Employees mindset that time is money

Time is money if your an employee because employees gets paid by time.

Employees gets paid by the hours they work and the times they work.

For an example you work in the warehouse as a picker and packer, your lifting boxes and taking the boxes to a different place, your getting paid per hour which is hourly rate.

Another example your working at McDonald’s as a floor cleaner, you clean the floor, your getting paid per hour which is hourly rate and you get paid by the hours you work.

No matter how hard you work, your still earning the same amount of money by time.

Employees thinks that time is money so that’s why they go to work on time so they get paid by the time they start.

The time you start work is 7:30am to 16:30pm that’s 9 hours a day. You don’t get paid for lunch breaks so that’s 8 and a half hours a day. That’s just an example the times you start because everyone starts different times and finished different times.

Everything is time in a job 

You start work at 7:30am, go to break at 10:30am, go to lunch at 13:30pm, go for your afternoon break at 15:00pm and finished work at 16:30pm.

You see everything is time in a job for being an employee because employees thinks time is money.

The time we sell ourselves are restricting us from freedom from trying to achieve our goals to get to what we want.

Why are people are not achieving their goals, not successful and rich is because they sell their time for money.

Selling your time for money is not going to make you rich.

The reason why selling your time for money not make you rich is:

  1. You get paid by the hours you work
  2. You get paid by time
  3. You can’t control how much you want to earn
  4. You get paid what you get
  5. They pay you hourly or salary
  6. All the money goes to the government
  7. You pay tax
  8. You pay NI (national insurance)
  9. You pay pension
  10. The job takes control of your money

This is why selling your time for money not make you rich is because they take control of you and all the money goes to the government.

No matter how hard you work, how many hours you work, your not going to get rich by working hard in the wrong way.

Working hard makes you successful but in the right way not in the wrong way.

The wrong way of working hard is by selling your time for money and work hard at your job.

Working hard in the right way is writing loads of contents on your website, take risk, take actions and build your business.

Wasting your time to sell your time (getting a job) 

A lot of people are wasting their time for selling their time for money, they have to get up ridiculously early in the morning to force themselves to get up, ready for the slavery day to go to work and work for years and decades until they retire, get the time to enjoy life.

It is not how you want to live your life in this traditional way by selling your time to the job for money just to pay the bills.

This is why employees are broke because they’ve been taken control by their jobs because their job gives them security to save all the money for their future when they retire.

Your job takes control out of you by taxing you, taking your national insurance, your pensions and all those money goes to the government and they keep all your money and you make a little amount of money. Your job gives you security by taking all your money to save until you retire.

You see your wasting your time by selling your time for money and the job takes your money out off your wages by tax, national insurance and pension. All those money goes to the government and they save your money until you retire.

Your selling your time for money by working like a slave with a low paid job, work for years and decades until you retire from your job and save all the money from your pensions.

When you retire from your job, the government give you back the money for your retirement so you can enjoy life.

Which is not how you want to live your life by working like a slave to save money for your future. Even when your retired your still not rich but enough to save.

Do you want to waste your time by selling your time for money, work for years and years until you retire, save up all your money and then buy a nice car like a BMW? Do you want to make money like a successful entrepreneur, make loads of money to buy a nice car? It’s your choice, you choose the path where to go. You can save and then invest money to make more money.

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You need money to make money

If you want to set your own business, you need money for it. It’s not easy to work for yourself because you need to spend your money for your business, you need money for your website, money for the business and all that. It’s good to save money but not good to just focusing on saving money and wasting your time by selling your time for money just to earn money and save money. Your job doesn’t pay you enough to buy a nice car or a house so you need to find a way that helps you make money faster. There’s no secret ways of making money, you got to work hard to earn more money but work hard in the right way. Being tight and save money is not going to make you rich.

Times flies when your wasting time to save money 

An hour is 60 minutes, a day is 24 hours, a week is 7 days, a month is 6 weeks and a year is 12 months. Think of all the time of your life that you’ve been spent is work, leading you to unhappiness, depression, stress and regret. Your wasting your time by working, selling your time for money and building someones dreams comes true. Getting paycheck to paycheck, no goals to achieve.

There’s no tomorrow, no next week, no next month and no next year, there is today, start making changes right now.

If you wait for the right time, your more likely to be employed and building someones dreams.

How you going to build your own dreams?:

  1. Stop wasting your time
  2. Don’t wait, just do it
  3. Stop selling your time for money
  4. Don’t listen to other people that tells you don’t start your online businesses
  5. You don’t need motivation from your friends
  6. Motivate yourself
  7. Discipline yourself
  8. Believe in yourself
  9. Times goes fast the more you wait
  10. Learn more

I hope this article helps and I hope you enjoy my post.

17 thoughts on “Employees mindset that time is money”

  1. It is very difficult to get paid on a limited resource and time is a very limited resource. This is why you can’t get rich if the only thing you sell is your time. You mention some of the time wasters but in reality you sell every hour of every day of your life because you have needs that must be met such as sleep and eating. The time you sell is even more limited than you first think. Certainly, it is time to think of other ways to make money than selling your time.

  2. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i must say I agree with you time is money there is no tomorrow,no next week,no next month if you want to make it quit that job and follow your own dream,your niche.thanks once more

  3. I’mso glad I managed to get over this mindset before I was done with high school and though I am still at college studying for some good degree I don’t intend to sell my time and get a job. So I’ve worked my ways and have managed to get to start up a few things. I think one thing people should also learn is how to build multiple sources of income  and just like you said just get it started, don’t wait for enough capital, what you have already is enough. Thanks a lot this is just so helpful and a reminder.

  4. You are absolutely right that time is important when you are an employee. However, I also think that time is also important if you want to become an entrepreneur or investing in yourself. I am investing my time after my full time job into educating myself so I can finally work from home. After work instead of hanging out with colleagues I come home and do my online training. It is a scarify for now but I am sure I can reap the rewards in the future. 

    The bottom line is I think time is important no matter which side you are. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is up to you on how you spend your time.



  5. Hey, While reading your article I enjoy and lot. I know employees gets paid by the hours they work and the times they work. Yes, it is same to everyone, start work at 7:30am, go to break at 10:30am, go to lunch at 13:30pm, go for your afternoon break at 15:00pm and finished work at 16:30pm. Your post helped me to stop Wasting your time to sell your time. 

  6. Hi! This is an interesting article. I like the approach. And I hadn’t stopped to think in several of the things you’ve mentioned. When we’re in a job we’re exchanging time for money and we will always be struggling for money. I’ll check out this audio book you suggested. Most of the major changes in our life start with a change in mentality. Thanks for this post!

  7. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. one thing i really agree with is that saving money doesn’t make you rich at all, all the tips that you have outlined here are going to be helpful to me. thank you very much

  8. A great inspirational and motivational article. The older I get the more I think that time and money are very different and it’s possible to make money outside of time, that is, through a passive income. And so many of the really important things in life are not accessible with money, like time spent with family. It’s more important to me to strengthen my relationships than make a bit more money.

  9. I absolutely agree! I would rather budget my time for working on my own and being my own boss.  I have tried multiple avenues in the work arena and all of them have been a waste of time.  You could work ten times better than your coworker and they may be making more money per hour or salary than you.  You may or may not get a pat on the back for your hard work, but that doesn’t pay the bills.  I definitely agree that time is a limited resource and should be treated as such.

  10. Hello Gordon. Thank you for sharing this post on employees mindset that time is money. No wonder a musician in my country sang a song titled “Time Na Money”. Indeed, as an employee, time is not to be joked with; go late to work, your salary will be reduced by the hours you missed. Being an employee will not be sufficient enough to help us fulfill our big dreams. I have worked for some months after high school before gaining admission into higher institution and I know what it takes to work for somebody. It’s like being a slave. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t paid up to the value I offered. I even spend extra hours at work. I graduated and I don’t intend working for anyone again. I really want to be a boss of my own. Only then I will have the money, time and freedom to become what I truly want to become.


  11. Hi, you have a very smart way of s seeing the world. People are mostly brought into a world of scarcity, and working for peanuts. The average person believes that that is life, and it could never be any different. Employees and employers both have a very different Viewpoint of life. The individual that focuses on passive income, is interested in creating income for the rest of their life. they view money completely differently Then the average person.

  12. This is totally true. I don’t have to look very far back to remember when I used to have that same limiting mentality. People who think like this will find themselves working most like at a job they don’t like only to end up with regrets.

    i believe it is far more rewarding to ditch the “time is money” and start thinking like an entrepreneur. Providing real value and solving problems that can make a real difference. Taking this approach is better because it has the potential to help you create time for yourself.

    Great post, thanks for sharing

  13. Yes! I strongly agree that many employees sell their time for money.
    As a former employee, I was in a position and had that mindset! For more than 8 years, I only live on paycheck to paycheck. And the funny thing is, I can’t save at all. To the point that I felt that my life was only: Wake Up >> Work >> Pay Bills >> Dead. What is the use of life? I am alive but not alive. I just became the slave of others.
    Until finally, I tried to get out of my comfort zone. Although the first 2 years in starting a business is not easy. I even had to stay on my sister’s sofa. And the saddest thing is that during those two years, I lived lonely. Why? Because I have no money at all. I can’t even go out for a drink that costs only $ 20 with my friend. So pathetic.
    However, because of the courage to take the step, I can live comfortably today. Living above average. Make money even when I sleep. If I Thinking back, Why didn’t I find your website first so I didn’t have to struggle for 8 years doing work that I hate. Because to be honest, this mindset is very toxic and is the most important mindset to destroy first.

    Once again, thank you very much for this valuable article ..


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