Goals setting to be an entrepreneur

Take your time to set up your goals and don’t rush. Make sure you go through your trainings. Take actions once you’ve learnt from your training, do what the training told you to do, continue building more contents and keep your training consistent.

I’m learning to be an entrepreneur and I’m trying to learn as much as I can for my training. That is my goal setting is to learn as much as I can.

Make sure your ready for it to take the risk, got to commit to it and willing to take risk. A lot of people are scared of taking the risk because their afraid of losing money.

We all scared of failing for our business, you can lose money when you fail so that’s why it’s important to set some goals so that it can keeps you motivated for your actions when it comes to serious business.

Set some goals for what your going to promote, what your going to sell and what you going to do for your business.

For an example my goal is to build a brick of wall, think of what you need to build that wall, you need tools and equipment to build that wall.

Actions is everything for business

Of you want to keep your business going, you got to take actions and will to take risk for a loss to make money.

That’s what entrepreneurs do and they work for themselves, do what they want and discipline themselves.

Actions is everything so that you can improve yourself on your actions in business, you can make as many mistakes as you want and learn from it.

What ever stops you from progressing is fear because we all scared of trying new things in life. The habits we got, the routine we do in our daily life, things your used to of doing it, the fear you got of trying new things and the comfort zone that your in now.

Comfort zone is something that stops you from progressing because your so comfortable of what your doing like watching TV, playing computer games, doing things that your not comfortable with and think that you got enough to keep you happy but inside your not happy.

People normally don’t like to try new things that challenge them so that’s what’s holding you back and they think they know it all. I’m not an expert of this, I’m still learning.

Take actions or stay in your comfort zone?

Why are people are not progressing? Because they don’t take actions once they’ve learnt from the training, they think they know it all and the comfort zone hold them back from progressing.

You have to fight with the comfort zone and get out and take actions. Think of goal what your going to do to take the actions for your business to keep the business running.

The people who wants to achieve their goals, they should get out off their comfort zone and be proactive, keep on going on the trainings and take some actions on your business.

How to get out off your comfort zone:

  1. Don’t watch too much TV
  2. Read some book
  3. Take actions
  4. Be proactive
  5. Find an expert in business to help
  6. Take notes

This is what you can do to help yourself to get out off your comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs spends time on their own

A lot of entrepreneurs are on their own all the time to do their business. They always have a quiet time for themselves so that they can focus on what their doing, what their goals going to be for their business to success.

They work on their own and try not get distracted from their friends.

Investing money

I don’t know anything about investing money so I say what I think if you don’t mind. Investing money is one of the risk to take if your goal is to build wealth. How much you invest, how much your going to make and I think that’s how it works, it depends of your business I going well then you make good decent amount of money if you fail, you lose money.

Save some money for your goals and then invest. Got to be 100% commit to it and willing to take the risk.

Goals to learn a skill to be an entrepreneur

What skills do you need? You need skills to be able to sell online. There’s a lot to learn and to take on if you sell something, you need tools to sell and to promote.

You don’t have to go to college and learn a skill for that.

The skills you learn at college:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Bricklaying
  3. Plumbing
  4. Electric
  5. Engineering
  6. Mechanic
  7. Graphic design
  8. Business studies
  9. Hair dressing
  10. Beauty therapy

These are the courses and skills you learn at college if you pick one, you can learn the skills and it be good for your niche if you set up your own business for your entrepreneurship.

Your goal is to learn a skill bit what sort of skills you want to learn? These skills from college can help if your selling products that are from construction, you can sell bricklaying tools for example.

I’m sure you can sell construction tools on Amazon. You can write your contents about construction industry about what tools you should use to build a house.

You can learn a skill online to be an entrepreneur and find a mentor who can help you and achieve your goals to become successful. My goal is to get more freedom and more time for myself so I can go travel around the world and enjoy life.

My goal is to sell products and get results.

The goals that you want to achieve, it takes time so you got to be patient, it will come to you eventually if you keep on going and progressing. Don’t stop and keep up the good work.

Results will come to you if you do well with your business.

Skills are very important if you want to success.

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