Employees going to the gym Vs entrepreneurs going to the gym

The difference between employees going to the gym and entrepreneurs going to the gym are completely different.

Employees works in a job, selling their time for money to pay the gym membership and when they finished work, they go to the gym and their exhausted from work.

Employees goes to the gym after work and they don’t have much energy and time left but they have to force themselves to go to the gym to get fit.

Employees don’t get paid to workout in the gym but they spend the money on the gym membership.

Employees sell their time for money and spend their money for the gym.

If the employees signed up for a one year contract for anytime fitness gym, they’ve not been going to the gym, they’ll still be charged by the gym and the money they’ve spent for the gym is not worth it.

The gym owner will be making money and the employees will stay broke and keep working for someone.

This is a problem about going to the gym as an employee because you don’t have much time to workout, no energy left and no motivation to train because of work.

A lot of employees goes to the gym and train that’s because they have to force themselves to go to the gym after work but I won’t risk it because when I finished work, I’m too tired from the hard work and I don’t want to put an extra effort to go to the gym.

Entrepreneurs got more time and freedom to do the things that is important to them such as keeping fit and strong.

Entrepreneurs don’t sell their time for money, they make money by results and they get paid everyday even when their asleep.

Entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about paying the gym membership to go to the gym.

Entrepreneurs can workout in the gym while making money.

Entrepreneurs goes to the gym is much more better than being an employee that goes to the gym.

Employees don’t get paid while their working out in the gym, they only get paid when their at work, selling their time for money and entrepreneurs gets paid while their working out in the gym because entrepreneurs can leverage their time for money.

Entrepreneurs can make money while their asleep so they can make money while their working out in the gym.

Which is so much better than selling your time for money and then spend your money for the gym.

I used to go to the gym everyday and I used to train in the gym about 5 days a week. There’s one time I wanted to build muscles and get bulk up but I didn’t continued with my training to bulk up because it was too much effort, got no time and energy left because of work. That’s what stops me from going to the gym because of work, had no time and energy left after work so I gave up. I will get back into the gym when I become an entrepreneur and quit my job and go to the gym more often. I think I’ve lost my muscles because I haven’t been going to the gym for ages.
When I used to go to the gym. There’s one time I used to wanted to bulk up, get bigger and muscular so I used to take protein shakes after I’ve been to the gym. That was before I was working long hours, I was working in a part time job at Tesco so I had more time to go to the gym more often. I was training 5 or 4 days a week but I wasn’t making much progress going to the gym. When I found a job, I was working 2 jobs. I did tried to go to the gym but I was too tired to train after a long hectic day from work so I quit the gym and cancelled my membership. It was too stressful to go to the gym after work and putting the effort.

Sacrifice Vs freedom

Employees sacrifice themselves to go to work to sell their time for money and then sacrifice themselves to put an extra effort to go to the gym and workout even if their too tired to train.

Entrepreneurs don’t have to sacrifice themselves to sell their time for money, they can work from home, making money online and go to the gym when ever they want.

We all want to go to the gym to get fit to achieve our fitness goals.

Your fitness goals can be:

  1. Build muscles
  2. Bulk up
  3. Get stronger
  4. Lose fat
  5. Bodybuilding
  6. Put on weight with muscles
  7. Get fit
  8. Improve your cardio
  9. Improve your vertical jumps
  10. Run faster

My goal for when I used to go to the gym is to get build like Kratos from God of war 

This was my dream body to have when I used to go to the gym everyday. It’s still my goal to get to build like Kratos from God of war. I’ve stopped going to the gym now because of stupid work that stops me from going. If I become an entrepreneur, quit my job and get back into the gym then that’s what I be aiming for. It may takes some time to build muscles like this just like building your online businesses, it takes time and effort and then you get results eventually.
This is the gym I used to go to and I don’t go there anymore now because of work. When I finished work, I had no energy, no time and motivation left to go to the gym.

If your interested it in fitness maybe you should set up a gym business and opening a gym and be a gym owner rather than being a poor employee selling your time for money and lead you with no time to go to the gym.

I think being a gym owner is a good idea for the people who likes to keep fit.

You can set up a online fitness business if that’s what your into rather than going to the gym as an employee and building the gym owners dreams.

Employees builds their bosses dreams and build the gym owners dreams.

Nothings easy in life 

If you want to achieve your goals to get to what you really want like building wealth and building muscles at the same time.

Is that possible to do that at the same time?

Yes it is possible to do that at the same time. Entrepreneurs, gym owners can workout in the gym and make money at the same time, they don’t have to sell their time for money, the money comes to them.

That’s why being an entrepreneur or opening a gym is a good idea if you want to go to the gym and improve your fitness, you have more freedom and time for yourself rather than being a poor employee trying to get to the gym.

It’s not easy to open a gym because there’s a lot of responsibilities and money for the equipments for the gym.

What you got to do if you want to achieve your goals is:

  1. Work hard in the right way
  2. Save some money for your business
  3. Take actions
  4. Take risks
  5. Don’t wait, just do it
  6. There’s no tomorrow
  7. Start right now
  8. Get out off your comfort zone
  9. Start your online business
  10. Build a website for your business
  11. Make a move
  12. Be proactive

This is what you should do if you want to get to what you want rather than being controlled by your job like me.

Start your online business now.

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25 thoughts on “Employees going to the gym Vs entrepreneurs going to the gym”

  1. Hello Gordon, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I completely agree with you, entrepreneurs who go to the gym are more successful in both finances and training than employees. I work 8 hours daily and it is hard to take time for the gym after a job. Soon I plan to start my own business and I hope I will be successful enough to have time for everything.

  2. Hello, it is good that you made this particular article available to the public and i must say that i love your website. you have given me more motivation to deviate fully from been and employee to an entrepreneur so i can enjoy the benefits. i am starting my online business soon.

  3. It is not resourceful for employees to register a gym membership because, if I’m being honest, they don’t get their money’s worth. By so doing, they end up enriching the gym owners and end up broke themselves.

    It is a totally different ball game when an entrepreneur does the very same thing. For an entrepreneur, it is way easier for him/her to get the full benefit of registering for a gym membership.

    Great post, and by the way, I want to personally tell you how much I appreciate your articles. I’ll be on the look out for more.

    Thank you for taking your time to create and share this.

  4. I definitely prefer the entrepreneur’s way of life. I was a personal trainer at one time and enjoyed being able to go to the gym whenever I wanted. Now that I  blog, nothing has changed.  But when I worked for someone else, my way of living was not healthy. Had to make time, now I have time. 

  5. I do agree with the fact that working out to achieve a long term body building goal can be compared to building your own online business. My business only two months old. I’m currently fighting through the hardest part which is finding a way to get steady and valuable traffic. I’m looking to leave my day to day job which is just putting money in my boss’s pocket and not letting me get back to my workout. Thank you for this motivation post.

  6. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review on Seaside review and explanation are given.

    It is important to go to the hall and whether we are employees or entrepreneurs. Although as an employee after 8 hours of work you have so much free time and no desire to go. A good and informative article.

    Thanks again and keep in touch.

  7. I definitely would go for spending my money for the gym. Like C’mon who doesn’t like to be an Unemployed CEO ..Lol. But with the gyming, I have actually set goals this year, 2020, and (don’t call me crazy) one of them is to gain weight. Like I wanna be Fat man, after that I can start to do my Fitness. The thing is I am bony, and I am tired of the bones, when I sit on a chair or the floor for some period of time, my butt aches..I hear cram sounds when walking or wanna stretch out..I just wanna have that flesh man..It sounds weird man, but I think for me its better to puff up and gym first, than to start gyming at this my current state before I go brake a spine or something. Please also, can you recommend some exercises or products I use to gain more height? I am 18yrs and I am still not up to 5.6″ even

  8. Great topic, Employees Goes To The Gym VS Entrepreneurs Goes To The Gym. I love the comparisons to employees making time to go to the gym and entrepreneurs having the time, anytime they want throughout the day to go to the gym. So simple is this comparison until you draw it all out with the differences from the employee, rushing around after working all day, and then hopefully going to the gym, not unless they are to tired to do so. Great article, love the topic. Nice job

  9. Thank you for this very helpful and informative post. When reading this post, I found myself nodding in agreement at the notion on entrepreneurs who go to the gym are more successful. It totally makes sense! I truly strive to start my own business someday and I know that going to the gym will help all aspects of my mind, body, and soul to help boost my success. I just need to take that leap and start getting my butt to the gym. 

  10. Great comparison and very true! Time is important to all of us and if you have to spend that making money for someone else it can be very frustrating.  The ability to make money while you are using that time doing things that you enjoy is a great way to live! I love the ability to do such a thing and hope my business grows and I am able to enjoy it much more! Thanks for the post.  It’s greatly appreciated.

  11. Many many thanks for writing an awesome article about the gym. Your writing skills are so nice and I have got a lot of information about the gym.Everyone should go to the gym to keep their body healthy.By doing the gym, the body is healthy and the mind is good. I am so happy to find you this valuable information about the gym and this information will benefit me a lot in my life.

  12. I agree with this 100%. I like what Warren Buffet says, if you do not learn how to make money while you sleep then you will be working the rest of your life! As you said, the entrepreneur can work out in peace because they know that they are still making money while the workout. So they are able to focus on the workout more. Great post, gives me motivation!

  13. A year ago, when I started my first workout at the gym, I was really frustrated. I knew I was fat, starting from scratch and entering a dedicated new area that I had never encountered before. The truth was I used to train different sports before, like gymnastics and volleyball, but the gym and its basics were in no way what I was doing. Quite simply, the gym was something dedicated to me, which is why I felt insecure about myself. Of course, for a few weeks, I studied how I looked in the gym, what my equipment was, what was being done there, and the like. I wanted to at least somehow ‘prepare’ myself to feel better. Thanks for the post.

  14. Work can be time consuming whether you ‘work for the man’ (and get paid by the hour or by the week as a salaried employee) or are an entrepreneur marketing yourself, skills and products.  I do agree after a busy work day, sometimes it is a struggle to motivate yourself to get in the gym!  I have always found, though, that after getting there and doing it, I am never regretful for having carved out some of that holistic ‘me time’!  In fact, rather than feel exhausted, where I may have felt dog tired before I went to the gym, after my workout, I feel energized!  Work and life can be hard.  Working out, and my passion here is yoga, is always helpful to re-balance the body, mind and spirit.

  15. Being an entrepreneur and working from home you might do well to have a home gym. I agree that owning a gym would be a lot better than working at one and I see your point about employees vs entrepreneurs. This audiobook looks pretty motivating and I will definitely check it out further through your link, thanks!

  16. Wait a minute; why does this sound like a poem written by Gordon? Gordon who?… I can’t remember his surname, but I do like poems of any kind — anyway, enough of the lyrics and back to the article. I love going to the gym because the working out makes me feel better whenever I’m frustrated. Well done for sharing this article. You’re too kind 🙂

  17. This post is a good example of the benefits when one becomes an entrepreneur. Working for someone else will only make your employer rich while you make just enough money to get by at worst and make good money but have very little time for yourself at best.

    It is much easier to make money as an employee in the short term than it is to be an entrepreneur. But being an entrepreneur will help you to secure your financial future and freedom of personal time in the long run only after struggling to get going in the beginning.

    There is no denying that being an entrepreneur is much harder to achieve in the sense of making good money, but it is far more rewarding when it does begin to pay off. Employees struggle later on whereas entrepreneurs struggle in the beginning. But the results of later on are key to success.


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