Achieving your goals to get to what you want

Can you afford a nice car? Does your job pays you enough to buy a nice car?

A lot of employees bought a new car and after that, their broke because their job doesn’t pay them enough.

Some people buys the car on finance, they pay monthly for the car.

After they been paying all the money for the car, their broke again because they got other things to pay, house bills to pay, electric bills and rent.

This is a problem about being an employee, you can’t afford a lot of things in life, you can only afford food and drinks, other than that, they’re too much for you.

Set some goals for yourself to see what’s best for you to achieve them. You want a BMW, you want a Mercedes, you want a Audi and you want to move out and live in a expensive place. This is the best time for you to set some goals for yourself. Don’t just wait, just do it. The more you wait, the more is going to hold you back and you won’t achieve your goals to get to what you want.

Motivate yourself to achieve your goals (building your own dreams) 

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Motivation is everything and it makes you think that you want to achieve your goals.

Your accomplishment can be:

  1. Making loads of money
  2. Getting your dream car
  3. Buying your dream house
  4. You got a successful business
  5. You’ve learnt a skill

If your not motivated and take actions, your not going to achieve your goals.

Your more likely to be employed and sell your time for money (building your employers dreams) not you, your employer will get rich.

Your employer will tell you to do this and do that, you get told what to do and not get paid as much.

If you don’t want to be told what to do, being treated like a slave, you should do something about it.

Sitting down and complaining about it is not going to do anything, you got to take actions and fight for it.

You want to be better than your employer, you don’t want your employer to control you and not pay you enough.

You should do something that you can beat your employer, get paid more than your employer, be wealthier than your employer and more successful than your employer.

Your employer is not rich but their working in a high paying job because their management, they employ people to work for them so they pay the employees the wages.

I work for Meridian business support which is the agencies. The agency recruiter pays me but they don’t pay me enough so I want to be an entrepreneur to be better than them.

How to make more money than your employer/your agency recruiters 

These are the ways to be more successful than your employers:

  1. Learn a skill
  2. Take risk
  3. Take actions
  4. Learn a high income skill
  5. Motivate yourself
  6. Build your own website
  7. Start your business now
  8. Be an entrepreneur
  9. Don’t let your employer control you
  10. Quit your job
Your employers are employees as well but their on the higher position than the normal employees, they take more responsibilities because their management and they employ people to work for them and they also work for the company as well. An entrepreneur works for themselves, they take risks and responsibilities. It’s better to be an entrepreneur than being an employee. An employee your building someones dreams, an entrepreneur your building your own dreams. My goal is to become an entrepreneur so I can quit my day job. I’m currently still working at my job.

I don’t want to be building my agency recruiters dreams, I want to build my own dreams so that’s why I’m creating this post to inspire people.

One of my employer, my agency recruiter got a nice car, she’s got a Mercedes and I want to prove to my agency that I can do better and not have them controlling me. I can achieve my goal to buy my dream car. This is a BMW by the way and I went to the BMW garage and took some pictures for my blog. BMW are cool cars but my job doesn’t pay me enough to afford to buy this car. This is a problem about being an employee, you can’t control how much money you want to earn in order to achieve your goals to buy your dream car.
If your a successful entrepreneur, you can afford a BMW. I’m sure most people that drives nice cars are entrepreneurs or they got a high paying job like a engineer, construction worker, architect, accountant, doctors and lawyers.

People with high paying jobs are not rich, they got good money enough to save for a house and a car.

Working loads of hours and getting a high paying job is not going to make you rich

Most people think the only way to make you successful is getting a job, work loads of hours and do loads of overtimes.

Going to college and learn a skill to get a high paying job. That’s a waste of time going to college and get some qualifications.

The school system taught us to get a job. If you want to be successful, work loads of hours at your job or go to college and learn a skill and get a high paying job. That is the worst way of making money, it’s a waste of time and it’s not going to make you get to your goals. Most people that got a high paying job that drives a Porsche are not rich, they probably bought it in finance. They probably don’t have that much money to pay it all in one go.

Some employees with high paying job are still poor.

The reason why:

  1. They spend too much money
  2. They don’t know how to save
  3. They spend on unnecessary stuff
  4. Buying too many expensive stuff
  5. Always buy the original price on clothes because I got some friends that buy expensive clothes

Saving money is good but you also got to use money to make money.

14 thoughts on “Achieving your goals to get to what you want”

  1. Hello Gordon, Thank you for writing on Achieving your goals to get to what you want. I learn a lot from your post. I understand goal setting is very important. Goal gives us direction and motivation to achieve them. In my views we must set achievable goal. Achievable goals gives us more energy after achieving them. Your guide is very helpful for all.

  2. Hi Gordon! Thank you very much for this very valuable article.
    Your words are true that achieving our goals requires effort, consistency, persistence and perseverance. But, it is not easy to do. However, it is very worthy to do. In addition, your writing made me realize “why I have to work to develop other people’s businesses, even though I can do it for myself and have the benefit of a long run and I could pass this legacy to my next generation!”
    Once again, thank you very much for this inspiring article.

  3. Indeed, in order to achieve our goals, we need proper motivation. Motivation is kind of like a driving force that will make us do the extraordinary. The book you recommended will come in handy.

    We want to have an expensive car, go on vacations, build or buy a mansion, have freedom, etc. all this may not be gotten from being an employee, especially freedom. We need something to turn our life around for better.

    This is a very nice article.

  4. Thanks for this dream post, I just enjoyed myself so much and imagined myself sitting in this beautiful luxury BMW and racing at high speed. Your post inspires a person to realize they can achieve their dream. I didn’t know until recently that you can make money that way and live well with a little effort.

  5. Hi Gordon,

    Happy New Year! This post is the perfect start for a new beginning. I very recently started enjoying audiobooks even though I still believe that they can’t replace the old school ones. The Master Your Motivation is something I honestly need to listen to, because lately, I can’t seem to find the motivation I used to have a few months ago. 

    I wish you achieve every single goal you set for this year!



  6. I love the employee Vs entrepreneur image of your post.

    Definetely hard working is not the way to becoming wealthy (it may start from there, but it’s not the way).

    I like the way you’ve structured everything, passion comes from some kind of personal deterministic approach about the “What” and the “When” even if you may negotiate with “Who”m or the “How”.

    I’ll make a living with dignity working from home and devoting the 35 hours that I choose to do so within my weeks. <<< That’s a What / That’s a when >>> This will happen within the first trimester of 2020.

    Empower yourself, you can do anything about your past, but you can start shaping your future today!

    Thanks for a great post!

  7. Hello, I found this article a good start for any reader that is looking to learn more about the way to achieve his goals. I think like you, working for someone else can offer me only a salary but it can’t wealth me. Reading your article, I am more informed and bright in what is the best thing to do for succeeding in my goals.


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