Applying jobs online Vs making money online

What’s the difference between a employees actions and a entrepreneurs actions?

The difference is that employees look for jobs online when they don’t like their current job so they apply jobs online, entrepreneurs look for a way to make money online.

Employees uses indeed to look for jobs, entrepreneurs uses wealthy affiliate, Amazon and shareasale to make money online and many others.

There are other websites for job hunting and I’m sure there’s other websites for making money online.

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There is a big difference between employees actions and entrepreneurs actions.

Looking for a job is hard because you got to keep applying for jobs until you hear back from the employer to invite you for a job interview, the employer looks at your CV and see is that job suitable for you, they look at your CV and see is that the good standard for this job role.

For an example you’ve applied the job for a brain surgeon, you had no qualifications, no experience and your CV has nothing to do with brain surgery so the employer will have to reject your job application to tell you “sorry your application for this job role is unsuccessful” and your going to find a suitable job that matches your CV.

The employer is looking for your qualifications, what school, colleges and universities you went to and what working experience have you got.

For an example you’ve been working at Tesco and you also been working at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, M&S and many other companies that you’ve been working for. Your CV is all loaded up.

Once you’ve been working all those places, your more likely to have more opportunities to work in different places because of all the working experience you had.

Most companies will employ you when you had all the experience.

The employers also look at your CV and see what grades you got in school. If you do well in school and put down in your CV, you had straight A’s on your GCSE and did A levels at college and ready to go to university.

You can apply for a high paying job like a accountant, engineer, architect and etc.

Some people study business at college and they do apprenticeship for business.

You can do businesses and marketing at college but is that the same like a entrepreneur kind of businesses? Making money online and that?

In school they teach you how to apply jobs online and how to write a good CV to send it to the employer, they don’t teach you how to make money online and how to write a good contents on your website for the customers.

Your customers are like your employers, they see what your selling, your employers see what skills you got and are you suitable for this job role.

Their both kind of like the same thing but in a different way.

Employees takes hard work and get out off their laziness, entrepreneurs takes actions and get out off their comfort zone. You see employees will have to work very hard to sacrifice themselves to save up all the money for the future, entrepreneurs will work very hard but work less and they can leverage their time, make money while their asleep and when their on vacations.
In the society and the school system most people will be employees because in school they don’t teach you about money, they teach you to be employees and work like a slave to pay the bills. In school they don’t teach you to be an entrepreneur, get paid by results. They teach you to get paid by time just like most people do.

This is a problem about the society and the school system, they teach you to be slaves, selling your time for money just to pay the bills.

Things you learnt at school:

  1. Learn to read and write
  2. Learn maths
  3. Science
  4. Geography
  5. PE (physical education)
  6. RE (religious education)
  7. Art
  8. History
  9. IT (information technology)
  10. DT (design technology)

Do these subjects help you to learn about money and achieving your goals?

In the school system the only way to make money is getting a job, that’s why they teach you how to read and write so that you can write a good CV to send it to the employer, that’s why they teach you IT so you can apply jobs online and not teach you to make money online.

They’ve never teach you to be an entrepreneur.

They teach you to be a slave and get paid a little amount of money just to pay the bills and then your broke again.

The school system is like a slavery training course

This is what the society, school system, your friends and your parents wants you to be is to be a slave. Get a low paid job, sell your time for money, work for years and years until your retired and getting restricted from your job. You got to do this and do that if you don’t work, you be broke forever and no money. Even people that works are still broke.

Be your own boss

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Being your own boss you get a lot of freedom but it’s not easy because you be taking risk.

Entrepreneurs actions are different than employees actions because their not afraid to lose money, they know they can do something about it if they lose their business. Employees can’t do much about it if they lose their job, they have to go on indeed, update their CV (curriculum vitae) and apply the jobs and wait for the employers to get back to them. The amount of effort that employees do to apply the jobs, it takes ages to hear back from the job. Once they get the job, they will have to sell their time to the boss and still broke because of bills to pay, rent to pay and everything to pay.

It took me ages to apply jobs so I’m learning to be an entrepreneur and build my own dreams instead of building my bosses dreams.

I hope you enjoy my blog and all the best.

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about jobs online Vs making money online and explanations are given.

    I say that making money online is better than an online job. There are other obligations to an online job.

    I searched for articles explaining the differences, I read many but this is the best I have found.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    • You welcome and I’m glad that you enjoyed my post. Do it and share it on social media and that can make me want to make more post like this. Making money online is better than applying jobs online.

  2. “The school system is like a slavery training course”


    But I have to agree in the end, as we’re taught all the necessary basics to get a job in the job market but never the things we need to break free from the chains. In my schools, we were never taught about making or handling money, doing taxes, free or critical thinking, business, economics, or really anything outside of “study hard” and “get a job”.

    I think entrepreneurship teaches us not only a lot about business, but about ourselves and the world around us. It’s a good thing to get involved in!


    • We’ve been taught to be like a slave to build someones dreams and make the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. This is why I think the school system is like a slavery training course because you are being taught to be slaves.

  3. Entrepreneurship is the key to success and growth for individuals who wants financial and personal freedom. This is a great post here and I must confess that I like this a lot. The way you have juxtaposed this discussion is really great to see here. Thank you so much. Working as an entrepreneur is value based and not just based on dependency on anyone. You have really enlightened me a lit on this discourse

  4. Hello Gordon, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Being an online entrepreneur is a priceless feeling and I think that all people should try it if they want to become free of their ordinary job. You explained things well and I hope it will motivate folks to make that step and instead of applying for jobs they start making their own online business.

  5. Hi Gordon. Thanks for your article which, I have to say, made me smile. As a teacher and an online entrepreneur, I often despair at the things we are forced by laws and National Curriculums, to teach in England. I totally agree with you that we are not setting our young people up for success, only to be robots – and we’re not doing that very well because the robots we already have are better at doing that job! There’s an interesting comparison between being an entrepreneur and an employee in the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Rober T. Kiyosaki that you might find interesting; especially his cashflow quadrants! Enjoy! Gail 

    • You welcome and I’m glad that I made you smile, my post is to inspire people to wake up and stop listening to the society, building someones dreams and making them successful. We go to make ourselves successful, not making the others successful. We been taught to be like robots and not to be your own boss and freedom. My website is to help people to become successful.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this article to help many (and me too) to take the step to go from being an employee to become my own boss.

    As I read in your article, it’s true, we all go to school for many years but we just learn subjects that will help us to read and to make math and to know about history and many other things.

    But just a few schools teach students how to become entrepreneurs and build up a business. I know, there’s some schools where anyone can learn about it, but it’s just on college and university and just a very few have the opportunity to attend to those schools.

    Today, the world is changing and there new opportunities for many, I see you’re sharing two audio books where people can learn to be our best boss and Employee To Entrepreneur, these are a great thing for anyone who is interested to become their own boss and stop being an employee. 

    Now, I’m going to read your article “Starting Your Own Business”

  7. This is a very interesting subject because I have been doing both of them and still wondering which one makes more money for me. There is a fine line between them though. For example, in my building my website stage I need to find another source of income for apply jobs online. However, after a few years, I could slowly transitioned from working away from home to working on website. I am thinking entrepreneurship as an investment, I might not the money right away but it is sure will come soon. My final answer is owning your own business is a way to go but you just have to be patient, so hang in there 🙂

  8. Thanks for this review on applying for jobs online and making money online, I really think to be applying for jobs online is like a waste of time compared to making money online, because the time you ll wasting to wait for the company for approval you would have gone far making money online through marketing, thanks for this post and great review on how to make money online thanks ,

  9. I think anyone looking to make money online needs to be educated on the difference between being an employee and an entrepreneur. It can be confusing at time especially if you discover an income source online that can be achieved from home. Some online opportunities are still jobs while others are truly entrepreneurial opportunities. 

    • People don’t know how to make money online, the only way to make money is getting a job, write their CV, apply jobs online and get the job. They do need to be educated and stop listening to the society.

  10. This was an amazing article.  I took it to be a bit dark at first but then, as I read, I realized how right you are!  You have truely blown my mind with this…the thought we have all been taught from an early age to be held down.  My eyes are now open.  Thank you!


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