Don’t wait for the best time to start

Do you want financial freedom? Are you still stuck in the 9-5 job?

You’re in the right place to get out of your regular job. The best time to start your success journey is now.

If you’re still stuck in the regular 9-5 job and not happy of what you’re doing, you need to do something about it. You got to take actions to get out of slavery which is your job, building somebody’s dreams and getting low pay wages and not enough for your house bills and families. If you don’t do anything about it to get out of slavery, the employer will employ you. You will be working for the rest of your life and face reality.

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Start your journey now

If you got kids and your still trading your time for money, you won’t have enough time to look after your kids. You’re not going to get enough sleep, you’re not going to get enough time for yourself and you’re going to be miserable all the time.

If you don’t start your journey:

  1. You’re going to have a normal life
  2. Remain broke
  3. You will be working for the rest of your life
  4. Keep complaining about your current situation
  5. Stay unhappy
  6. Not fulfilled
  7. You are stuck in your comfort zone
  8. No hope
  9. Unsuccessful
  10. You’re going to spend a lot of money on your house and families with a low pay job

The job you work don’t pay you enough even if you got your own house, families and a car you own, the job is not going to pay you enough to support your families.

The best time to start is now even if you don’t have kids and a house you owned, it’s the right time to start your journey now because you got nothing to lose. When you got kids you are too tired to go to work and you will be spending a lot of money on your baby and you be broke.

The best time is to start early, don’t wait too long to start and you will end up regretting it.

It takes discipline to start your journey to success. It’s not going to be easy to start your journey, you got to learn a skill that can help you become successful.

A lot of people say “if you want to make more money you should go to college and learn a skill to get a good job” that can help you get the experience before you start your journey, you don’t have to because that will be wasting time. There’s an online business you can start from scratch.

Start your entrepreneurship

A lot of people will think to start entrepreneurship is all about money, fame and cars. The reality for entrepreneurship is hard work, frustration and determination. It takes a lot of time to become a successful entrepreneur because it takes a lot of fails. When you fail, don’t give up and keep going. We all love to think about money for entrepreneurship because it gives you financial freedom if you become rich. You got to work very hard to become rich. There are no secret ways to get rich. You got to work hard.

Get rich fast scheme 

A lot of people think the only way to get rich is buying the lottery ticket and hope for the best to win the lottery. When they won the lottery, they can quit their job and go on vacation. That’s the only way to get rich fast is by buying the lottery ticket or bet some money. The people that are a lottery winner won’t last long for being rich after that they’re broke. The problem is that they can’t manage their money, this is why they’re broke.

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Believe in yourself 

To start your journey to success you got to believe in yourself that you can do it, no matter how difficult it is that you can do it. Yes, it is difficult to start your own business, it’s a lot of work and dedication. You can get distracted from other people but you got to focus. You got to stay positive and don’t let the negativities to get into you that made you stop believing yourself and that’s how you fail.
If you’re not succeeding on your business, don’t give up and keep going. It takes time so you got to be very patient. Never give up on your journey to success if you fail because great things take times. The only thing when you fail is when you stop. It takes a lot of fails to succeed if you want to be successful. Successful people fail a lot because that’s how they learn. You learn from your mistakes before you know better.

This is what to do to start your journey:

  1. Start now
  2. Don’t wait
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Work hard
  5. Invest money
  6. Take actions
  7. Take risks
  8. Get out of your comfort zone
  9. Be motivated
  10. Have potentials

Anyone can be an entrepreneur but not everyone will be a successful entrepreneur.

You want financial freedom to not go to work, travel around the world and enjoy life. You got to believe in yourself that you can do it to just work while your travelling.

This is what can motivate you if you think about earning money while travelling. Think about all the nice things you can do if you start your journey right now from where you are to where you want to be. You got your dream destination on your list where you want to go to for your travels, this is the start of your journey right now and don’t wait for the best time. Where would you like to travel? I want to travel around the world and help people to become successful and give money to charity.


12 thoughts on “Don’t wait for the best time to start”

  1. Hi Gordon,

    One of my mentors often used to say… Before going through the earning we need to go through the learning. One of the reasons why many people fail online is that they want to earn money fast without learning about making money online.

    As you mentioned, there is no such program called get rich quick. I have lost more than $4000 over the period of 2008 – 2016 (shiny object syndrome). Learning from the basics from the right platform is a must.

    Taking action and getting started is the key…

    You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. – Zig Ziglar

    Thinking Yourself To Success Audiobook of Toby Robbins is one of my favorites.

    Passive Income – Financial Independence – Master Class is on my list.

  2. Having children and juggling a full time or even a part time job is definitely hard and yes time consuming. Getting the right balance to look after yourself both financially and mentally is the trick. Becoming an entrepreneur if you are the right minded person for this challenge is one way to go about changing your predicament.

    Is there a program or learning platform that you could recommend that could help me achieve my goal of working for myself. I have seen many advertised but I am too scared to commit because I do not want to get scammed. Your recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

  3. wow. this is good stuff. 2 reasons why I really like this post. First, It resonates with my personal belief or principle in life. The need to act – nothing is going to happen unless you get off your butt and take action. It’s like the saying “An inch of action is better than a mile of intention”. The second, are your images. They are top-notch. I pinned some on Pinterest! Thanks for sharing this!


  4. I totally agree that if you are not happy in a 9-5 job the only thing you can do is something about it. Watching it happen, complaining about it, these are wastes of time, and changing one’s life requires action. It can be difficult sometimes to change the mentality, but reading a post such as this is a great start. Not only have you provided some excellent encouragement here such as believing in yourself and never giving up, you’ve referenced some quality products as well in the passive income eBook and electronic whiteboards, which I’m looking forward to checking out through your links. This is the type of positive reinforcement that can really help people who are feeling unmotivated due to struggles, well done!

  5. Hey, I enjoy a lot whirl reading your article on don’t wait for the best time to start and find it very useful for everyone like me. Now I know best time never come. We have to make it best and just take action. Action  will make it best forever. I know while reading that To start your journey to success you got to believe in yourself that you can do it, no matter how difficult it is that you can do it. Thank you for your awesome guide.

  6. Hi Gordon, am like this wonderful article you have here, I am really motivated by this well detailed and patterned post and I am willing to apply them to in my day to day activities.
    The keys to success are not inapplicable but are very achievable.
    As an entrepreneur I think the most important thing is focus, once their is a focus their is always a driving force.


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