Goals setting to success – need passion & ambitions

Thinking about changing your career, not liking or enjoying your current job that your not passion about, here are some ideas that can help you get out off your regular job. Want to change from where you are to where you want to be is not easy to get what you want, we all want to change one day because we all tired about being somebodys slave. 

We were born as slaves in this society, we get forced to go to school and learn, get good grades, go to college, university and get a good secure job, work for years and years until you retire, save up all the money to enjoy life. 

I am going to break this down by steps. First of all you got to develop a skill if you want to build wealth. Second find what your passion about if you like drawing then do it, if you like graphic design do it, if you like photography do it, if you like fashion do it. 

Important of goals setting in today

In this society the only way to become successful is by getting a job because it’s not been taught in school about making money like a rich person. We’ve been programmed to be slaves, do what the teacher say, do what your parents say and do what your boss say. They tell you do this and do that. 

My advice of goals setting is don’t wait, just do it and believe in yourself. Do it early when you got nothing to lose. 

Develop a skill that you got (skill sets) 

If your getting into entrepreneurship, got to emphasise that you know what skills you got no matter what it is. In the pass of what you’ve learnt at college, what hobbies you like doing and it can be anything. 

Do some research about making money online and ask yourself can you do it, don’t make your friends to motivate you because that’s all on you, not on them and they can’t help you and you got to help yourself to make it happen.

These are 4 things that lead to success:

1. Learn from your mistakes

2. Take risks

3. Take actions

4. Work hard but smart 

Improve everyday with your business

When you got your business set up, keep on going and keep working hard with your business. Example when you open a restaurant, you got to keep on opening your restaurant to attract customers to come to your place to eat, have good food hygiene, good customer service, clean and tidy and etc. 

Make sure you advertise your restaurant because that can attract customers to come to your place, put your address and phone number. 

Another thing about keeping your business going is by redecorating your restaurant, make it look presentable, make it look interesting. If there’s things going wrong in your place like water leaking, get a professional plumbing to fix it. Most plumbers are self employed and they got their own business. They got their own plumbing business which is “super plumber” if that’s a name of their businesses. 

Improve everyday with your website 

Create your website with your niche, think of a topic for your website, keep on watching training videos about how to build your website, keep on learning and training to get what you want. You got to learn and train as much as possible in order to improve, you need tools and equipments to build your website to get better. 

You know keep up with the good work, get more ranks and followers and keep on top of it until your ready to earn money but that’s a bit of a step of it. Do it in your own pace, don’t let that frustrate you, don’t get stressed out. I know it may take some time so if your stressed out, I’m sure you can figure it out or get a mentor to help you out.  

It’s your website, your project, your very own website that you purchases, your unique website. You are the only one to control the website and your the admin of the website. 

These are the 4 ways to attract audience to your site:

1. Think of a topic

2. Make it stands out

3. Make it interesting

4. Keep on running 

Start early, don’t wait “you can do it”

Always start early because you got nothing to lose before it’s too late. Make a plan of what you want to do in your online business in order to success. 

It’s hard, not easy, you may fall but you can stand back up. You won’t regret it once you’ve achieved your goals. The fear can put you off on trying to achieve your goals because what’s holding you back is fear, we all get that. 

Theres 2 ways to get to where you want to be:

1. Regrets

2. Discipline

Regrets are when your not achieving your goals and working in a regular job for years until you’ve stopped and thinking of yourself why you didn’t do something that you can do better when you got potentials, we all got potentials and passions, it’s just what we can use it for. 

Discipline is where your going to do it and not be scare of failing because you may fall but you can stand back up to fight until you win. We are like a warrior and we should fight our fears to success. If you want something, do something, don’t wait until they come to you. You got to make the move to let it happen, know your potentials and passions. What are your passion? It can be anything if you like hiking, traveling, painting, drawing, science, geography, photography and etc. Find a passion and know your potentials. If you want to achieve your goals, you can do it and have the right mind set to become successful. You want a nice car, nice house and travel around the world? Don’t wait just do it. 

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