Going to work with no motivation to work (employees looking for parking space in the carpark)

When you set your alarm to wake up every morning to go to work, you do the same routine every morning when you get up for work.

You wake up early in the morning, brush your teeth, wash your face, get change, eat breakfast and drive to work getting stuck in traffic and when you get to the work carpark, you look for the parking space and then walk to work ready for the slavery day.

You see how repetitive it is to be an employee, you wake up early in the morning with no motivation to get out off bed to go to work, you have to force yourself to get up and go to work or otherwise your going to get sacked if you don’t turn up for work.

When you get to work and your still tired and no motivation to work. You have to force yourself to sacrifice your time to the job to earn money, all the money you earn from your job is by time because your selling your time for money.

In a normal job is about 40 hours a week, 9 or 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday and some jobs are various of days and times but the hours are the same.

If your working on shifts it’s all different hours because you might work different days, might have to work weekends.

Breaks are too short at work 

This is a picture of me on my lunch break at work in the canteen. Breaks are too short at work because you can only take 1 hour breaks, you can’t take your breaks too long or otherwise you get a telling off for taking your breaks too long. You get 15 minutes morning break, half an hour lunch break and 15 minutes afternoon break so all together is an hour breaks which is not very long on your breaks and not enough breaks for your body to recover. You don’t get paid for lunch breaks which is rubbish because you get paid what you do at work.

This is why being an employee sucks.

  1. You get told what to do
  2. Your working like a slave
  3. Being treated like a slave
  4. Being restricted from your job
  5. The work rules sucks
  6. You got to follow the job policies
  7. You got to do this and do that
  8. Your job taking control of you
  9. Your being trapped in the job
  10. Working in the same place and doing the same old job
  11. Can only allow 2 weeks holidays
  12. If you don’t take your holidays, you lose it and it be unpaid
  13. Breaks are too short
  14. You can only allow 1 hour breaks all together
  15. Getting stressed at work

This is a problem for being an employee and what people don’t realise is that they are slaves, selling their time for money just to pay the bills even though they got no motivation to work, not passion about their job just to work to earn a little amount of money and getting taxed.

Why would you be working for someone and building their dreams? Making their dreams comes true while your working hard like a slave with little amount of money and your broke.

The more hours you work, the more tax you pay.

Most people hates the tax because they want to have the money to themselves.

This is why most employees are broke, they pay tax, pension, NI (national insurance), bills, rent and debts and many others to pay like insurance.

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After work with no energy and time left (driving back home) 

This is me in my car after a long hectic day from work can finally finished work and get to go home and relaxed. When you finished work, you don’t want to do anything just want to rest and your stressed out from work. I have no energy and motivation to do the things that is important to me. When I get home from work, I have my tea, have a shower and go to bed ready for the next slavery day to sacrifice myself. 

This is why being an employee sucks even when your not working.

  1. No time for yourself
  2. No time to spend with families
  3. No energy left
  4. No motivation
  5. No time to do the things that you like
  6. Your warn out from work
  7. Absolutely exhausted
  8. Too tired
  9. Too many excuses for saying “I got no time because I got work tomorrow”
  10. Your job is taking control of your life and making you unhappy
  11. You get stressed from work

A lot of people got depression because of working too many hours, getting stressed from work, got bills to pay and their stupid job doesn’t pay them enough and their broke.

The problem is, is the society and how we’ve been taught in schools, in schools they teach you the only way to make money is get a job.

We’ve listened to them so they kept us slaves to stop you from getting rich.

Work with stress and get treated like a slave.

They’ve never taught you to be an entrepreneur, they taught you to be employees and get stressed from work.

When I was at work, I have no motivation to do the job, I kept fallen asleep on my desk at work and I had no interest to do the job. I did it just for money not because I want to be there to work.

I’m making money in the wrong way by selling my time to my agency because I’m working for the agency and the agency pays me.

Booking holidays at work 

Employees will have to ask permission to book a holiday with the holiday form to request holidays. They have to be approved by their bosses can they take the holidays to have times off from work. When you took a holiday, the time goes so fast before you go back to work. You get holiday pay depends how much holidays you got.  

The problem is about being an employee on holiday is that you still got a little time left to do the things that is important to you if you don’t have enough holidays, you don’t get paid as much or it be unpaid and you lose holidays if you don’t take it.

An entrepreneur can leverage their time for money, they can make money when their not working, they can make money while their asleep.

An employee will have to take hard work to sacrifice themselves to get paid if they don’t work, no money and stay broke forever even if they work, their still broke.

Hope you enjoy my post.

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about Motivation and Work and explanations are given.

    It is very important that we have motivation in everything we do. If we have motivation we can do a lot, even quit our job 9-5 and make our own business. It’s a very good article.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

  2. You rock for such an astonishing survey about Motivation and Work and clarifications are given.

    It is significant that we have inspiration in all that we do. On the off chance that we have inspiration we can do a ton, even quit our place of employment 9-5 and make our own business. It’s a generally excellent article.

  3. Gordon, you are so right about employment feeling like slavery. Working for someone else and helping them achieve their goals and dreams is ridiculous, I want to work toward my dreams on my terms. I look forward to learning more from your website, How To Achieve Your Goals. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Doing a work you don’t like can be really annoying especially when the pay isn’t as good as you I’m at or can’t really be a reason for you to stay at all. My first job was really bad and that gave me a really bad orientation about working for others and so I was pushed to starting an online business and I haven’t had a reason to look back for a long time now. Make the move and you’ll be fine.

  5. Working at a nine to five that you hate can be mentally draining and I have definitely had a similar experience. I do not like it when people tell me what to do and how to do it constantly. However, I volunteer on the weekends and I love doing that so much. The great feeling I have of doing something that matters because I want to do it and no one can tell me how to do it is very liberating. I want to get to a point in my life where I do not answer to anyone and do great things out of the goodness of my heart.  

  6. Hi Gordon,

    This was a very interesting article. I know most people despise being an office drone with no motivation to do their jobs. They feel like slaves trapped in cubicles. I mean, there’s a reason Dilbert is so popular–it’s so relatable!

    If you’ll let stand on my soapbox for a second, I would say you can’t rely on motivation to come before the action. You must take the action first, and then find motivation. If you asked why someone was singing, you might get an answer like “well, they’re singing because they’re happy.” But what if they were happy because they were singing?

    Of course, being an entrepreneur can give a person way more freedom and a lot less stress than an office job. It also allows them to live life how they want to, and how can you say no to that? Plus, it’s good for the economy. 

    Anyways, good luck with your website. Maybe I’ll see you around,


  7. Hello Gordon. Working without motivation is as terrible as hell. Although I just graduated from school, I have worked for some number of months before getting admission into the school I just graduated from. I know how terrible it is to 2ork for somebody. It actually means a lot of sacrifice of comfort and time but the salary isn’t even worth the effort yet we will not be appreciated for our hardwork. So I don’t intend working for anyone right now. I better go set up my own business because it’s better.


  8. Hey, I also know a lot of people got depression because of working too many hours, getting stressed from work, got bills to pay and their stupid job doesn’t pay them enough and their broke. We never taught to be an entrepreneur, they taught us to be employees and get stressed from work. I also do a job for almost 5 years. It is very stressful. Now after 5 years I know about entrepreneur. Now I working online according to my own time time table.

  9. At least you’ve got breaks. During my first few years working in a busy clinic, we had to squeeze meal time in between seeing patients, with no room to eat. Just a tiny alleyway. When we moved to a bigger facility, things got better – we had more space, but we also get more cases and over the years, the work just burns me out. Whether there’s lunch break or not, makes no difference now. I just want to quit and leave the place for good. 

  10. Thank you so much for the awesome post!  I know how it can feel to be working as an employee, and how terrible it feels to have to ask to even take a few days off to spend with family.  I believe that we should have more business owners in the world, but we have to motivate them!  It is not easy when you are working for a company that does not give you time to start a business!

  11. The problems with being an employee is too numerous to number. Perhaps this a great time to appreciate you for taking your time to educate us on why being an employee sucks. Some people even remain employees till they retire from this world. Don’t be surprised if they teach their children the same mentality. 

    Great post.

  12. I think you can also include going to college every day as an example as well. You wake up, same old routine, you have to go to college when you could be using that time to make money, but instead you’re stuck in a 2 hour class for which you have to pay for, and at the end you don’t even work in the field you graduated from. Ones mental health is really important regarding your work life.  

  13. Even if you are highly motivated to do your job, you listed a long list of frustrations people often feel when working for someone else. I would say your list of frustrations could go longer but at the end of the day the list should motivate you to find a way to work for yourself and be your own boss. It is kinda of sad that the only thing that might motivate you to get to work on time is to find a good parking spot.

  14. What you wrote about in this post is exactly why I decided to dive into the world of online business and working for myself, on myself. I hated my life working for others. My last job was with a big corporation, where I had a good position on paper, but salary wise and working hours I was putting in were far from it… Even after doing 2-3 hours of extra time (not paid!) every day, I was constantly asked ‘’Are you going home already? Really, that early?’’

    Thank you for the book recommendation, the title is very inviting, so I will check it out for sure!

  15. hello thanks for this awesome article it will be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I worked as an employee for a number of years and I will tell you working  without motivation is like dying and going to hell,Naira Marley x I have to go to work without my car, and by the time your finally get there there would be no space so I decided to start taking public transport with was very hectic for me.

    but the best solution is just get motivated to quit your job and start your own business there you will enjoy life 

  16. I thank you for such a wonderful review of the work.I would like to know more details on your website as to how it is possible to work and move forward to achieve the goals.I feel like a slave without any inspiration in my work.I look forward to learning more about how I can achieve my goals by inspiring my work.

  17. I hear you, Gordon,

    I used to feel the same way. What “motivated” me to go to work was the people or colleagues. When I think about that, the very first 9-5 I had, I stayed there for almost 3 years, just because of friends used to meet in the office. 

    But the job itself – Nah. 

    Although I must say, I was sometimes involved in very interesting projects. What happened was, the project either came to an end, or the company I was working for was not needed for that project due to political reasons. 

    These political decisions were out of my control. And I hate when I am part of something I have no control over something. So again, I totally lost motivation of going to 9-5. 

    Thanks a lot for such a post. Man, I gotta read it again to remind me how fortunate I am that I don’t have to work for a boss anymore. 

    You made my day 🙂 Cheers, Mike

  18. Hi Gordan,

    Going to work with no motivation is the only motivator, ironically, for me to find a way to get out of the “slavery day” rat race.

    I have been an 8 to 5 employee for the past 12 years and I am fed up with it, your article speaks for me in every way. If I was to write an article on the same topic yours would be 100% true to my situation.

    The education system needs a revamp, kids should be taught self-finance, investing, even how to build a website from an early age!


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