7 ways you are paid in life

There are so many different ways to make money in life. Today I’m going to tell you the 7 ways you are paid in life.

About 97% of the population of people in the world are still making money in the traditional way, most of them are in debt and broke until they retire.

About 3% of the population of people are financially successful.

Most people in the world are still selling their time for money because the only way to make money is to be an employee, work like a slave and building someone else’s dreams. They don’t know there are so many different ways to make money in life, they think their job can give them the security to save money for their pensions. They don’t know the other ways to make money like an entrepreneur because it’s not been taught in schools, your parents, your sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, cousins, friends and the society. They’ve been brainwashed to get a job, work like a slave, sell their time, save money and get pensions.

That is what life is to them, but there’s more to that in life, not by getting a job and work for years until you retire. You can build your own dreams instead of building someone else’s dreams while you remain broke, even when you retired, you’re still won’t get rich but enough money to save for your pensions and for you to buy a house.

7 ways to make money in life

The 7 ways to make money in life are:

  1. Get paid by hourly rate
  2. Get paid by salary
  3. Get paid by the project
  4. Get paid by recurring
  5. Get paid by royalty
  6. Get paid by transaction
  7. Get paid by results

These are the 7 ways to make money in life, but I’m going to go through all the list that the 7 ways you are paid in life.

Get paid number 1.

  • Hourly rate: if your working in the fast-food place like McDonald’s or KFC as a floor cleaner, your getting paid per hour.
If your working in the supermarket in Tesco as a shelf stacker, your getting paid per hour. Your lifting boxes in the warehouse in Tesco, your getting paid per hour.

Everything you do at your job, you’re getting paid per hour.

Tesco is about £8.50 an hour, the time you start work, the time they pay you and when you been working for an hour, that’s the time when you’re getting paid per hour.

Get paid number 2.

  • Salary: you’re getting paid per week or month is where you work in a job, the job only pays you a salary. You don’t get paid to do overtime because overtime is for an hourly rate, not for salary and you get paid by the month you work. My brother in law works in a job that gets paid per salary in the SES (security electric services) and he’s been working there for a long time. In the school system, they only teach you how to earn money by getting paid per hour or getting paid per month. They don’t teach you the 5 ways of how rich people make money, they only teach you the 2 ways of making money and I’m going to tell you the 5 ways of how the rich make money. You see, the rich don’t get paid per hour and per month.

Get paid number 3.

  • Get paid per project: if you’re a consultant and have a client, you’re getting paid per project from the work you do.

Get paid number 4.

  • Recurring: for example, you open a gym and get everyone to sign up for your gym. The people go to your gym a few times when life gets too busy, they stop going to your gym and the gym owners still get paid by recurring.

Get paid number 5.

  • Royalty: someone who writes books and sell their books, when people buy their books, they get paid by royalty. Singers, rappers and musicians get paid by royalty, they get paid by people listening to their music and buying their albums, so they get paid by royalty. Film directors, actors and actresses get paid by royalty, people watching their films and buy their films to watch, so they get paid by royalty. Someone who does YouTube videos get paid by royalty. YouTuber’s gets paid per audience, subscribers likes and fans to support their channel to grow with loads of viewers and subscribers. People who are on TV shows get paid per audience by people watching the shows, they get paid by royalty. The people who get paid by royalty, they can get paid while they sleep.

Get paid number 6.

  • Transaction: Amazon, Google and PayPal get paid by transactions. When someone uses the service, they make money from it. They can make like a million pounds from it.

Get paid number 7.

  • Results: entrepreneur gets paid by results, they get paid every day and every time. They get paid 24 7 and even when they’re asleep, money comes to them like magic. The money they make is passive income and results. The CEO (chief executive officer) of the company gets paid by results, the store manager of Tesco gets paid by results and the bank manager gets paid by results. You see the big bosses get paid by results while all the employees get paid by times, building the bosses dreams to come true, so the boss can have all the money from their staffs working for them.
The employees are like slaves, the boss is like a king, tells all the employees what to do to build their dreams. The boss of the company gets paid by results, the employees of the company get paid by times like the hours they work. You can’t build your own dreams from being an employee because the money you get is based on time.

The managers tell the employees to work as a slave.

Start building your dreams now 

These are the 7 ways of making money in life.

Rich people get paid by the 5 ways, not the 2 ways.

Poor people get paid by the 2 ways, get paid per hour and per month.

The reason why 97% of the population of people in the world are getting paid by the 2 ways because it’s been taught in school to get a job.

In school, they don’t teach you to get paid by the 5 ways like getting paid by the project, by recurring, royalty, transaction and results. They don’t really know how to make money properly because they’ve been brainwashed by society.

You see the teachers get paid per month because they’re on salary, the teachers probably don’t get paid enough and the money they earn is salary, so they have to wait for a month until they get paid and they’ve been brainwashed to teach their students to get a 9-5 job.

You have a choice not to work for someone, you can work for yourself to build your own dreams instead of someone else’s.

In a job, they keep you as a slave, make you work hard, make you depressed and overwhelmed. When you get paid, you won’t get paid enough because they take off your tax, NI (national insurance) and pension because all the money goes to the government. Jobs are to keep you a slave and poor forever.

If you don’t want to get paid by the 2 traditional ways which are what 97% of the people are making money on, you should learn a skill to make proper money like the 3% of people who are financially successful.

It takes skills to learn to get paid the 5 ways because the people who are getting paid the 2 traditional ways are low-income earners, the people who get paid the 5 ways are high-income earners and it requires hard work, consistency and skills.

I’m not talking about the skills you learn at college, I’m talking about the skills you learn for entrepreneurship.

The people who make money the 5 ways, they get paid like every day, money comes to their bank and they don’t have to worry about spending too much money.

The poor focus on saving money because they don’t have the skills to manage their money, they’re scared of spending money because their job doesn’t pay them enough. The rich invest money, make more money and keep getting richer.

Poor people get paid after work and rich people get paid before work.

That’s why rich people can retire early, enjoy life, have more freedom, money comes to them which is passive income and they make money every day. Poor people will have to sacrifice themselves to work very hard, sell their time and be a slave until they retire.

Rich people don’t have to work to earn money because they can get paid to do nothing.

Poor people don’t get paid if they don’t work.

I hope you enjoy my blog post and I hope it’s informative.

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21 thoughts on “7 ways you are paid in life”

  1. Thank you for the reminder that there are more ways to make a living and earn money rather than depending on exchanging hours of your life for a set amount of dollars. There are definitely ways to “work smarter, not harder” and earn more for your time. Thanks for sharing inspiration to help people move towards valuing themselves more and achieving more too!

  2. Thanks Gordon, I never thought about the ways of getting paid like this until I read your post. I don’t want to be paid hourly or monthly. People seem to think it’s the secure way of getting paid because it comes regularly but it actually keeps people Just Over Budget. I would love to get paid as an entrepreneur. 

  3. This is a great article to read that I’m sure will help many to know more about how many different ways everyone can get paid in life.

    Even I know about this, I wasn’t aware of it, but after reading your article it makes clear why people stays poor and they can’t do much better in life, as they only get paid by two ways: by the hour and by the month.

    It makes clear why some people can do better in life, when they get paid by the work they do, this remind me about one old story about one man that was called to fix an oil well.

    This man took a look at the well and though for a moment and told the well owner: it will cost you 50 K

    – The well owner told the man, deal!

    The man took a hammer and hit the well in one point and the well started to work again.

    The owner told the man – Why should I paid you the 50 K if you only hit the thing with a hammer.

    the man said, you can hit the thing with a hammer and it will cost you 5 dollars, but to know where to hit, it will cost you the rest of the money!

  4. Hi,

    My favorite way of getting paid is recurring. I would rather get paid over and over again rather than work for 8 hours a day and then stop earning money when I go home. Passive income is what I chase and it’s what I recommend for anyone serious about making good money.

    Thanks for your insight into this and have a great day.

  5. Hi, I read your post, very interesting. I also always thought that schools train employees. Unfortunately, today’s job is slavery, working 10 hours a day and even if you make money you don’t have time to spend it. I agree that not to make others’ dreams come true but their own. I liked the post.

  6. Hello gordon, i want to thank you for this awesome website that you have created

    the truth is that there is nothing much better than when we generate our own income an when it comes from the comfort of our homes. these are different ways people earn but i think that there is a limitation to it.

  7. You’re right; saving doesn’t make you rich. You must invest in compounding values in order to make the most out of your money. $1 today can return $5 in profit several years down the road so never underestimate the power of small. I’ve reinvested more than 50% of my paycheck since starting my job and am quite happy to see my money grow, instead of just sitting in my checking account. 

  8. Hi Gordon,

    I can certainly agree with everything you are saying in your blog post.  I can definitely relate to the part about making someone elses’ dreams come true.  I have been doing that for over 30 years.

    Traditionally, you had to spend money to make money.  Are you saying that with the digital economy, it’s possible to make a living without huge investments of capital?  That we are in the middle of a renaissance of sorts, but not everyone is aware of the possibilities?

    I am just wondering if people running a concern online still run into unseen costs.  How accessible is an online business?


  9. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here, great job!

    In this part of the world where I come from, it’s mandatory to learn at least 2 skills, which is said to save you the stress of looking for a job after school and so far it has been helpful.

    Indeed, getting a skills, pay more!

  10. Yeah! You got it all on the right track and I resonate with you totally. I have actually been paid 3ways out of the ways you listed here. I have earned hourly, salary and also recurring payments. Though not really easy but looking to earn as an entrepreneur too because that is what will give me the freedom life I want

  11. For me,i prefer hourly payments as it help you really take control of your time,i did hourly payments for a very long time and was paid approximately 8.0 usd then.Very recently i had to stop my salary job and start out my online job fully as been an entrepreneur is better that collect small cash in the name of salary.

  12. This has really been an interesting read. I hadn’t stopped to think that all those that are paid hourly or by a salary are poor. And yeah, it makes sense, they are slaves of that work because then they can’t pay the bills.

    Thank you for offering us the opportunity to come of of these two. This post is specially useful because right now we have time to research about how to become an entrepreneur.

  13. Currently i could classify myself as been under number 2 payment method which is the salary. i am looking to quit my job and start up my online business as i have been looking for means to generate income while i work from the comfort of my home. earning better that way is not a bad idea. is it?


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