job that they hate. People hates their jobs because they feel like being a slave, they hate their bosses and not happy about their wages.

Not getting paid enough for their bills to pay and have to be selling their time for money to sacrifice themselves. This is why people get depressed from working too much hours and not getting paid enough.

Goal setting

What are your goals? Do you want to work more hours and less pay? Do you want to work less and more pay?

The goals for working less and get paid more is that you got to set up your own online business.

Do you want more freedom? We all want more freedom which is our goals to have.

When you got more freedom, you can do what you want such as hobbies like keeping fit and healthy, going to the gym, swimming, climbing, running, playing football and doing sports.

You can do loads of activities that Keeps you fit if you do have freedom and just work, your not going to achieve your goals for your fitness.

You can go to the gym even though if your working in a job but you be too tired after work. A lot of people that works in a regular job are broke but they can only just can afford to go to the gym and after that, they got not motivation to train because they got no energy left from work.

That’s why it’s important to set your goals for when you stop working  after you become an entrepreneur.

My goal is to be a full time entrepreneur so that I can improve my fitness. I’ve not been in the gym for ages because I’ve been working and after work, I’m too tired and got no energy left. I want to keep fit and improve my fitness.

I eat healthily and I sleep well but I need to do some exercise to get fitter.

Health and fitness is very important for your life and that can be your goals to achieve if you want to get fit.


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