Be ambitious and achieve your goals

Just because you didn’t do well in school, didn’t get good grades on your GCSEs, can’t get the course you want to take at college because you didn’t pass your GCSE and can’t get your dream job.

That’s not the end of the world because there’s plenty of opportunities to do better in life.

Just because you fail it doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re a learner with potential.

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The most important about your goals is to be ambitious towards your goals to success.

You should be ambitious towards your goals, keep dreaming about success, work hard and be consistent with the work you’re doing towards your goals.
You may dream about fame, rich, mansion and expensive cars, but that comes with hard work and dedication. You can’t dream big and not take actions, you got to be ambitious and work hard to get it.

Just because you didn’t do very well in school, but your dreams won’t stop you from succeeding.

Your parents, society, school system will think you’re a failure for not passing your GCSE and can’t go to a university.

When you do well in school, pass all your exams, went to college, went to university and get a good secure job. You’re achieving your parent’s definition of success because your parents will tell you “the only way to be successful is to study hard and get a job” and that’s their definition of success.

A lot of people will tell you to get a job if you want to earn money to achieve your goals because they’re small-minded.

Getting a job is not going to help you to achieve your goals unless you save money for years, but that’s not going to happen because you might need to spend money on bills, rent, shopping and your car petrol.

It’s very easy to spend money and very hard to earn money because the job they pay you is by time especially if your working in a minimum wage job that doesn’t pay you enough.

Have ambitions towards your goals 

Having ambitions towards your goals is a good way to start your journey. Imagine your about to climb up the ladder to get to your goals, you’re ambitious to do it and you climb up the ladder to get to your goals. It may sound easy to climb up the ladder to reach your goals, but it’s not easy as you think it is because it requires hard work, frustration and determination.

Imagine when you first step on the ladder you feel nervous, it’s because you’re scared that you might fall off and hurt yourself.

Starting your journey towards your goals is not easy, it takes time, effort, dedication and consistency to keep up the good work that you’re doing.

People are scared of taking the risk of failing to lose everything, you’re not going to lose everything if you believe in yourself to reach your goals rather than play it safe, work for someone and achieve someone else’s goals.

Starting your journey towards your goals is to create your website, write a blog, get people to read your blog post and get traffic because that’s what I’m doing right now.

It’s not hard to create a website for your blog post, it takes time, an effort to write and all you have to do is be patient.

You have to trust the process for your journey towards your goals because a lot of people give up too early, they think they’re not doing very well, not making any progress and they don’t have the patience to wait to get results.

Everything takes time even if you’re ambitious to achieve your goals, you still have to be patient and believe in yourself that you can make it happen.

  1. Don’t expect your goals to be easy to achieve, it takes time, effort, frustration and consistency because if you’re consistent, your making progress to keep up with the work.
  2. Your goals are not going to come to you like magic, you have to put the work into it to make it happen.
  3. People will tell you to get a job while you got a solution to get to your goals because you’re ambitious, you don’t want to listen to other people to tell you what to do.
  4. Be ambitious even if people tell you not to follow your dreams, you still keep your ambitions going until you get there.
  5. Having a goal takes motivation to step out of your comfort zone.

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Having ambitions is good 

When you got ambitions, you can follow your dreams towards your goals. If you’re not ambitious, you will have to follow someone else’s dreams towards their goals. Having ambitions is good because you can open your mind to see opportunities, what you can do to be better, have a better lifestyle and more freedom. You set goals is to get out of your 9-5 job and have freedom.
A lot of people’s goals is to be a millionaire, having loads of money in their bank, get their dream car and drive around. That mindset of a goal is good, but that’s more of a dream than a goal because that’s not going to happen to dream about being rich instead of achieving your goals to get rich. To get rich is not easy because not everyone is a millionaire, there are more poor people than rich people and not many people are millionaires in the world.
People want to be an entrepreneur is not because they want to get rich is because they want to have the freedom to do the things they enjoy like going to the gym, spend time with friends, having a hobby and spend time with families. If you work in a job, you won’t have much time to do the things that you want.
My goal is to have financial freedom, make money while I sleep, make money online and be a successful entrepreneur. I want to be an entrepreneur is not because I want to get rich because my goal is to have more freedom, not be stuck in the dead-end job and work as a slave. I want to have the freedom and that is my goal.

Most people will probably think about having a goal is to get rich.

That mindset of a goal to get rich is not going to happen because that’s a poor people’s mindset. My goal is to have financial freedom, travel around the world and help the poor people to be successful.

My goal is not to get rich but my goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and help people who are struggling with money.

Your families, friends will tell you to get a job if you want to be successful, but your ambitions are to be a successful entrepreneur and be a mentor to help other people to be an entrepreneur.

I’m not telling you to quit your job, I’m here to motivate you to achieve your goals.

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10 thoughts on “Be ambitious and achieve your goals”

  1. Being ambitious is a concept many forget to focus on when starting their own business. I like how you break it down and make it simple for others to follow the steps. Placing value on ambition is the only way to make it in this world. 

    Especially now that everybody is home trying to do the same thing. It’s one thing to set goals another to achieve them. Everything has to work hand in hand. 

  2. Hello Gordon, being ambitious can take you to lots of places on your dream and without doubt, you will become very successful if you are ambitious towards your business. The fact that so many people give up on their goals have been a really sad thing as that is as a result of not being ambitious. There are challenges to be faced but it’s left for you as an individual to brace up and me motivated. 

  3. Wow! Inspiring!

    Many people cannot differiate between dreams and goals! Goals are more realistic than dreams! Many do not even have enough drive to pursue their goals, that is where ambition comes in! 

    Sometimes we let our previous failure deprive us from achieving our goals in life but keeping the past in the past and pressing ahead is very important!

    Very good article, thanks. 

  4. One thing still needs to be clear though. It is possible to be ambitious and not have a goal. also you can have a goal and not be an ambitious person. getting the keys right will really help an the explicit way you have explained it makes it understandable.

    i would like to share this article. thank you

  5. Hello thanks for such a concise article. Being Ambitious towards the achievement of ones goal is very very advantageous indeed and also serve as a tool to gain financial freedom. It gives us objective, goals, aims and also targets of life which are important to attain success, It gives us a sense of direction and motivation and it also serves as a push towards the achievement of goal. 


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