Employees mentality Vs entrepreneurs mentality

The difference between employees and entrepreneurs are completely different.

They both got different mentality, employees takes hard work to earn loads of money, entrepreneurs takes actions and make loads of money by results.

Employees mentality will think the only way to make money is get a job, sell your time for money, work like a slave and be in the rat race.

You work for years and years until you retire, enough money to save and get to enjoy life.

Some employees drives nice cars, it’s because they got a high paying job and they got enough money to save. Employees with a high paying job are not rich but they got enough money to buy a nice car, they can only just got enough to save to buy a nice car. If they got a house, families and a car, they probably won’t have enough money because of bills and rents.

This is a problem for being an employee, you get paid by time and you get paid what you get.

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If you want to get out off your normal 9 to 5 job, you got to do something about it. Start your own business now. It’s not going to be easy to be an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of work to do to become an entrepreneur. There’s no tomorrow, there’s no next week, there’s no next month and there’s no next year. There is today, start right now and don’t wait. What are you waiting for?

The more you wait, the more your going to be stuck in the job that you hate.

I want to help everyone to stop listening to other people who wants you to get a job and work like a slave.

The difference how entrepreneurs work

Entrepreneurs work from home, they work while their on vacations when their on holidays.

They take their laptops everywhere to do their online businesses.

They make money while their asleep.

Entrepreneurs works everyday and they got no set of time like what time they start work, what time they go on breaks, what time they go to lunch and what time they finished work. They don’t work like that which is what employees do.

They work whenever and various of time they want to work.

You have more freedom to be an entrepreneur and your not being controlled by your job because your working for yourself, you do what you want and you have the control of your life.

Employees on holidays Vs entrepreneurs go holidays

Leverage your time for money
The difference between employees on holidays and entrepreneurs on holidays is that employees will have to ask for permission to go on holidays, they can use a certain amount of holidays, they got to see how much holidays they got left before they lose their holidays. If your working in a job, your entitled to take a holiday. Entrepreneurs don’t need permission to go on holidays, they just go on vacations if they got the money that they’ve earned just to enjoy life with success on their businesses.

The problem is for employees holidays is if you don’t take your holidays that your entitled to, you lose your holidays and no pay which is rubbish.

Entrepreneurs on holidays they can do what they want, they got the freedom and they can still work on their businesses with their laptops.

This is what employees do on holidays:

  1. Spend loads of money
  2. Eat loads of food
  3. Drink loads of drinks
  4. Relaxing from work
  5. Forget about work
  6. Go to the beach on holiday
  7. Partying
  8. Having fun
  9. Dreading to go back home and go back to work on the next day
  10. Come back home and broke

This is what entrepreneurs do on holidays:

  1. Work on their laptops or phones
  2. Continue to work even though their on holiday
  3. Keep their business progress on track
  4. Making money while their on vacations
  5. Don’t have to worry about spending too much money because they can make money while they spend
  6. More freedom
  7. Relaxing and enjoy life
  8. Staying in the expensives hotels
  9. Not dreading to go back home
  10. Come back home and still rich

The problem is for being an employee on holiday is they stopped working and they still get paid while their on holiday, they get paid by the hours they work is not because their on holiday, they still pay you by the time you work which is not a lot. The problem is when employees come back from holiday, they get the stressed coming out, dreading to wake up and face reality again.

Entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about anything while their on holiday because they still continue to work and keep their business going.

Work hard to earn more money in the wrong way Vs work hard to earn more money in the right way 

Your teachers, friends, your parents that tell you to work hard in order to earn more money. What they mean is getting a job, work loads of hours just to pay the bills. The harder you work, the more money you earn, more tax and more bills to pay which is the problem about being an employee.

Employees will have to work very hard and less pay just enough to pay the bills.

Most people think the only way to make money is by working in a corporate job, selling your time for money just to pay the bills and building your employers dream. Your making your employer rich, not you because you get paid what you get and all the money goes to the employer. If you want to build your own dreams and be better than your employer, you got to take actions and get out off your comfort zone. The more you wait, your more likely to be employed and work like a slave. You want to be better than your boss, not let your boss tells you what to do and you can do better than your boss if you believe in yourself. All the best everyone and I hope you enjoy my blog. 

7 thoughts on “Employees mentality Vs entrepreneurs mentality”

  1. While I partly agree with your assessment of the differences between employees and entrepreneurs, I also believe that the latter never switch off because their business is a 24/7 operation and they are the sole decision maker.

    The entrepreneur level for which I believe you’re referring to is the type that’s been an employee already and then done 100 hour working weeks to develop their own business to the point where they can take luxury holidays and drive luxury cars

  2. I totally agree with what you wrote. Because as a former employee, I feel exactly like that. I have money to buy a good car (solely because of prestige). However, after I stopped working and started to become an entrepreneur, I “still” had to be in front of my laptop and mobile phone for work to make sure my business was running well.
    What? Still have to work while on vacation? Yes, its true but I only need to spend about 1 or 2 hours every day. The rest? I can enjoy my life with family, exercise and hang out with some of my friends.
    The audiobook that you recommend is great for those who want to be an entrepreneur (I also own it).
    Nice article, by the way.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. There certainly is a difference between an employee’s mindset and an employer’s mindset. It’s kind of like comparing a poor mentality and a rich mentality, so very relatable.

    I think it’s important to understand the difference in mindsets. When you think about it, an employee has more limits than freedom, whereas the entrepreneur has the opposite of that. Though an entrepreneur faces uncertainty and risks, the long-term benefits and possible rewards are worthwhile down the road.

    An excellent article- thanks for sharing!

  4. Everyone who values freedom from the corporate rat race must read this.

    The major difference between the employee and the entrepreneur is simply their mindset. Entrepreneurs have always been known to be action takers, people who try to be solutions to the problems of others.

    This post is really enlightening. It definitely has a lot to teach.

    I’ll be sure to look out for more of your articles. Thanks for sharing


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