Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure

Just because you didn’t do well in school, you didn’t get good grades in your GCSEs it doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure forever, it means you’re a learner with loads of potentials.

Maybe school is not your thing, but setting up your business is your thing to success. Just because you failed your GCSEs it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, you can still be successful for not passing your GCSEs because the traditional education is broken, you can do better things in life and prove that you can do better.

Failing is all part of learning because we are learning all the time to improve ourselves to gain knowledge. You have to remember just because you failed, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. When you fail, you stand up and keep moving forward until you reach your goals.

All I have to say is don’t give up, don’t look down on yourself to be low esteem about yourself, you have to believe in yourself just because you didn’t do well in school and you can do it.

It doesn’t really matter to fail 

We’ve been told to go to school to learn, do things that we don’t like, learn the subjects that we might not be interested in like maths or science because there are some people hate maths or science.

When we were in school, we’ve been forced to do things that we don’t like, we always get told what to do by the teachers and they always want us to do things that we don’t like.

When people don’t do what they’ve been told to do in school, they get detention in school just because they didn’t attend the class like the lessons they hate.

Some people hate schools and hate their teachers because the teachers get you to do things that you don’t like because we’ve been controlled by society and the school system to obey the regulations.

You got to do this and do that to be successful, that’s not true because we have the freedom to do things that we want, we don’t want to be controlled by society to go to school, get good grades, do a test and pass your test to get to our dream job and work for years like a slave.

We’ve been taught to be slaves, go to school, do what you’ve been told, do GCSEs, go to college and do a course and get a job to work as a slave. You see, we’ve been controlled and brainwashed by the society that we have to pass our GCSEs and A levels to be successful. That is not always true to pass your exams to be successful, get a good job and build someone else’s dreams forever.

It doesn’t matter to fail because you can do better in life without anyone controlling your life, it’s all to you to do what you want, it’s your life and it’s your business.

Either you fail or pass it doesn’t matter, what really matters is are you bringing any values for passing your GCSEs exams?

What are the values for passing your GCSEs exam?

The value of passing your GCSEs with good grades like “A’s” or “B’s” that you can find a good job with good money, more than minimum wage. High paying jobs require qualifications, you need a good standard of English, a good standard of maths, good standard of science and a good standard of IT (information technology). To get apprentice, you need GCSEs grades in maths and English.

High expectation for success 

A lot of people think to be successful is to go to school, get good grades, go to college, do A levels, go to university and get a good secure job with good money.

People have high expectations for success, they think getting good grades is important for life, they think if they don’t get good grades, they won’t get their dream job and they might have to work in a job that is minimum wage like working in retail.

People expect too much about education, they think to have good grades is the way towards success, you can get a good job with better money and what they don’t know is timing. Do you know how long it takes to be qualified to be a doctor or lawyer?

It takes you almost a decade to complete your education of studying to be a doctor or lawyer.

It takes you a long time to study, you need to be very clever, you need good grades with loads of A’s in all your subjects and go to university for at least 7 years.

Would you rather spend decades to study law or would you find a solution to get out of the traditional education? It’s going to take you a long time to study, you have to do a lot of training and a lot of exams.

It is your choice to choose to spend time studying or find a solution.

I’m not here to tell you not to go to school because education is important in life, everyone got to go to school to learn.

I’m here to motivate you that failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

When you fail is not the end of the world because there are plenty of opportunities that you can do to improve yourself, maybe school, the traditional education is not for you, but there is a way that you can set up an online business from scratch and work towards your goals.

The traditional education and traditional businesses are stressful because you’ve been controlled to spend the time to learn, get a 9-5 job, not getting paid enough and you have to do housework when your living on your own. Life is stressful because you have to take a lot of responsibility like cooking, washing up, cleaning, washing the clothes and revise if you’re taking an exam to take your test.

The subjects what they teach you in school

In traditional education about what they teach you in school or colleges:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. IT (information technology)
  4. Science
  5. Geography
  6. RE (religious education)
  7. PE (physical education)
  8. History
  9. Citizenship
  10. Art
  11. DT (design technology)
  12. Languages
  13. Biology
  14. Physics
  15. Chemistry
  16. Drama
  17. Psychology
  18. Catering
  19. Gardening
  20. Bricklaying
  21. Carpentry
  22. Plumbing
  23. Engineering
  24. Get a job

That’s what they teach you in traditional education in school and colleges. You learn these things but you won’t make any value of how you can achieve your goals.

In school, you learn a lot of random subjects like gardening if you like gardening.

A lot of people stick with traditional education and take the course for like bricklaying for example or plumbing, carpentry, gardening or catering if they want to be a chef.

The courses you take will take you time to learn the skills, you will have to do an apprenticeship for bricklaying, plumbing, engineering, businesses or many other courses you took from college.

If you’re applying for an apprenticeship for any of the subjects, the employer has to look at your CV about your education, what school you went to, what grades did you get in your GCSEs and the college you went to.

The traditional education and traditional businesses requirements 

Traditional education and businesses require a CV for the employer to look at for the person who applied for the job. If someone applied for an apprenticeship for bricklaying, carpentry, engineering, catering or businesses. The employer will have to look at your grades for your GCSEs, they have to make sure your Maths and English is the right standard for the job. It can be stressful for applying an apprenticeship or a job because I’ve applied loads of jobs before, I didn’t hear back from the employer. Traditional businesses can be annoying and this is why I’m building my own dreams by writing blogs instead of applying for jobs.

When you’re qualified with your course like plumbing, you can set up your own plumbing business and work for yourself.

When you have a traditional business like plumbing, carpentry or bricklaying, you can employ people to work with you and you have to deal with a lot of responsibilities. You have to deal with customers if they want you to build them a conservatory, sort the price out and make sure you don’t charge them too much.
The traditional business is to open a restaurant, you got to have a qualification for catering to open the business. It requires a lot of work like paperwork, drinks license and food hygiene. You might need to go to college to do the course for business and catering.

Traditional businesses are a lot of headaches because you have to take a lot of responsibilities for your business.

Get out of the corporate slavery world 

A lot of successful people didn’t do well in school but they did well with their online business, they made a lot of money, their business set them free to travel around the world and a lot of them dropped out of college because they want to find a way to achieve their goals.

Going to college, spend time in class learning the course is a waste of time, they find a way to get out of the corporate slavery world to have freedom.

When you’re at college, they only teach you how to get a normal life like getting a 9-5 apprenticeship job, building someone else’s dreams instead of yours, they teach you how to pay the bills even your job doesn’t pay you enough and they control you to be a slave.

If you want to have your own life, you have to keep following your dreams to your goals. School, colleges and universities which are the traditional education are not for you, you have to find a way to get out of the slavery world.

That’s why a lot of successful entrepreneurs didn’t do well in schools because they don’t want to spend another year of education for learning nothing, getting a corporate 9-5 job, building someone else’s dreams and work as a slave.

The traditional education and businesses are broken because you can learn online and start an online business from scratch.

You don’t need a CV for online business because that’s for traditional education and businesses.

That’s why a lot of successful entrepreneurs dropped out of college because they got a goal to set so they don’t need a traditional education anymore to get brainwashed.

When you go to school or colleges, you’ve been brainwashed by traditional education like do GCSEs, do work experience, learn how to write a good CV and be a slave with loads of stress.

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6 thoughts on “Failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure”

  1. Failing is part of everyone. I’m still yet to meet anyone who can honestly say that they haven’t failed in absolutely anything in their lifetime; that just doesn’t happen. We fall, we break, we cry, we fail, we punish ourselves for it but at the end of the day you have just learned a lifelong lesson of things that maybe you should avoid or improve. Failing makes you stronger and your knowledge towards what you think you knew just expands. Great reminder for everyone to keep looking forwards in life and not just let a simple mistake determinate your entire life.  

  2. Hi Gordon… firstly thank you for sharing your thoughts in this article here. Whilst I definitely agree with you that we should never let failure in tests and exams to equate to failure in life, I do want to point out the importance of education. Yes, education and getting good grades in school does not equate to a successful life, but if you did an analysis of the world population, having an education does give one a better chance at being successful in life – at least from a material wealth standpoint. I do believe there are merits in working for a larger company, particularly at the beginning of one’s career because the experience of working for someone provides an entrepreneur with a different outlook and in my opinion makes him or her a better business owner. And to get a good job with a good company, education and good grades are important. I would say, don’t let failure in an exam or test deter you from studying and working harder at doing well. Instead every failure is an opportunity to learn and become even better. 

  3. Gordon, 

    Thank your for this very uplifting and positive article on failing doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Some people would benefit very much form this. You are correct, we all fail, but is’t what we do with those failures that make us strong. I like to call them corrections. I did not do well in school, but I’m successful. My son dos really well in school, but absolutely hates it. I know he will be successful.  


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