Goals to escape your 9-5 job

Working in a 9-5 job is not freedom, it’s what I call slavery because you wake up every morning, brush your teeth, wash your face, get change, eat breakfast and going to work being stuck in traffic.

When you get to work, you clock in to sell your time to the job and building somebody’s dreams.

Let’s face it after you finished work, you had no energy and time left to do the things that are important to you. You’re too tired to do other things when you had work.

If you want to get out of your regular 9-5 job, you got to set some goals to get out of slavery.

Your job doesn’t pay you enough for your bills, taxes, rents, insurance and water bills. It’s a pain to wake up every morning to sacrifice yourself to go to work selling your time for money. The money you get is a salary or hourly rate, you get paid by the times you work. Most employees are not happy to be stuck in the same job facing repetitiveness. A lot of employees hates their job.

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Goals setting to quit your 9-5 job 

The only time that employees get paid is by time, entrepreneurs get paid by results and they get paid every day.

Employees get paid monthly or weekly after the long slavery week or months. To get paid as an employee you got to wait for a month until you get your paycheck. The month you wait for your next pay, all the money you’ve spent is gone until you get your next pay and again, all the money is spent on groceries, bills, rent and taxes.

Employees will be running around the circle with no goals to achieve. You go to work, wait for your next pay, spend money on groceries, pay bills and that’s a 9-5 life. You stay broke and can’t reach your goals.

This is how employees face every day: 

  1. Wake up early in the morning
  2. Stuck in traffic
  3. Repetitive
  4. Trade your time
  5. Work hard in the wrong way
  6. Work hard with low pay
  7. Work hard like a slave
  8. Sacrifice
  9. Being moaned by your bosses at work
  10. Being told what to do
  11. No time
  12. No freedom
  13. No motivation
  14. Stress
  15. Restricted
  16. Tiring
  17. Miserable
  18. Anger
  19. Bills to pay but the job doesn’t pay enough
  20. Families to spend but the job stop you

If you want to quit your 9-5 job, you got to set some goals to get out of slavery.

This is what to do to get out of slavery:

  1. Take actions
  2. Learn a skill
  3. Take risks
  4. Get inspired by the successful entrepreneurs
  5. Motivation
  6. Work hard in the right way
  7. Stay focus
  8. Believe in yourself
  9. Get a mentor
  10. Be proactive
  11. Be productive
  12. Set some goals
  13. Work toward your goal to succeed
  14. Don’t worry about failing
  15. Keep going
  16. Never give up
  17. Stay positive
  18. Create your own website
  19. Get more traffic
  20. Make money online

It’s important to set some goals if you don’t want to work in a job for the rest of your life. You want to pursue your career to be an entrepreneur, you got to do it if that’s what you want to do because that’s what I wanted to do is to be an entrepreneur.

I’m interested in entrepreneurship and I want to help people to get out of their regular 9-5 job to have a happy life. If you got kids and your still trading your time for money, you don’t have enough time to spend with your kids and you be broke.

My goal is to help people to get financial freedom and help myself as well.

Looking for a job 

If people like your parents, cousins, carers, friends tell you to get a job, don’t listen to them because they are telling you wrong. They want you to trade more time to build somebody’s dreams, you want to build your own dreams. Selling your time for money is not going to achieve your goals, no matter how hard you work, how long you work, you never going to get to your goals to success. The money you get paid is salary or hourly rate, you’re never will get to your goals by selling your time. You should ignore them if they tell you to look for jobs online and there’s an online business you can work from home.
This is my CV if I am looking for another job that treats me like a slave. I’m not looking for a job because I want to focus on working on my website to build traffic.

This is what you should do if people tell you to get a job:

  1. Don’t listen to them
  2. Do what you want
  3. Explain what business are you doing
  4. Focus on your business
  5. Don’t let them distract you
  6. Don’t let them hold you back
  7. Know your rights
  8. Be defensive to them

There will be some people will tell you to get a job when you’re starting your online business. People don’t understand what is an online business.

I think people need to be educated because they’ve been educated by society.

Get out of slavery & let my people go 

I want to help people to get out of slavery and have the freedom to be able to enjoy life, spend time with families, do things that are important to them such as health and fitness. Why do people still working for someone and making them rich? Everyone’s got potentials to be able to achieve their goals. Your working for someone and you’re making someone achieving their goals while you remain broke and unsuccessful. You can do better than that so why are you still working in a job that you hate? Do you want to discipline or regret? The longer you work for someone, the more you regret.
Believe in yourself that you can do better and get out of slavery. You don’t want to be told what to do, you want to do what you want, no boss and more freedom. Why would you work for someone that you can do better? You want to build your own dreams, not somebody’s dreams. You can do it and you got to take the actions to get out of your day job.

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  1. Hello Gordon, Your Guide is very helpful for everyone to build up my confidence to quit my job. I am working in a company from long time but haven’t think about it. Now I working as a freelance and hope soon I will quit my 9 to 5 job. I also set some amazing goals for my 2020 with the help of your guide. I hope I will achieve my goals soon. Your guide is very helpful for everyone.

  2. Hello. I really like your post. You pretty much described my life lol! I can totally relate. Everything is so monotonous and I particularly don’t like being told what to do. And you’re right, we need to take action to escape the rat-race. The 20 steps you listed are what’s necessary to stop exchanging money for time.


  3. I can totally relate to this topic as I hate working 9-5 making someone else rich and fat and happy while I suffer!

    I noticed a few things on the site you could look at fixing:

    Instead of showing the actual link just hyper link all you need to do is hyper link a word or a phrase 

    like “CLICK HERE NOW” to get your book….The CLICK HERE NOW is the text to hyperlink rather than seeing a whole URL which is kind of ugly and long….just an idea?

    Over all Grammar and English use could be worked on a bit – A good Program to help with this is called Grammerly.
    For example: You said,
    This is my CV if I’m looking for my next job for another slavery.    <<—does not make sense
    I’m not looking for a job because I want to focus on working on my website to build traffic.

    Should be more like:
    This is My CV if I am looking for another job that treats me like a slave……  <<–could try this ?

    Anyway good Article, nice site! Great work!

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your guide and find it very useful for everyone like me. Your guide is very perfect on goal setting. I already set my goals but haven’t achieve them yet. I set them every year and then forget. Now I put a board in front of my work space to keep reminding me. I am very thankful for your awesome and easy to learn guide to achieve our goals. Surely anyone can quiet their 9-5 job.

  5. Thanks a lot for this amazing instructions and explanation given about GOALS TO ESCAPE YOUR 9-5 JOB.

    A very good article, after reading it I have more self confidence to leave my 9-5 job. Not long ago I described an online business and I work hard to get rid of 9-5 jobs. Now I feel more motivated to work hard.

    Thanks again and keep in touch !

  6. I like the overall look of your website and I think that this article has given me an overview of what is required to realistically get out of a 9-5 job and into a job that you love to work in. Do you think that you can do better at entrepreneuring than a 9-5 job all the time or should you do a part time job if you are struggling entrepreneuring?

  7. Hi thank you for this post. A lot of what you have said really resonates with me. I am feeling the same and have taken steps to start my own business. It’s early days but I feel so much better have a plan and taking action. I’m you talk about setting goals. I think being really clear about what you want to achieve is the most powerful step you can take, that way you will know when you are on the right track.

  8. Many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article and I have the opportunity to discuss a wonderful topic through this article. One of the great things you describe about in this article is that I have to work towards achieving our goals in life. And if you have more than 20 points that follow I will easily reach our desired goal. I hope that after reading this article, many will be encouraged to reach the goal of life. 

  9. Indeed, in order to escape the rat race, goal setting is key and should be looked into critically. Thank you for sharing this article on goals with which we can quit our 9 to 5 jobs. I have been involved in 9 to 5 job before and it’s not something I want to be involved in anymore so I am working out plans to set up my dream business because a 9 to 5 job will not allow me to fulfill my dreams. What I want to do is internet marketing.

  10. Hey,

    This is a big one – being an employee it is difficult for some people but others just love it. For those people who like to be an employee, I would think they don’t like to take the risk or rather do everything else that other people are doing.

    I was an employee I had taught times, when you do not know the law it is difficult, especially when you are working for a small company. – left couple years ago also it is taught because of the MINDSET I grew with. 

    Slowly, I am starting building my online business – So this website is fantastic for those who seeking to be different, motivated in changing their mindset (Yes, it is possible) why people still afraid of taking risks.

    Do it the hard way to bear fruits later – or if you do it the easy way it leads to nothing. 

    I wish you all the success



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