Distractions from achieving your goals (too much partying)

What do you do at the weekends?

Do you like to go out on the weekends partying?

Sorry for the music for being so loud. I bet that’s what most people like to do at the weekends is to go out and get absolute hammered.

Why are people are not achieving their goals is too much partying and spending too much money on a night out.

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Things to avoid if you want to achieve your goals 

This is what you should avoid:

  1. Being a party animal and go out every weekend to get drunk
  2. Spending money on the weekends to go out
  3. When you’re saving money but you end up in the wrong path going out
  4. Avoid the temptations from your friends making you go out and party
  5. Do something that is useful for you to get to your goals

We all got distractions that stop us from succeeding our goals to achieve such as learning a skill, businesses, working on your website, your progression for your goals to work on and getting to your financial freedom.

As an employee, I understand that when we had so much stress from work, we want to go out for a drink on the weekends to clear our minds.

Which is understandable because we want to enjoy ourselves and relax from a long hectic week from work.

Partying too much can lead us to get distracted from our goals, stop us from succeeding.

You got to focus on your goals that you’re aiming for.

Partying every weekend is not going to do you any good for your goals.

Stay focus on your goals (do not get distracted)

Your mind controls your success 📈. You want to build your own dreams, you got to focus on your dreams to success. Too many distractions from your friends can lead you to unsuccessful.
This is what you should do when you’re having time off from work, you should be the focus on success 📈.

This is how you should stay focus on your goals without distractions:

  1. Focusing on your website
  2. Save some money on the weekends
  3. Do something useful
  4. Read books
  5. Take actions
  6. Hang around with successful people if you know anyone who is successful
  7. Be proactive
  8. Get inspired by the successful entrepreneurs
  9. Avoid being a party animal
  10. Keep away from temptations

We all got temptations from our friends that try to get us to do things that won’t get us to our goals.

They want to get us to be like them, drinking, partying and taking drugs.

Do things that are stupid about our lives.

Drinking is okay but not too much alcohol because it can damage your liver.

Working in a 9-5 job (excited for the weekend)

A lot of people hates Mondays and loves Fridays.

When the week is nearly over and when it gets to Friday, a lot of people finished work early on a Friday, they go to the pub for drinks with friends.

Weekends they go out and enjoy themselves, what they don’t realise is they spend a lot of money.

They get addicted to going out every weekend spend loads of money 💵 and then they’re broke.

They have to wait for another month or week to get paid so they can spend money going out next weekend.

When weekends come, everyone that works in a 9-5 job that had a long week, they go out and party and socialise with their colleagues. It is a way to enjoy a 9-5 life.

Your friends try to get you to go out 

  • Tell your friends that you’re too busy that you can’t come out because you got a business 📈 to be working on
  • Your business is more important than going out
  • You want to stay focus on your goals and you’re going to get tempted to go out
  • Your friends could post on social media that they’re out and when you go on social media, you can get tempted to go out
  • Try and stay focused on your business and don’t get distracted
The people who tell you to get a corporate 9-5 job are not successful. The people who try to get you to go out every weekend are not successful. Unsuccessful people try to make you not successful because they want you to be like them, have a normal life and you want to get to your goals. The best thing is don’t listen to them and keep away from temptation from the unsuccessful people, they’re like your enemies in a way even if they’re your friends.

Focusing on your goals & keep away from temptation 

Sometimes when you got a goal to get to what you want, there’s always a temptation that can distract you from succeeding.

Your distractions from stopping you from focusing are:

  1. The people who are a bad influence
  2. The people that do drugs
  3. The people who are unsuccessful
  4. The people that tell you that online businesses are scam
  5. The people who party too much
  6. The people you hang around with
  7. Getting tempted to go out with your friends on the weekend
  8. Getting tempted to go on party holidays like Ibiza with your friends
  9. Too much going on in your head that makes you lose focus
  10. Watching too much TV
  11. Play too much computer games
  12. The comfort zone that stops you from focusing
  13. Too many nice holidays to go to but you got no money
  14. Too busy from work but you’ve not done anything about it
  15. Procrastinate and thinking that you can’t accomplish
  16. Keep dreaming but not done anything about it to stay focused

These are the things that can stop you from focusing on the goals that distract you.

We all can get distractions from other people that influence us to do bad habits.

The best thing for keeping away from temptation is don’t let them distract you, discipline yourself and focusing on your goal to success.

Thank you for your time to read my article.

20 thoughts on “Distractions from achieving your goals (too much partying)”

  1. Partying is a distraction in many ways. Not only do you spend several hours drinking and partying, but it also costs money to party. Drinks are expensive, and if you buy several rounds for your friends, then you waste money you could have invested in something more useful. I am not against partying. I like to party, although I hardly go out. Partying like a rockstar every weekend, however, is counterproductive, especially if you’re building a business. 

    The partying in weekends is indeed part of a 9 to 5 job. It is a vicious circle, isn’t it? Work hard to earn money at a job most people hate, then spend it in the weekend, be broke, and go back to the hated job to get more money again which you can spend again in the next weekend or next month … Sometimes you have to draw a line. If friends insist you go out, but you don’t want to, because you are working on something that is important to you, like your own business, they ahve to respect that. And you, yourself, have to make sure that you’re not lured into another spending spree … 

    I like your section about keeping away from temptations, because it really outlines what kind of people can be a bad influence on you. All of them you listed have something in common, they are or can be negative for you. It’s best to surround yourself with the right minded and like minded people. 

  2. This is very good advice, I can attest as somebody that basically wasted his 20s by partying and spending all of my money that it is a bad idea. I started at 30 to begin to focus on my goals a little more, and as I look forward to turning 40 I can only look back with regret by not starting earlier. The earlier that you began the faster you can reach your goals, and be farther along in general. And while I lost a lot of friends when I began to quit partying every week and focus on my goals, my true friends stayed and were very supportive of me and my family. Thank you for sharing, this is very motivitaional.

  3. I’m 35 years old and I can remember how, just 12 years ago I was capable of getting out of a hard-working day to go straight to the shower, to get dressed and direct to the party up to 5am (Because I had to take a bus to the state university *2Hrs ride*); Sleep on my way down and have a great expositions and study day just to get out by the end of the day to rock the party again…

    I can’t do 20% of that today. Our resources get limited. We can do more only if we organize our lives around one goal at a time. Avoiding being a party animal is definitely key to success (There is nothing bad about it…. you just can’t get both things together).

    Definitely you need to change your mindset; you don’t need to take rob a piece of your own agenda as you did when you rented your life to your ex-boss.  You’re spreading the seeds to do more and grow better. You’re working for yourself and for your future; don’t forget it!

  4. I totally agree that too much partying can definitely prevent you from achieving your primary goals. When I was younger, I had to just say no to my friends that wanted to go out drinking when I needed to study for my finals. Now that I am an entrepreneur and not so young, there are other types of distractions, such as simply spending too much time online searching for topics that don’t produce results. In the end, what works best for me is to set clear goals and actionable tasks. Good luck in achieving your goals!

  5. the topic is very important in this post! I have always had a great gang to hang around with and friends are always around in pubs as I am a musician there is always someone to take a beer with and I can see myself two years ago spending all my money on the weekends with friends and then wake up and have no money and a hangover from hell.

    life is so much more and if I want to create a website or some music, all the creativity goes down the drain with the money I need.

    this is no way to live for a winner and no way for me so thanks for the post and letting me see myself two years ago

  6. Hello Gordon, I have to say that this article addresses a major problem in our society today. This is definitely one of the stumbling blocks we encounter as far as reaching our goals is concerned. 

    I personally do not think it is bad to have a drink or two once in a while, but I consider it outright bad to make it a habit. Not only does it distract you from your goals, it also attracts the wrong people into your life.

    This is really spot on. Great post

  7. I am in total agreement with what the message you are sharing.  Mindset is what we own, and developing the right mindset and being in the best state of mind makes all the difference with the results we experience.  There is a lot of truth to the idea that what we focus on expands…and when we focus on distractions, partying, the opinions of others, and our own limited thinking… we will continue to attract more of that into our lives.  Stay focused on your what you have imagined to be true for you, and here is a tip for even more clarity and success.  When you imagine who you desire to be, or what you are imagining to be part of your life…. associate the completion of that imagined desire with a feeling you would be experiencing with it already being a reality… instead of just something you hope will happen.

  8. Hi! This is a great post to read beginning a year. I want my online business and sites to flourish this year. But I definitely must do some adjustments. One of them is slashing parties and going out on weekends. There is nothing productive being done on parties. On the contrary, it drains our savings. So, I’m focused on my goal! Thanks for the post!

  9. I appreciate the fact that you have mentioned that too much partying on the weekends, or even during the week is detrimental in the long run, especially by spending money. I have found that my mind never stops thinking about how I can improve my business. If I am not working on my website, I become anxious. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun from time to time, but every weekend is a bit too much for me.  To become successful, we have to concentrate on a goal and follow through. Working toward success can be hard if you are hungover, yes?

    Thank you for reminding us all, that with the right mind-set, and a lot of hard work, we all can achieve whatever we put our minds too!

  10. Spending too much focus on partying and spending money is probably the number 1 reason why people never seem to have enough.  I agree with you 100 percent.  When your young and starting out it’s very important to stay focused on your goals and less on partying and having fun.  You will thank yourself later in life when your older and want to retire.  This post should be shared on every college campus.

  11. Really good overview on the things that may prevent us from achieving our goals and finding success. Luckily, I’m an introvert, therefore I don’t like crowded places so that’s a good thing for me in a way of keeping myself concentrated on what I want in life. Though, I do know some people that basically party every day., I will make sure to send them this article and see if they can reevaluate what they’re doing and just work towards better actions on what they’re distracted from. 

  12. Hiya Gordon

    Thank you for your motivational article about how to achieve your goals and avoiding distractions. I am very easily distracted and when I lose my train of thought it can be really hard to get it back. I’ve not partied for years but I’m very capable of being distracted by social media or TV and it can be hard even at my age to make myself concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing.  Frustration is a big one for me, I often don’t know what to do and I can waste a lot of time just not understanding how to complete a task. 

    Can you recommend any ways of distraction proofing your workspace? ie my office is a greenhouse, at the weekend my cubs can bother me all day long with their squabbles, requests and cuddles(don’t mind them so much💜) how can I get work done with the constant interruptions?  Thanks for providing some useful information that can help me during my work hours, krs PurpleLioness 


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