7 habits that are destroying your motivation

We all got habits that are destroying your motivation.

We all got goals to set, but the habits are destroying your motivation to achieve your goals.

The habits that are destroying your motivation for success. They are your distraction is to hold you back, stop you from succeeding and keep you in the same situation.

Your goal is to be more productive but your mind is telling you to be unproductive.

You get distracted from entertainments like watching a TV show, watching a series, playing computer games and many others that stop us from being motivated.

For example, you are working on your website on the computer, you are doing something productive. You get distracted from your work and you’re tempted to look at your phone to see who messaged you. Once you check on your phone, your distraction is there. No matter what task you’re doing, your always going to get distracted by something that stops you from progressing. You should stay away from distraction because that will lead you to do bad habits.
The distractions are our human nature, we love to get distracted from paying less attention from our work. Our brain needs entertainments to keep ourselves going, relaxing, happy and entertained because we don’t like doing boring works. We want to have some fun to keep ourselves happy. There is nothing wrong with that but too much distraction can cause a bad habit because you will end up procrastinating, making excuses about your work, you will wait too long to finish your work and you will end up being unproductive. The reason why your unproductive is because you spent too much time on entertainments like watching TV, playing computer games, going on social media too much and it causes you to be distracted. It’s alright to have some entertainments, leisure time to keep yourself happy and relaxed. We all got to enjoy ourselves but you got to know your limits. Everything is moderation, have a balance between work and leisure.
Too much leisure time can cause a distraction and leads you to a bad habit. You got to avoid distraction because it can hold you back, not make you want to work, not make you want to take actions and it makes you unproductive. Our human nature, we love entertainments to keep ourselves happy but you got to know your limits of how much time you’ve spent on your free time. Don’t let them waste your time from your goals because your goal is to be successful, it’s alright to have some entertainments but don’t let them distract you from achieving your goals. The distraction can destroy your motivation.

Habits that are destroying your motivation 

These are the 7 habits that are destroying your motivation to achieve your goals:

  1. Perfectionism
  2. Comparing
  3. Waiting to work
  4. Multitasking
  5. Allowing distraction
  6. Saying yes
  7. Indecisiveness

Habit number 1.

  • Perfectionism: people commonly make the mistake thinking you have to make everything is perfect to be productive. Perfectionism often hurts your work for more it helps. Most of the time perfectionism has nothing to do for how much you care about work. It comes from fear because you’re scared. You’re scared that your work isn’t going to be good enough if you leave it as it is.
For example, you’re writing a book and it looks good. You thought to yourself that the book your writing is not good enough, so you have to edit it to make it look even better. You spent all that time to make it look perfect while others had published the book already. You’re still trying to add some few things on the page just to correct it.

Habit number 2.

  • Comparing: comparison often stop you from taking important steps towards your goals, leaving you feeling insecure or intimidated by all the people who are doing better than you.
Don’t compare yourself to other people that you think that they’re better than you. If they got more money than you, better maths than you, smarter than you and got a better lifestyle than you. You should be admired by them and not compare to them. You should get inspired by them of how they get so good at something rather than comparing yourself that why are you not as good as them. Think of the way of how are you going to achieve your goals to be as good as them.

Habit number 3.

  • Waiting to work: waiting for the perfect time to work is procrastination. People often wait too long to start their work. For example, you’re going to do some housework today but you wanted to do it tomorrow because you can’t be bothered with it. The next day, you promised that you’re going to do some housework but you didn’t do it, you make an excuse that you’re going to do it next week. People procrastinate about their work towards success. If you change your mindset to be more productive then you won’t procrastinate. Over time, your body and mind will get so used to working on a schedule that you won’t feel the need to procrastinate. Procrastination is all in your mind.

Habit number 4.

  • Multitasking: a lot of people make the same mistake every day because truly efficient multitasking is almost impossible. Think about your eating a meal while you’re watching TV and you left your TV on.
Imagine your writing an email and your creating a PowerPoint for your presentation at the same time. You try to do everything at the same time, you miss a lot of words, a lot of spelling mistakes and a lot of grammar mistakes on your emails. Your PowerPoint is missing a lot of slides because you’re trying to do everything at the same time but you messed it up by multitasking. A lot of people think multitasking to be able to do everything at the same time is good, so you can do everything right. Not only does this consume a lot of extra energy, but you’ll also end up producing sloppy work.

Multitasking also impedes your ability to solve complex problems and think deeper about specific subjects, which both require intense concentration.

Our mind only focuses on one thing if we try and do everything at the same time, you will make mistakes. Your mind can’t do everything at the same time, it takes self-discipline. Your mind will take a lot of concentration when you’re doing a task. Multitasking will take extra concentration.

Habit number 5.

  • Allowing distraction: do you do the work while your TV is on? Like multitasking, these distractions force your mind to try to concentrate on two or more things at once, but they actually take things one step further.
When your working in a job, your mind wanders off and you think of something else that can entertain you. A lot of people get distracted from their work from entertainments because they don’t like doing boring work, they want to have some distraction to keep themselves going and past the time quicker. No matter how hard you work, your mind is going to wander off even if your working in your hardest. To stop your mind to wander off it takes self-discipline. Your mind will think about social media and what food are you going to eat.¬†When it does, you will be much more vulnerable to distractions, so, if you hear your friends talking about something funny in the background, you’ll end up paying more attention to them than the work you’re supposed to be doing.

Habit number 6.

  • Saying yes: you might have trouble to stay motivated because you’re too focused on doing something that what other people want you to do. If you’re looking to be more sociable and get out of your shell then being a yes man is a step for the right direction. Don’t be surprised if you end up with less time on your project. When you agree to help someone, you’re not committed to an hour to work for them, you’re giving up valuable time, effort, and thought. Don’t be afraid to say “no,” if they ask you for help. Let them know that you’re busy, so they can respect you. Learn how to say “no” so they know that you’re busy.

Habit number 7.

  • Indecisiveness: being calm and decisive takes quite a bit of practice but having confident helps you to work hard. By giving yourself a rigid deadline, you can stop yourself from standing in your own way. You should feel confident about your work, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

I hope you enjoy my motivational article.

27 thoughts on “7 habits that are destroying your motivation”

  1. A very thorough article. I love your approach, where you divided the problem into smaller topics, so it is easier to understand for everyone. I have to agree that distractions are a huge problem for not just motivation, but also productivity or creativity. That’s why I love working alone, so no one is around me. The phone is turned off( or out of data) is a must, otherwise, I am not going forward. What is helping me is the note I am having in my head and that if it is really important, the “it” what someone wants to text, they would call. If you think about it, it’s right. When you check the messages people are texting, they all could wait for you. Thank you and best luck staying motivated!!

  2. Multitasking and allowing distraction are my two biggest de-motivators. While I do get a lot done – for instance I wrote a 3,100-word blog post today and have written two posts on other sites, I know if I can just put the phone away I’d be more than able to at least another hour’s worth of productivity in. Doing this will definitely allow me not be on crunch time as the clock approaches midnight and I still have to write another blog post before calling it a day. 

  3. Awesome article on how certain things can destroy your motivation. For me personally it is video games and watching tv. I love them both but one minute can easily turn into 1 hour, then before I know it the whole day goes by.

    I think it comes down to building good habits in your life little at a time then handing good discipline to keep going. 

    What would you say is your top two things in your life that destroys your motivation, and what have you done to make it not happen?

    • Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed my article. I would say allowing distraction and perfectionism are my top two things that are destroying my motivation.

  4. Hi there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here as it has clear fully explains for an average man needs to understand your point exactly. I totally agree with those habits as destruction to motivation especially indecisiveness because is you fail to make decisions, you will live to regret it. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing us a wonderful article. The main content of this article is some practices that are destroying our motivation.Your article outlines these practices very well and has contributed to making our motions stronger.In my opinion, the multitasking and comparing other People mentioned in your article is the most important reason to destroy our motions.

    From my experience, my cousin is very good at studying but when she compares herself to someone else, she is unable to do well in her studies or exams. So we should all avoid comparing ourselves to others.Finally, I would like to read your article and since it is an educational article I would like to share it with my Facebook group if you agree with me.

  6. Wow this is highly informative, I must commend you for taking out time to share this vital information as it’s what everyone who desires to standout in life must know and immediately start amending the habits especially that of ‘Indecisiveness’ as it’s worse than a disease and at sure one needs to amend it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for lighting on 7 habit that are destroying our motivation. Awesome article on how certain things can destroy your motivation. For me personally it is video games and watching tv. I love them both but one minute can easily turn into 1 hour, then before I know it the whole day goes by. A lot of people get distracted from their work from entertainments because they don’t like doing boring work, they want to have some distraction to keep themselves going and past the time quicker.

  8. At one time, I used to compare myself to others who had started their online business many years before me. It wasn’t until my wife pointed out, they had many years head start, I stopped doing that. The one I’m working on now says yes. I have to learn how to say no or else I never get anything done. Thanks for sharing your list. 

  9. Don’t make perfect the “enemy” of good enough or what some call a minimal viable product.  The truth for many is a mindset problem which causes many of the seven habit killers you so excellently pointed out.  Some are “afraid” of success as silly as that may seem.  “What if I succeed on line and create this life? Do I leave my comfort zone and quit my job?”  That prospect is scary for many and engage in self-defeating behavior.  If you are reading this post and recognize some or all of those seven habits that destroy, ask yourself some tough questions!  Thanks for a great article!

  10. Hi! I have been looking at the things that distract me while I’m busy creating content. I have recently launched a blog and am excited about it but I know I could be more productive if I focused more.

    One of my main weakness is getting distracted by social media. I need to correct that. And another one is having a difficult time saying no.

    Your post has helped me identify my distractions. Thank you very much!

  11. Distraction, especially social media is truly the number one factor that dampens my motivation when it comes to completing my daily task. I’ve actually signed out of Facebook years ago and thought that should be taken care of until I bumped into the world of YouTube. I used it a lot to do research for my blog but you know, there are so many videos and before you know it, you ended up binge-watching YouTube several hours without getting your stuff done. Very guilty of that.

  12. I agree we all have habits and unfortunately habits are quite hard to break. Your post states that this stops progress. I need to have music or the TV playing in the background to keep me productive. Am I alone in this type of behaviour? So yes I agree we gave habits but I don`t agree it is all bad.  Great post though!

  13. I had to keep reading your website after visiting your last post! along with habits to build success them we have to have habits to get into to keep on track. 

    I wanted to ask, do you think Procrastination is a habit that destroys motivation or more of a mood people fall into?

    Multitasking is a habit you have listed that I like as splitting your focus in to many tasks is counterproductive I think. I would prefer to have a to-do list and tackle tasks one at a time.  

    Another useful post with plenty of detailed guidance ! 

  14. Hi Gordan, 

    I find the post really helpful especially in this time where I need to work from home, trying to focus and keep it up every day has been quite hard. I think point 5 is most relatable for me, definitely will be working more on that and train my brain to be more focus on my task, thank you very much for the post.

  15. Hello there,You have really done a great job on this one,taking out time to share this vital information as it’s what everyone who desires to standout in life must know and immediately start amending the habits especially that of ‘Indecisiveness’ as it’s worse than a disease and at sure one needs to amend it.as only hitting that one would prove to be a very nice achievement.

  16. Thank you very much for this awesome post. one major mistake i make a lot is multitasking.

    Sometimes it works for me but other times this can bring down my motivation. you have given light to some of the major mistakes that people go through and loose focus. this can bring down the motivation of any body. thank you


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