5 bad habits that destroy your success

We all got habits of doing something.

When you get the habit, you get into the routine and it becomes an addiction.

When you get the habits of doing something, you get used to of it and you cannot stop yourself from doing it.

You will end up doing the same thing over and over again, running around the circle and becomes repetitive.

Some of the habits can ruin your success when you got a goal that you want to achieve. The bad habits that destroy your success are your distraction, temptation and your enemies. You want to change your bad habits to a good habit like reading books, listening to successful entrepreneurs, be proactive and go to the gym regularly to keep fit. You need to change your routine to a better routine to get out of your comfort zone and change your habits.

It’s going to take time to change your habits but you got to focus on your goals.

The habits are the most powerful thing in our lives. You got to know what are your habits, what are your addiction, what is your daily routine. If you think that your habits are not helping you to achieve your goals to success, you need to change your habits that don’t destroy your success. When you get into a habit of doing something that’s when it holds you back. You see the power of habit that can change you.

The bad habits that destroy your success

The 5 bad habits that destroy your success are:

  1. Procrastinating health
  2. The amateur ego
  3. Detrimental snacking
  4. Fructose overload
  5. The validation and expectation

These are the 5 bad habits that will destroy your success, it can hold you back and stop you from succeeding.

Bad habit number 1.

  • Procrastinating health: procrastination is a nasty habit to have if you want to be successful. It’s unproductive, frustrating and leaves you feeling anxious for no good reason. Procrastination really stands in the way of success. People procrastinate their health more than any project of PowerPoint. Maybe you put off going to the gym or you stop getting a full 8 hours sleep. It’s easy to ignore or forget about your personal health for many people, maintaining a healthy body and mind. Doesn’t really feel like a goal unless you want to lose weight or gain muscles. Mental and physical health often fade into the background. Over time, you pay less and less attention to your healthy habits. Your motivation starts to dwindle and you start to make excuses.


People procrastinate, they say they’re going to do it tomorrow but they didn’t do anything the next day so they make excuses.

Don’t just wait for the best time to start your journey to success, do it now.

Bad habit number 2.

  • The amateur ego: imagine you studied an exam and you ask your friend to quiz you. You think it’s easy because your friend ask you the easy ones and you got it wrong in the real exam. All because you couldn’t admit how much you didn’t know. This is a terrible habit to have. Once you’ve learnt a skill, your ego takes over. You will start to skip steps, skip training and cut corners. All that beginner stuff is way too easy. You never practice and learn the fundamentals. You should accept how much you don’t know.
Those people who are successful, they actually learnt the basics and they failed many times. They are humble, they learnt from their mistakes and they keep trying and trying until they become successful. They didn’t skip steps, skip training and cut corners. They actually invest their time learning the knowledge of how to become successful. The people who passed their exams, they spent a lot of time studying hard and they learnt the basics and practice. They accept how much they didn’t know, they stayed humble, they learn from their mistakes and keep trying until they get there. You should take a long way if you want to be successful, not the short way by skipping steps and training. You’re never going to succeed if you take a short way because you got to learn the skills first. Learning is your priority.

Bad habit number 3.

  • Detrimental snacking: think about when was the last time you went to the cinema. Do you eat popcorns and drink coca-cola? Popcorns got a lot of salt and coke got a lot of sugar. Too much salt and sugar are bad for you. Excess sodium dehydrates your body, increase blood pressure, and promotes diseases like osteoporosis and stomach cancer.
The more you snack on something, the more you crave it. These snacks are addictive because you need sugar to give you the energy to do something but too much sugar is bad for your health. You can get high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. Too much sugar can be bad for your brain to think and it can destroy your motivation to succeed. It makes you lazy and unproductive.

Bad habit number 4.

  • Fructose overload: salt and sugar taste good but at the same time is bad for you. High fructose corn syrup contains about 50% fructose. Fructose is much harder for your body to utilise and digest.
We all want to eat something with lots of sugar like cakes and doughnuts to keep ourselves active. We sometimes don’t know how much sugar we’ve been eating.

Bad habit number 5.

  • Validation and expectation: success is not designed to give you validation. It’s important to take other people’s wants and needs into account, but ultimately success is something you define on your own. If you want to be successful, you need to concentrate on what you want, not what others expect.
You should be working on your own to become successful and not rely on others. You should rely on yourself to get to your goals and don’t expect too much.

How to stop your bad habits 

It’s going to be hard to stop your bad habits because your so used to of doing it. It’s very easy to get into a bad habit.

To stop your bad habits:

  1. Change your habits
  2. Change your routine
  3. Do something different
  4. Get motivated
  5. Be proactive
  6. Learn something new
  7. Change your mindset
  8. Be more professional

These are the list that can help you stop your bad habits.

If you got a bad habit that destroys your success, you need to change your habits to a good habit. We all got habits whether is good habits or bad habits, it’s your choice to choose what is good for you.

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  1. This article is very useful and I have been looking for this for a long time. Bad habits really destroy your success and we have to give up. The hardest thing is to figure out and find a way to avoid these habits. I find myself at the Detrimental snacking habit. Even though my goal is sometimes to lose weight when I go to friends or to the cinema, I cannot abstain from this habit. Besides being very tasty, all my friends eat and challenge me.
    Thank you very much for this article and I will definitely consider your advice.

  2. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot more about my fitness. I have been scouring the internet for tips and tricks and in ways probably want to get out of having to be more active even though it is inevitable. I liked your post because it went through the bad habits, but then gave some solutions. I’m a big believer in solution focused thinking and this was helpful for me, 

  3. Invaluable tips for success. I have heard it said that if one is able to identify and stop habits that are detrimental to success, the corresponding good habits would arise naturally from within. There is no effort involved because the power of good is inherently present within us all. We just need to get rid of the poor habits that mask them. Great article, thanks for sharing.


  4. Hello Gordon,

    You have such a gift. Creating this how to achieve goal site makes me even motivated to keep going with my own goals. I admit I am a procrastinator, so your content is definitely one of the things that remind me to stick to my plans and goals, work harder and stop being a procrastinator. Thank you so much!

    I like how organized your site is. It is also easier to navigate around the site and learn more from your motivational and inspiring posts. I would like to learn more posts related to how to be successful in achieving my goals. One thing though, maybe it would be nice to use high definition pictures on some of your posts. Although it’s related to the content that you are writing, the blurry pictures just make the overall look of your post seem less professional. I hope it’s not too harsh. I am non native speaker.

    Anyways, great site. Keep up your wonderful job!

    All the best!


  5. Thank you for your post. it is useful for me. I have bad habit described in your article. The bad habit number 3 is true in my case.

    I love snacking and love going to cinema. I always have popcorn and soda not only in cinema but also in my daily meal.

    My last checkup show that I have high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. I was surprised at the results and think I am healthy and could eat whatever I like. Now I face the consequences. Thank your for your reminder. I will definitely go to do something on this bad habit. I know it is hard in the beginning. As a matter of fact, I tried several time to avoid detrimental snacking, but failed.

    Now I am going to write down my goal and make a solid plan to resolve this habit once for all. 

  6. You are right.  These are 5 bad habits that will destroy your success.  Initially i did not agree with the one you have as number 5, but after looking at it from another perspective i ended up agreeing with what you were saying.  Expecting validation at all times can really spoil your chances of success in many cases.

    It is my belief that to stop bad habits from affecting our chances for success we should follow your suggestion and try to change our mindsets.  it is my firm belief that if a person can manage to do that, then they can beat any bad habit.

  7. It takes quite a few months to break a bad habit.  At least that’s my personal experience but, what feels even better than breaking a bad habit is replacing it with a good one!

    What I’ve observed with myself over the years is that I never procrastinated on other peoples’ projects, I would only procrastinate on my own projects!  I know right?  I wasn’t treating myself very well.

    I’ve learned to make my business and my personal success a practice.  I put my stuff first.  Helping people is my business, I can’t be the best I can be with them before I’ve been the best to myself first!


  8. I really like the content of your article. You were detailed in highlighting the bad habits that will not just deter you but are very harmful to your success as an individual. Bad habits really destroy your success and we have to give up. The hardest thing is to figure out and find a way to avoid these habits. However, I noticed was that your site took a lot of time to load and again, the clip art images were blurred. I’d really like you to work on that. Kudos

  9. I totally agree with you procrastination is one thing that has brought down a lot of great men as I had the ability to kill you dreams and ambitions resulting you to start from square one…..I know a lot of friends who were procrastinators but today there is nothing good to write about them….I would advise Everyone stay away from procrastination.



  10. in life every one wants to succeed and the reason why we work hard is to achieve success but then sometimes our actions and reaction tend to affect our success rate. procrastination is one that affected me a lot. i am glad that i have gotten hold of it. thank you for this post

  11. Thanks for this informative article. I think almost about 99% of people in this world have a bad habit in one way or the other. It might not be listed here but the article shows how some crucial 5 habits destroys the success of an individual. The truth is a habit can be positive or negative, but when you have a negative habit irrespective of whether its being listed here it can destroy your success. So we should learn to build positive habits to success for a better tomorrow. 

    Your site is great! A few remark on this article will be the inserted images. Some of them looks a bit blurred and can be improved. But the content is super.

    Great work

  12. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .completely agree with you that these five bad habits destroy our success.And we love these bad habits because bad things are always a favorite.And one of my worst practices is snacking harmful.Because my favorite is Coca-Cola and Popcorn, I eat most of these foods when I go out, and this habit is very important to me now.So after reading your article, everyone will know about the five bad habits and avoid them.

  13. Great post and I believe that we all would learn one or two things from this post. Often times, it is the mindset and the habits exhibited towards success that actually determine what becomes of us. When we have the right mindset, achieving success becomes easy but without it,then the bad habits come into play and that limits our potentials. Thanks

  14. I love your article. It is perfectly describing how bad habits can ruin one’s way to success. I wasn’t aware of the amateur ego, a very interesting point of view. Even it does not have fatal consequences like procrastination, still not very pleasant. I have to agree that to get on the way towards success, one has to change his or her habits. That is the core. Even if one would fail at the beginning, just with the repetition of the creative activity, the habit can be built. The second very powerful tool for being energized, self-confident and more committed to achieving success, is the ability to learn a new skill. That is just an unbelievable boost. It can be any new skill, like language, sport. Very well-written! Thank you and best luck with your online journey!

  15. Hello there! Thanks for taking out time to careful state down these habits as they are the main source of failures in life and in businesses. For me, Procrastination was my main issue right from my school days till now, I realized not too long how to control it and be determined in all I do. 

    This is an amazing article, I look forward to seeing more of you!

  16. Wahoo, you got me. I am guilty of habit 4 –Fructose overload. I love coca cola and it’s been challenging stopping it. I have tried severally to stop it even when I know it is not good for me. But I still get addicted to it. I will try and follow the road to good habit like your diagram indicated

  17. This is a perfect reminder for me to just keep going towards my goal. I am definitely suffering from procrastination. I read an article, it said that we procrastinate because our brain needs the rest. That is when when it is not healthy because we are resting too long, we are just addicted to the good feelings. That article definitely enlighten me. 

    Fructose by itself is bad for you, unless you are taking it as a fruit form. Fruits have fiber to off balance the fructose but processed food doesn’t. I know for the fact that if we consume too much high fructose corn syrup, it will build a visceral fat around your liver and it will fail. That can make you fatigue and not productive.    

  18. First of all, many thanks to you for giving us such a wonderful article .I have been looking for articles for a long time so that people can understand the effects of bad habits and I am very much benefited by your article. And, of course, you must be thankful for all that you have done in such a wonderful way .Bad habits hindered my success and I gave up .There are definitely some strategies I have taken to change this bad habit and I am currently successful .I read books to change bad habits into good habits, see successful entrepreneurs, become active and go to the gym regularly to keep fit. When I used to visit in the past with friends I was addicted to detrimental snacking which is very bad for me .To get out of this bad habit, I made changes to my routine and was firmly committed to losing my own weight. Currently I have been successful .And I challenged friends that I would not eat and I won the challenge. And through your articles I became more aware of the harmful effects of it .

    In the end, I hope everyone will benefit greatly from your article and will be very aware of their own health. And their new experience will certainly share you. Can I share your article on my social media?

  19. Although this post is very informative and, in a way, serious – i found it fun to read, too. Maybe because of the fun illustrations 🙂 You are 99% correct in bad habits list. I do procrastinate, unfortunately, mostly because I’m changing my priorities day to day :-/ Among all things you mentioned I need to organize my time better. It sounds easy when you stick to your decision(s). Thank you for this wonderful post, it’s quite provocative – in a good way!

  20. This is a very practical guide on how to reach your goals. Infact success can be defined as a habit, Yes cummulation of good habit and vice versa. I strongly resonate with the ego habit because often times i tend to skip steps in trainings or programs with the excuse that its easy or too simple, but right here and now your article has arrested me and i have just made a resolution to follow step by step every instruction and task given to me on any platform or project. These habits are so subtle that they destroy success slowly and softy, hence folks need to be conscious of them and make delibrate efforts to destroy them or the habits will certainly stop or slow down expected goals.

    THANKS! for making this article availaible to all, i really appreciate it. 

  21. Procrastination is one of my greatest assets along with getting validation from complete strangers on the internet. It’s sad to think about all the possible things you could’ve done but didn’t because all of those things that were holding you back. Dealing with a mental illness is also a draining thing to deal with when trying to achieve success 

  22. Thanks for sharing this informative article about BAD HABITS with us. Yes bad habits destroy our success. & it’s 100% true. i have a bad habit of sleeping late at night & i know it’s harmful for my daily life.This is the cause of my mental anxiety. Trying to leave this habit. That’s why this article is more useful to me. I have learned how to leave bad habits by this article. 

    Thanks Again for this informative article.             

  23. Hi Gordon! This has been a great read. There is so much we can improve when we start fixing our habits. I admit that I need to train myself in not giving up after I fail a couple of times. The example of the exam and the friend making us an easy quiz resounded with me. Thank you very much for this post!

  24. I have several of the bad habits you have wonderfully illustrated at the top of your post, and would love to kick as many as possible. There are some great guidelines here to help someone like me try and do something about them and be a healthy happier person. A great and informative web page. It is good to know little changes can impact your success in life. Great work.

  25. My main bad habit is procrastination. I have a hard time committing to doing what needs to be done. I will do everything else but the work in front of me. My wife’s bad habit is looking for snacks, which is another procrastination in mind. We both have a hard time sticking to a schedule. Thanks for the read as well as how to get over bad habits. But changing bad habits is hard which I am committed to doing right now. 

  26. I agree with your list. Putting off doing things that are healthy for you is very bad and leads to more poor results. The 2 habit on the list is just as bad. You must make sure you are always learning and training. You will never get better otherwise. I think finding time to be healthy and make sure you are learning is very important to success in all areas of life.

  27. All of the information you gave is so true and so many people today just can’t seem  to control themself. I’m going  through some mindset changes myself. I’m 59 yrs. old and just needed to make some changes, now listening to mindset of a millionaire and a genius e-books going to sleep doing so and it is making a difference in my daily habits and routine. I started writing down goals and reading them daily and just taking time to focus on these things. good article.

  28. Procrastination is one thing I am guilty of. I’ve been struggling to fight it using various strategies. Thank you for this post, you have highlighted it as a killer habit but you have also given eight possible solutions to stop this bad habit. I guess this time I have to apply every single one of the eight solutions and make sure I overcome procrastination! 

  29. The bad habit of snacking has caused my mom to succumb to Type 2 diabetes. And because she no longer has a source of income, the responsibility falls on me to get her meds and regular health check. In her case, bad habits have caused the extra burden to family members. We could have used the money for other beneficial things instead like mortgage payment or investment. Paying for a disease that is totally avoidable sucks the savings out of you – really! 

  30. Procrastination is one of my greatest assets along with getting validation from complete strangers on the internet. . There is so much we can improve when we start fixing our habits. I admit that I need to train myself in not giving up after I fail a couple of times. The example of the exam and the friend making us an easy quiz resounded with me. Thank you very much for this post!

  31. Yes cummulation of good habit and vice versa. I strongly resonate with the ego habit because often times i tend to skip steps in trainings or programs with the excuse that its easy or too simple, but right here and now your article has arrested me and i have just made a resolution to follow step by step every instruction and task given to me on any platform or project. THANKS! for making this article availaible to all, i really appreciate it.

  32. I am finding so much useful information in your posts, there are certain rules to follow in order to be successful and this takes discipline to stick to and make new habits

    Not only is a mindset needed for this but also a healthy body, I noticed you listed Frutcose and snacking in your list for bad habits and I couldn’t agree more. 

    What do you think about caffeine? Is this something that should be taken in moderation as well?

  33. Thanks for the post, Gordon. I think everyone needs this post to remind ourselves that these are the basics to keep us up and working in the long run. I think most people know that these are the things we need to avoid and yet sometimes we just don’t care, thanks for writing this to remind us as currently, it is a lockdown period in my country. I think point 3 stood out to me, need to stop thinking about my midnight snack craving as it is almost building up as a habit. Thanks again for the informative post.

  34. Helooo, thanks a lot for this incredible article. It’s indeed important that we check our selves and try to work on our excesses. I was a victim of procrastination, validation and expectation. I remember there’s no day that will go by that I will not always procrastinate some of my actions and then I noticed it was never helping in any way, I only end up not achieving success at the end of the day as well as pilling unfinished duties for me. Then I was also a victim of validation and expectation,always expecting the best and more from others but then I was getting more of dissapiontment, until I had yo work on my self I was never moving or achieving success’s in any way so it’s very important we work on our selves and do away with all these listed bad habits to achieve success. 

  35. Hey there! I find this article extremely helpful for me. Procrastination has been a problem especially in an online firm or business which makes it’s hard for success to me made.

     I’m indeed learning a lot from your articles I come across, great job!

    Thanks for sharing this with me, it’s really cool!

  36. Procrastination will destroy everything about you effectively than any external obstacle. Start today by taking one baby step toward a goal. Do the same the next day. for me Consistent effort is the key.The most important one you should stay away from is alcohol, its the fastest destroyer i have seen victims and i must tell you it not a good experience.

  37. Hello Gordon, I read your article, and I like the way you refer to our health and the other issues that impact our health as bead habits for success. I agree with you when you say that from mistakes we can learn and improve ourselves. I try to be careful with sugar and snacks, but staying home during these pandemic days, I think that sometimes I consumed more than should. Thank you for this article and your tips for improving these bad habits.



  38. Success is a process and this is a definition of what we achieve per time. we are to grow and continue achievement. procrastination is one thing i try as much as possible to overcome as it has been my own flaw and it has affected me in many ways. some people like my brother have weakness for food


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